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imagePain Relieving Yoga

Practicing yoga for fibromyalgia can provide two important benefits: hope and relief from their symptoms. Follow these tips to maximize the benefits.

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  • I have had fibromyalgia for 20 years. Yes, you can do yoga!! There are many different types of yoga out there. There are even yoga poses you can do sitting in a chair. Yoga is about starting at your level and working towards more flexibility and strength. You don't have to be able to twist yourself into a pretzel to be able to do yoga. I would highly encourage everyone with fibro to find a yoga routine that works for you. It is Helpful. It is hard to do at first, but within 3 weeks you will be able to tell a huge difference. I do 20 min beginner yoga 3 times a week and it helps a lot!! Something that helped me the most as a sufferer of Fibromyalgia was a food allergy blood test. Eliminate the foods you are allergic to to deceased inflammation. Not any one thing is going to help you get better. It will be a combination of things! Most important a positive attitude. I was sad to see all the negative comments. If you have a negative attitude going in, then you are right ....nothing will work for you!
  • I have had back surgery and went to Physical Therapy. While there I told my therapist about my Fibro. She has shown me several yoga moves that have really helped me reduce the pain. I am now a true believer in yoga. You just have to start moving. I also use essential oils and meditation. These three thing have helped me more than anything else I have tried. Sometimes you have to work through some pain to get relief.

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