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Fatigue is one of the main symptoms of fibromyalgia, so choosing a mattress for getting adequate sleep is essential in preventing it.

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  • I used to sleep on the couch because my bed was so uncomfortable. I now have a Posturepedic bed and it is so much better than what I used to have. I highly suggest he choose wisely when getting a new mattress
  • I had a sealey posturepedic bed which was an excellent bed. But, after a major accident/incident I needed a new bed. I decided to get an electric bed that moved the head & feet up and down. I went shopping and found a Serta bed. The I-Comfort bed with cooling mattress technology. Laying on this bed at the mattress showroom felt as if I was sleeping on a cloud, my pain just went away. My wife made me get off of the bed in order to buy the bed. The I-Comfort bed with an adjustable base (electric bed - like a hospital bed) was $5600.00 - my Mom thought I had lost my mind to pay that much for a bed. I am happy I bought this bed. I got a payment schedule to make 24 payments with 0% interest. I have had the best sleep since the bed was delivered to my home. I believe without this bed I would have been disabled, unable to work due to Fibromyalgia and chronic pain syndrome.
  • I have a firm tallalay laytex mattress, which provides no pressure as well as needed support. Combined with the electrical adjustable bed which allows me to sleep in a zero gravity position - finally... decent sleep : ) zzzzzzzz
  • Hi wanted to I introduce myself,thank you for letting me join the group. I need to find a doctor that can help me. First a little info,I'm 65 have has lung cancer in 2011 and also hD most of my intestines temoved due to severe peritonitis in 2011. Had a back fusion in 2003 ,and I am inconstant pain now it all over,joints,back,lung area and can't sleep. I use a cpap machine but lately that doesn't even help. Getting so depressed and want to be the old me! I know I need anew mattress but Afraid I'll buy the wrong one. Looking for input thanks for listening. Signed littlebylittle
  • Here is another strong recommendation for the sleep number bed. Although the article cites it as being like a tempur-pedic mattress and the sleep number as being comparable, they most certainly are not. The sleep number bed allows me to set and reset the firmness of my sleep number bed easily and as often as I please, even during an hour's rest. That way I can avoid constant pressure in the same spots which is like doing too much of the same activity at a time. It also can be adjusted to relieve pain in my hips, then change to relieve pressure on my back pressure points. I am waking up with much less staring-the-day-pain and stiffness than I've ever had in my long journey with fibro. We got the one that allows for head elevation as well as foot elevation. These beds are the most expensive of all the things I tried out. Fortunately the company allows for no-interest loans of up to three years which made it possible for us. I can't think of anything other than my fibro meds which provide me with such pain help. I don't have trouble sleeping, thank goodness. So I can't speak to that concern. I'd think that as comfortable as this bed is that at least you'd get help with your pain levels while lying awake. I know I no longer wake when I turn over since the bed keeps my hips so comfy.
  • I slept in a recliner for 10 years in my own bedroom. I hadn't slept properly for 20 years. I was in heaven for that time but I needed to be able to lie down properly. Fortunately I have been able to buy a Plega bed which has 1001 positions. With a lot of adjusting 2 months later I sleep very well but can only sleep on my back. My hips don't hurt or my back and legs. It's like a cloud, although I do wake up and have to change the bed position, but if I can't sleep for some reason I am very comfortable. These beds you can pay off as well for as long as it takes. Best thing I have ever had.

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