Eating for Fibromyalgia

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imageEating for Fibromyalgia

Eating for fibromyalgia means choosing foods that will help decrease inflammation and improve your overall health.

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  • Are there more foods? I have IBS too and don't do well with onions.
  • I have been going organic and making sure my main meal of the day is a big organic salad and I eat organic soup. That is the main part of my diet. I also alkalize by drinking lemon water and aloe vera water. I take glucosamine chondroitin for pain. I use peppermint oil, muscle rub,icy hot, heating pad,take warm bath jacuzzis,have tried many different supplements. I have fibromyalgia and arthritis. Nothing seems to help with my symptoms. Some days are more painful than others and the pain likes to move around. The organic eating did help me with ITP that I also had and was told would have for the rest of my life. I also stopped taking my high blood pressure medicine lisinopril with an uncommon side effect of blood disorders and photo sensitivity. I also have uveitis which is chronic inflammation in the front of both eyes and also have chronic edema swelling behind both eyes...I try to avoid prescription meds as much as possible with all their side effects but recently had to get a muscle relaxant because the pain in my neck and shoulders and upper back was unbearable and nothing I usually use was helping at all...I take aleve or ibuprofen when the pain gets too bad. I can't stand too long. I can't sit too long. I get stiff and sore. Spend a lot of time laying in bed and even then not totally comfortable but it is my best option. I try to eat anti inflammatory foods and organic foods and also sprinkle herbs into my salads that are good for different reasons like turmeric,cayenne pepper, garlic pepper,oregano,cinnamon....doing all this and still no pain relief. Any other ideas to try to stay away from prescription meds and all their side effects would be greatly appreciated. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia at age 29 but who knows how long I had it before I was diagnosed. I am now 53 and the symptoms just seem to get worse over time...besides the joint,muscle, bone aches and pains, fibro fog, chronic fatigue, insomnia,vertigo,tingling and numbness in left hand and left foot, doctor has a name for that but I always forget what that is called...just seems like nothing really helps...always searching for natural and herbal relief methods.
  • I eat so many onions , and I'm never sick. I can't remember having a cold or flu ! But , I hurt so bad everyday ! And have a low grade fevers.
  • I discovered after my own investigation an experiences that fibromyalgia is sensitiviness to electromagnetic fields. Just keep yourself far away from wifi, microwaves, cellphones and put your bare feet on grass as much as you can and all your symptoms will disapear. You dont need pills, just balance your energy and recharge yourself grounding and you will feel energwtic and healthy again.
  • @pamschwetz Vitamin D every night before bed. Like 10,000 units. 800 mg of magnesium. I still have bad days but a lot less pain.
  • @pamschwetz Vitamin D every night before bed. Like 10,000 units. 800 mg of magnesium. I still have bad days but a lot less pain.
  • Thanks for the advise, Blessings
  • I have had Fibro for only a year now BUT i understand everyone's pain. Most of the medications I had severe side effects to and have only found one in a low dose to help. So my rheumatologist suggested the Whole 30 diet. I was to the point I would try anything! Low and behold it made a HUGE difference in my pain!! I now know that sugar is a huge culprit to my inflammation and pain. If anyone is interested look it up online It's basically a strict paleo diet for 30 days and then you can reintroduce foods to evaluate how they effect you. I also take a vitamin called Infla-Guard (Boswellia Serrata, Tumeric, & Devil's Claw Root). This was also suggested by my rheumatologist. Hopefully either of these suggestions can help one if not many others in the reduction of their pain. I am a hairdresser and I thought I was going to have to find a new profession and now I do not and i am back to doing yard work and exercising again! ;)
  • @chellewill
    I enjoyed reading your story and I will try your vitamins and try to find the whole30 diet.
  • @sandscorpio would love to put my bare feet on grass but, I'm allergic and my feet break out in bumps and itch!
  • I have ibs also with fybromyalgia. I hurt so bad! I think I eat Farley healthy but the onions won't work well with ibs. I thought the article would list more than this for good foods to eat...
  • @chellewill Thanks....
  • is any one on Lyrica? I tried all meds and i am allergic to so many..
  • @Samantha30 hi Sam, do you know of any vitamnis or food that i can take to decrease my pain from FM
  • Things that I removed as well as added to my diet that have helped with my fibro:

    Added: Siberian Ginseng, Multivitamins, Lembril(food supplement additive) by prescription only, Vitamin D. Chai Tea, Curry.

    Removed: Sweeteners(packets as well as drinks that are sweetened by this means) Caffeine, Whole Wheat, Fried foods(although I consumed them rarely)

    I hope that you find this information useful:)
  • @chellewill

    Thanks. I will research it.
  • Yes I was on lyrica and I had a hard time breathing on it so had to get off but I know some people are on it and they say it works with fibro
  • I have gone all organic and non gluten. I juice everyday and try to keep my weight down..So far it is better but still have some very bad days.....I take Tumeric, Vit D and Magnesium .....
  • I was diagnosed in 1986 with fibro. I have tried everything, every new drug. I appreciate your information. My problem like many others is that we suffer gastro symptoms with our FM. I even suffer from Barretts Esophagus due to reflux. Onions are definitely off limits for me as well as an aversion to vegetables unfortunately. I like some fruits and want to feel less pain and have tons of energy. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
  • There's new studies that Fish Oil can help with Fibromyalgia pain. I've had it for 8 years now. I take Fish Oil for my cholesterol but I have noticed that when I forget to take it for several days that my pain is worse. My Dr. Checked my Vit D levels and they were fine. Just had my B12 level drawn on Thursday. I should find out tomorrow if it is low. Onions bring on IBS for me as do fried foods and gluten so I avoid them. I also drink plenty of water.
  • here's a link to an anti inflammatory diet. Hope someone will find it useful
  • I obtained my food sensitivity test results. I am sensitive to may foods that I never new I had. I visited with my nutritionist yesterday. We reviewed the results, went over a detailed booklet as well as created a personalized meal plan. Started the LEAP program by Oxford today.

    I recommended that you research it online. It is a detox as well as a trial program. It may help with Fibro that is the reason that I decided to try it. There are no medications involved. Only regular foods.
  • I have been entertaining fibromyalgia for twenty plus years and it appears to be progressive. I do not take any medications other than vitamins. I am now lactose intolerant, with IBS, diverticulitis, insomnia and depression. These conditions have been brought by various medication over the years as well as bouts with severe pain. Breakfast is a must, dinner between twelve and 2PM. My last food of the day is before 6PM, generally fruit. This prevent waking up in the night with severe nausea.
    I remain busy and positive, which seem to help on low pain days. There are days when the pain is so intense that I pray and cry. Since fibromyalgia moved into my body uninvited, she is not a good occupant, unrelenting, unpredictable and unforgiving.
  • @Ellera Hi Ellera, I can so relate to what you are saying about foods. I also have FB and I swear that my body reacts to EVERYTHING that I put into it. I refuse to put a bunch of chemicals into my body and now days that's all these doctor's do is prescribe everyone drugs. So I try to keep it simple for myself and this does seam to help me out a LOT and it's far from a costly fix. Every evening after dinner i take 1 Probiotic Colon Support pill which helps me digest my dinner intake. In the morning i use Miralax. I put one does in with my morning coffee and i am good to go. These two methods help me out immensely!! I hope that they work for you also :- )
  • I've found 2 Nutri Bullet drinks per day have made a world of difference in my pain and IBS. I use 50% Frozen fruit, 50% raw greens, nuts, 1 pkt protein powder, milk. Filling and delicious! Good luck to everyone!
  • @Ellera Check out using a Nutri Bullet to get fruit, greens, and nuts. Everything is pulverized and sweet and filling. Can use milk, soy milk, or water. Makes a world of difference for me
  • @Traciflatt Seriously try not adding soy into your diet. Read up on how much it affects your estrogen and other hormones. Almond milk is a much healthier option. Coconut water is a great addition too!

    I have also gone to filtering my own water in a BPA free pitcher and filter and use only BPA free sports bottles. The BPA's in bottled water totally mess your body up too. Also some good up on BPA's and the effect on the body. Just a couple of tips =)
  • @pamschwetz The tingling and numbness in the limbs is peripheral neuropathy. It totally amazes me that you were able to get diagnosed back when you it it almost impossible to get diagnosed today lol. Best wishes to you, and I sure hope you find some relief. Hugs =)
  • Wow, this is a nice forum to communicate with other people who can help each other. I've been wanting to talk to someone else who has fibromyalgia but didn't know anyone personally. Sometimes I think my family gets tired of hearing me complain that I just also go to my room to cry and pray. I am on medication but it doesn't take all the pain away. A friend of mine who is a nurse, referred this website and I am so glad she did. I can now see what's out there in forms of diets and treatments.
  • I suffer with horrible condition and have taken every medicine known to help. A month ago I visited my dr and he once again wanted to change my medicine. I left the office and decided I had to take control of this illness. I threw out all the meds and changed my duet completely. All fresh fruits and vegetables water with lemon and no processed foods. I started water therapy and one month out I have list 11 pounds and decreased my pain by 60%. I had gained 20 lbs over the last year and have never been heavy or over weight.
  • Nothing completely takes all the pain. But a manageable day is a blessed day.yes and this forum has made my day
  • @pcastro24 one thing about fybro is what help one may not help another. Its crazy. It's like we are Ginny pigs
  • @Yeni yes the nightmares we all live on daily basis . I have to remind myself daily that ill never hurt as much as Jesus did. It makes me thankful that someday maybe ill understand why me?
  • @merlyn lyrica works for me. Its worth a try for you
  • @TruckerGirl Neuropathy is helped with Methyl B12, Benfotiamine B1, P-5-P B6
    LDN (low does Naltrexone) is really helping!
  • @pamschwetz look up LDN (low dose Naltrexone) it is a pure compounded
    RX helped my daytime pain in less than 2 weeks!
    High digestive enzymes and probiotics (Advanced Bionutritionals and
    Synergy Company are great) You can order on-line from The Vitamin Shoppe
    or Amazon Methyl B12, Benfotiamine B1, and P-5-P B6 for nerves.
    Organic, paleo diet - NO SUGAR or Wheat Watch out for GMO's!!!
  • @merlyn I have used Lyrica for a while. After going through many other meds. For me it works better than others. Cymbalta sent me to the ER, Naproxyen gave me bleeding ulcers! I do take a couple of Tylenol 500 along with it. I also use Lidoderm patches. Of course, there are times when the pain goes through all of those. I complain, cry, pray til I get a short reprieve. Gentle hugs!
  • @Traciflatt Hello, my name's Barbara. Please tell me more about the Nutribullet drinks. I suffer a lot from IBS. Thank you!
  • I eat crystalized ginger candy made with raw sugar. It greatly reduces my RA and FB pain . Ginger does so much more than relieve my pain, google the health benefits for ginger. It helps with nausea, insomnia, migraines, the list goes on and on. I have gobs of pain caused by a neck injury as well. Ginger is the only thing that I have found to work so quickly. When I hurt I eat the ginger til I stop hurting. I also take ginger root powder pills.
    My insurance no longer covers specialists so I do not have access to medication. Black cherries work quickly as well. When they are not in season I drink the JUST BLACK CHERRY juice. I also take 1400mg of magnesium . My diet is gluten free which helps me manage my diabetes.
  • @Barbara_Post1 whey protein powder is tasty and helps with my IBS.
  • My husband has FB as well, he uses ketoflex. Its a compound cream that he rubs on his skin where he hurts.
  • @Goofy I'll try the black cherry and ginger! I use tumeric and it helps but I think it helps my psoriatic arthritis more than the fibro! My attacks seem to have no rhyme or reason. Right now I'm so sensitive I'm wrapped in a blanket and almost screamed when my cat jumped up in my lap! When I feel like it going for some cherry juice!
  • There is a reason that FB is considered a woman's disease, meaning mostly women get it. The cause of FB is low testosterone. There has been several medical studies on this. I think the mayo clinic is one of the places I checked out. This is great news on one hand and frustrating on the other. Studies have shown that when people receive enough natural testosterone(usually bull or pig testosterone) the symptoms disappear. Unfortunately most insurances may not cover natural hormone treatment. And most doctors have an assumption on how much is enough, which is usually a lot lower than what's needed. Of course most folks think testosterone is for E.D. only. Synthetic testosterone causes blod clots, it's got to be natural!
    There are health clinics that inject natural testosterone and whatever other hormone is needed. They are costly though. I know someone who works for one of those places. I am currently researching alternative ways to help my body to create its own. Fenugreek is supposed to help but I haven't figured out the dose needed. I guess if I grow a beard I will know when to dial it down a bit.
  • I totally understand your frustration with dealing with fibromyalgia. It has been the 2nd worst thing in my life after RLS and I have multiple other problems just like most people that have to suffer with this. I work from home but I still have to get up and as a pediatric triage nurse working for a busy company, I still have to put on a smile and take care of the needs of others . I don't know if this is an answer for anyone else but I have recently started taking a total supplement from a green home company and realized that after 3 months , I have not noticed and certainly not had one of those days that throw you in front of a truck and leave you there. It is just me, I am dealing with diabetes, had my thyroid removed and a total hyst several years ago and also have a problem with absorbing iron and magnesium. I was taking 2500 mg of magnesium in order to remain on the high end of low and was having iron infusions 1-2 times yearly. I started the supplement just to see if I would feel better overall and hopefully get better absorption. I take Lyrica bid and tylenol if needed. I was taking rx pain medication on a daily basis but now I only take it when my tendonitis in my right ( mouse) arm and shoulder flares. My end result is that I am not a perfectly healthy person by any means but I can function much better and without the chronic pain that I had before. My magnesium level is just under normal ,my kidney function is wonderful and my iron level is high normal now. Like I said , that is just my experience. If you aren't on a quality regime of nutritional supplements, you might look into trying one. My husband and I have also tried the paleo diet and it was really helpful for the diabetes and overall health. I did not eat a lot of fatty meats though. It is just hard to stick with the diet! I am hoping that I can continue to improve with added energy and exercise to get myself in better health with the other issues.
  • I have recently been diagnosed, and I am glad I found this forum.

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