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imageVeggies for Fibro

When you have fibromyalgia, your body is craving veggies. Consider this food list of what to consume and not to consume to minimize symptoms.

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  • I make organic salads with spinach,kale,arugula,tomatoes,onions,celery,carrots,grapes,apples,sometimes watermelon or pineapple,sometimes green peppers or cucumbers...whatever organic vegetables I can get at the time. I use herb/spices a sprinkle of each oregano,garlic pepper,cayenne pepper,turmeric,cinnamon,chia seeds, cashews or walnuts, usually have some kind of cheese slices in there or cottage cheese or yogurt for topping...even though I make that my main meal of the day and then have organic soup for dinner and take supplements and jacuzzis and a lot of bed rest and heating pad and peppermint oil or muscle rub...only take meds when I can't stand the pain and nothing else is helping I will take aleve or ibuprofen or a muscle relaxant...still in chronic pain. I also have arthritis and uveitis....everything seems to be idiopathic and involve inflammation in some way. I noticed if I don't take glucosamine chondroitin the pain is worse but it does not improve it immensely.
  • Avoid Night Blooming Plants! White potatoes (yes, this includes all chips, hash browns, mashed potatoes, french fries), Green Peppers, Tommy-toe Tomatoes and Zuchinni. After one month of cleansing your body of these inflammatory veggies, your entire body will feel better.
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    You have to find a gentle chiropractor who knows how to treat Fibromyalgia. Mine has helped me tremendously and I go every 4-6 weeks. If I don't go for 3 months, all the pain comes back and I have to go more often until we get it back under control. Massages are good too, but again, you have to find once who treats Fibro.
  • If you have IBS, caution should be taken in consuming many of the foods in this list. They are known as high FODMAPs that some people are unable to digest. The undigested residue ferments in the gut creating a lot of gas. If you feel bloated, try following a low FODMAP diet for 6 to 8 weeks. I recommend The Everything Guide to the Low-FODMAP Diet by Dr. Barbara Bolen and Kathleen Bradley, CPC.
  • I have Fibro with IBS-D. Just saw my gastroenterologist last week and he told me to stay away from the raw fruits and vegetables. He says they should be puréed so that it would be gentler on my digestive system. IBS-D keeps you a prisoner in your own home. There ARE new drugs out there that can help, but the cheapest one (Viberse) (spelling?) would cost me a $275.00 a MONTH co-pay. I would also have to take the drug for the rest of my life. I can't afford to pay that. The other two would be $475.00 and $500.00 a month co-pay! No generics yet of any of the 3 drugs. This is terrible.
  • You say don't eat crucifous veggies but then add cauliflower to ok list
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    You name all these foods to avoid. What is left? What do you recommend to eat?
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    I was lucky and ran into an expert on this. After 4 years in bed I was able to sleep better and do more things. I still have many bad days but I can get through them better with the extra energy. I went gluten free, fresh or frozen produce, no processed when I can afford it. I've gotten rid of as many toxins in my life as possible. no plastic only glass (mason jars are awesome) or stoneware. especially in the microwave as it releases more toxins from plastic. I'm doing more than I have in 7 years! thank you for this article, I still learned some new things I need to change.
  • @Kars When I first started it was hard to find the right foods but in the last few years local grocery stores have more gluten free and organic foods. I still eat pasta (made from rice) my family doesn't even notice. my hubby ate all my gluten free choc. chip cookies! frozen veggies are sometimes better than fresh as fresh loses nutrients in transit. I still have bread. Aldi and Walmart carry the best gluten free ones. I use my pressure cooker or one pot meals from pinterest to make eating healthy easier as it's hard to stand at the stove. every couple of months I drive to the city to whole foods and stock up on frozen bagels, english muffins and other things. I use coconut palm sugar instead of regular. everything marked fat free has more sugar, I've stopped using those. Prepared ahead meals keep me on track on bad days. On a good day I make a couple things like salmon and asparagus,chicken broccoli, put them in individual containers for the week. Good luck ya'all. I hope this helps.
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    More fiber for IBS? Not always. Even with IBS-C more fiber is not always the answer. Maybe soluable fiber and even then you might want to cushion it with carby starches. Counter-intuitive, I know, but I've been living with this for 24 years (from dx) and what usually gets me in trouble is my lust for veggies.
  • I was just diagnosed this past March. I told my doctor I would not take any meds she was indicating. She then said if I would follow a diet plan (almost identical to the above), excercise, and get massage that I could probably manage my pain with tylenol or advil. I am happy to say that it has worked. I was already doing lactose free and eating healthy meats especially fish. I have added the gluten free as well. Thank goodness most of the major grocery stores now have large gluten free sections. Glad to read this reinforcing the choices I am making.
  • Anyone suffer with a severe itch? No matter how much you scratch...NO RELIEF ???? and left with sores and scars. This itch moves around to different areas of my body including my scalp. If it is attacking an arm or leg, I know that the other arm or leg will itch and scar in the same spot as the other. I love my southern foods and after reading this article I can look back ???? and see that my symptoms are worse after eating most of it especially chocolate. ????
    I suffer with Restless Leg. That is worse than childbirth! I have tried sleeping in awkward positions that sometimes worked or walk it off, sit on the leg that is acting up and put it to sleep, wack it ???? with anything you can get your hands on and at times when NOTHING helps plan on a long night with no sleep.????????
    I can deal with the stiffness and pain, but I sit in my house dressed like an Eskimo gloves and all because my hands and feet feel like ice blocks hanging off my arms and legs and It is painful and the only relief I have found is a hot shower or bath.

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