Smoothies for Fibromyalgia

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imageSmoothies for Fibromyalgia

With Fibromyalgia, every day is a battle for energy. Start the day right with one of these healthy smoothies and you might find that energy after all.

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  • I have fibromyalgia since 2011 and I do not have the support system I need and I miss a lot of work . I am having a bad flare right now and i'm in such a fog it's so bad . I'm worried about keeping my job....I work in retail with wm and it's in appreal and it's hard don't know what is going to happen with all this scares me cause the pain is is so bad and me missing so much ...they are not happy about it.
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    I'm thankful for the smoothies, but I also use power strips for my pain. I call them my own "little maricle".
  • I miss spelled on my quote. It should say, it's my own "little miracle"
  • @esconolty With a combination of fibro, Diabetes recently diagnosed, acid reflux, IBS and just not too thrilled with smoothie ingredients listed, I think I'll pass. Stir- fries give me enough veggies.
  • shannon_w74shannon_w74 Member
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    i see a lot of negative post about just getting up and making the smoothies...from a suffer of fms of 21 yrs. i will tell u now if u don't force yourself to feel better...then u won't. stay there and feel sorry for yourself becauae i am here to tell u no one will help i except u. it's your choice to live or die.
  • I think Im gonna try this cant hurt
  • Why is it that so many of you would rather turn up your nose and make excuses instead of trying things that may well make you feel better? And you lay in bed or sit in front of a TV all day bitching about how you feel. I will try anything to improve the way I feel and my over all health. No one wants to hear us complain all the time and we are responsible for our own body. Honestly to say it is too much work to have ingredients on hand and pop them in a blender/ninja, you are pathetic and deserve to feel like poop!
  • Cindybhrt I completely agree with you, I rather try anything besides this medication, that medication. I am tired of it, if I can find something that is beneficial to me and my body and this rotten problem I am game!.
  • @cindybhrt I agree. I just invested in a Nutri Bullet in order to get more nutrients in order to feel better and it us working! Yes I gave up dessert for spinach, frozen fruit and Walnuts. We have to take the effort to feel better. No one else is going to do it
  • I've been diagnosed with fibromyalgia since 2005. Was working at Walmart and missed a lot of work. I was disabled when they hired me tho, so they couldn't fire me. They didn't like my flare ups tho. I finally quit after 2 years when we moved and haven't been able to work since. I've been disabled since 1992 because of reflex sympathetic dystrophy and on narcotics since 1998. The pain was just unmanageable. Time released drugs was the answer for awhile. In 2007 I tried medical marijuana and it was the missing component to managing my pain. But as of January the Pain Clinic took me off of it or they said I had to go off of the narcotics. But it's decrease 10mg a month. If you very ever had to do that you know that's impossible. I'm currently looking for another Dr! I'm also going to start trying smoothies. I'm looking for recipes to help with the pain. My problem is I don't want to have a bunch of energy if the pain is bad. Does anybody experience this? If I'm in pain I can't be cleaning house or mowing the lawn and I don't want my brain energized either. So..... any ideas?

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