Symptoms of Fibromyalgia

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imageSymptoms of Fibromyalgia

There are numerous symptoms of fibromyalgia, but the two major characteristics of this condition are pain in the muscles and extreme fatigue.

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  • Hi, I'm Angie and I had an accident at work in 2008. I've had 2 spinal operations one in 2009 and one in 2010. I've suffered from Fibromyalgia since then. I've been medically retired and I'm now registered disabled. I have to use a wheelchair because I cannot manage to walk without excruciating pain.
    My husband Al is now my carer. We've been married for 32 years this September 11. We have four son's Paul, Steven Ian and Mark. Steven has been married to Leanne for 2 years this December. They have a lovely little boy our grandson Stanley - Oliver James Grayson. I'm 51 but I feel like I'm 100 most days. Still there's always someone who's worst off than myself. I've only found this site tonight but I've enjoyed reading about other people who are in the same position as myself. The advice about eating healthy and to never stop fighting is good advice. Keep on living your life the best way you can. Gentle hugs everyone. :-)
  • I was diagnosed in January with Fibro. I also have Interstitial Cystitis. I didn't know fibro can cause digestive problems! This explains why I have had so many digestive symptoms! !
    Does anyone else have IC as well? I know IC and Fibro often go hand in hand.
  • @Purple_Warrior95

    I also have Interstatial Cysytitis, IBD, and acid reflux. Like you, I had no idea that Fibromyalgia was often associated with these problems until last year. To top it all off, fibromyalgia also affects the way my body processes medications so the medicine I have to take for the Interstatial Cystitis causes me to feel bad. If I don't take it I am in extreme pain. Lose lose situation. It has affected my whole life. I have severe pain between my shoulder blades and am having to get a full back brace. Does anyone else have this problem? Do you have any suggestions besides yoga and stretching to help with the thorasic pain?
  • Hi Thankful for life. Most days I am not thankful for life. Just kidding. I know we all have a reason for being here. I do also have intense pain between my shoulder blades. It keeps me barely moving most of the time. It has been called many things and no answers as yet, no help either. Yes it does affect our entire lives. My doctor says the fact that I have RA as well as fibro makes it much worse.
  • Every symptom written could have been written by me. The pain, numbness and all the other problems are exactly what I have experienced for the past 25 or 30 years. I wouldn't wish Fibromyalgia on anyone. I have tried all medicines, shots etc. from wonderful doctors, but so far nothing has worked. At least now, doctors are acknowleging Fibromyalgia exists and isn't in my head. I wish all those suffering with this, finds help soon.
  • I have had fibromyalgia for about 12 years, maybe even longer...I have full body neuropathy now. Makes my body sometimes feel like I am on fire. For the fibro pain, I get about 30 minutes of relief with my jacuzzi...I am on meds, I try low impact exercise, doesn't help, actually, I pay for it the next day...but the jacuzzi is the only thing I can get temporary relief. I cannot take any nsaids due to taking warfarin (blood thinners) but ibuprofen really helped the most. Since I almost died from my blood clot four years ago, no more, tylenol and jacuzzi, and sleep, so I don't have to feel the pain....Nobody thinks its a real issue, even had a doctor tell me it was a wastebasket diagnosis. When the neuropathy is bad....I cannot even get into the hot water, so I just suffer.
  • Why are you in wheel chair? I had this happened to for three weeks I had a vitam D defiance. Check it out.
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    I did not realize until I after I read this that I have soo many symptoms of fibromyalgia,, wow. I have had the nueropathy for 2 years, spinal stenosis,, and a few other things,, maybe thats why I feel soo blah!!!!
  • I also have IC, and fibromyalgia, and ra, just looking to see what other people do for pain relief. Also have had weird rash on my arm for, what's really going on here...
  • I am a single mother of a 3 year old and a 1 1/2 year old and I still live with constant everyday pain but I've found that I can greatly reduce my pain by going to the Chiropractor at least every 2-3 weeks and my Chiropractor prescribed a TENS unit for my back and that is a godsend!!!
  • Taking a shower is a nightmare I just put it off and i hate that. I have been in bed for two days i cant hardly move lifting my arms up is so so pain ful nothing works to help this I have suffered with fb since the 80s
  • @angie63 hello. Angie i to have had two back surgeries going in for a third maybe im seeing a specialist at ucsf thats in san frisco i also am in a wheel chair it takes me hours to get going in the morning i never make appointments before noon
  • Seriously this list doesn't even touch what this disease does to your life. And then on top of that their is a product out there that I seen hundreds of people take (all natural) and feel better. Drs. Funny it's all about chemical medications. You're all being so ridiculous with laws against what can help can't be talked about.
  • @Purple_Warrior95 I have had IC but not continuous thank God. It just flares at times like everything else with Fibro. The last few weeks have been the worst I have ever had with burning and extreme tender spots around my shoulder blades. I have really been doing a lot of research on Fibro lately and had no idea that things I have suffered with for most of my adult life are ALL associated with Fibro. I just blows my mind. Hope you find relief. I am going gluten free as of today. I did that several years ago and I never felt better so I am starting that again today. Something has to change for me because I hate taking drugs and all the side effects of them
  • My sister has had fibromyalgia for almost 10 years. She's 35 and had to give up her career as a pharmacist and file for bankruptcy while she waited three years to be approved for disability. Being on disability has mad her already existing depression extremely worse. I basically have watched her become a prescription drug addict as she desperately shoves every kind of pill she can find down her throat to try to ease her pain. It is heartbreaking. And although I myself do not suffer from this horrible disease my daughter who just turned 16 a little over a month ago was diagnosed back in September. Her neurologist has done test after test after test trying to rule out the fibromyalgia because she is so young but so far every other test and/or diagnosis has been negative. My daughter is currently taking a low dose of neurontin which seems to be helping her. She was going to physical therapy for the sever pain in her back and shoulder but it just really made her pain worse the next day. She's dreamed of nothing else her whole life but going to college and vet school and becoming a veterinarian and now I'm so very afraid for her that those dreams may never come true. She is 16 she should be having the time of her life not worrying about if it's time to take her meds or dr appts or if she's going to be able to sleep tonight!! Some of my friends and even family frown upon this but I pretty much let her do whatever she wants with her friends right now as long as she is able because I know there will come a day that she won't be able to do what she wants any more. I always know who she's with, where she is and what she's doing but I have thrown out the parenting book of no going out on school nights and your curfew is this and no you're not spending the night somewhere two or even three nights in a row. I pray every day for my sister and now I pray every day that my daughter may at least make it through college and have a few good years of working at a career that she is so very passionate about. When the severity of her diagnosis and how much it would affect her future finally hit her she had a massive anxiety attack and she just sat and cried in my arms. I am her mom and I am helpless in this situation other than to educate myself even more than I already had on what can help treat the symptoms and make her a little more comfortable. I have read in several comments something about a specific diet. If someone could post a link for that or let me know where I can get that information I would greatly appreciate it. And know that while I am praying for my sister and my daughter I also pray for all who suffer from this disease because people who don't know about it or have it do think it's just a made up term for there's nothing really wrong with you. Drs and scientists and researchers have come a long way but they still have more to learn about this disease. It is my prayer and my hope that they will eventually find at the very least a medication that really works without side effects that are just as bad or worse than the disease itself.
  • I see a chiropractor and it does seem to help I haven't been told I have fibromyalgia but thinking I do have it. I have been very tired and achy but I have 2 neck surgeries one fusion and then disc replacement. And still having problems.
    I see a chiropractor and it does seem to help I haven't been told I have fibromyalgia but thinking I do have it. I have been very tired and achy but I have 2 neck surgeries one fusion and then disc replacement. And still having problems.
  • I see a chiropractor and it does seem to help I haven't been told I have fibromyalgia but thinking I do have it. I have been very tired and achy but I have 2 neck surgeries one fusion and then disc replacement. And still having problems.
  • My right a holder has been worse then it's ever have and now pains in the chest area I not shoulder blade and ribs arm and hand numbness killing me .hurts so bad. Sicko being in pain
  • I'm new on this site. But, I can identify with Teklady43. I'm also on Coumadin due to a blood clot in my intestine and cannot take nsaids. This makes it difficult to try to eat the right foods such as vegetable or take ibuprofen. I went a whole year with this pain and was not sent to a Rheumatologist until them. Again, I was told I was in pain due to depression. I had lost my job, my sister to Cancer, broke my ankle and was in a car accident. Not being able to do the things I use to was the hardest part. The fatigue and pain makes it difficult to make any plans for anything. I'm currently on Warfarin as well to thin the blood. The burning in my arms is the pits, When I can't even pick up a pot of coffee. It's surely been a life changing situation. My mother just recently passed away from Alzheimer. Needless to say it has been more difficult since then. I've suffered with IBS and Diverticulitis for many years. Hate to think this is going to add to the problem as well. A hot shower and 5% Lidocaine patches help a lot. I also take Hydrocodone due to the car accident. They also help. I was never a pill taker. Well things have changed. I apply them to the sore spot. Usually between the shoulder blades, where the pain can be excruciating. But, that's temporary relief. I'm am though thankful for the patches. They do help a lot. Everyone here may want to ask their doctors for the patches. It numbs the area for at least 12 hours. You wear them 12 hours on and 12 hours off. I have not been able to locate a Fibro group around me where I can vent. So I guess this is it. Thank you all for your stories.

  • @thankful_for_life Yoga has helped me. I take it at our senior citizen center so its not as fast. Good luck to you.
  • HI, I just found this site and reading peoples comments have been a relief knowing I am not the only one that gets treated like I am "lazy" or "you look good today". I too had my supervisor tell me "put on your big girl pants". That hurt so bad. I missed so much work in 2012 and 2013, I finally went on extended medical leave November 2013 and then ended up resigning in Nov of 2014. I have been denied for the 3rd time for disability and I have attorneys fighting for me, we appealed and should go in front of judge by June. I do not know how to explain to people that I just can not work any more. Its so frustrating, and now as of this past December am separated from husband. I have all the 18 tender points, neuropathy, chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety and severe pain in my lower back and it always feels like someone is rubbing corduroy material up and down my legs. My neck is so stiff and I have had 2 shoulder surgeries, 2 carpel tunnel surgeries and to top it all off had my spleen removed. Sorry for going on and on and I know we all can. I am glad I found this support group. Soft ((((hugs)))) to everyone.
  • @JennJenn I am so sorry for your sister and daughter, prayers for them. I have had fibromyalgia since 2010, it is debilitating. I used to have so many friends and we would go out and dance all night, now I cant even hardly walk up stairs. I applaud you for giving your daughter time to do what she is able to do right now. Diet does play a role in our health with fibro. Try a gluten free diet. It seems to help.
  • Interesting information from Suzy Cohen, RPh whose professional research aids many who suffer from all the problems associated with Fibromyalgia. We need more like her to help educate people because too many can not understand Chronic Fatigue and how it shuts down a normal social life-style.
  • Im 39 years old...I have been diagnosed with fm since 2000 after I had my second child now my symptoms are just getting worse plus I have herniated disk and degenerative disease.. started lyrica and Cymbalta about going on a 2 weeks...I'm still not sleeping at night and still have the tingling and numbness and heaviness everything thing else....walking and using my hands are horrible...I'm so exhausted feeling like this....
  • To Denibug 62:
    My supervisor at the position I last held came with me to my disability hearing. Her testimony was crucial to describe how my work performance declined, that I worked with a heating pad in my chair all day (and was still in excruciating pain), how my demeanor changed...I became paranoid and short tempered (both big changes in my personality). I wasn't able to keep up with the work flow because I kept having to check and recheck to see if I had completed a task. I decreased my weekly hours 3 times and still needed to use FMLA. She testified that she had counseled me about several of these behaviors. It wasn't easy for her. When I started my position there, I came as a successful very over-qualified employee that she and many others used as a knowledge resource. I'm an RN and had served most of my career as an Administrator in my field. I had managed offices and some some really wonderful medical staff, but now I suffered from RA and just wanted to be responsible for myself....I really loved my job. After about 1 1/2 years there, I started having severe symptoms of fibro..all 18 trigger points of chronic severe pain and the debilitating fatigue from both of these diseases. I decreased the days I worked each week, the hours I worked each day and I still had to use FMLA to protect my job. When we switched to new software, I couldn't pick it up...After 5 years with this company, my inability to use my brain, through the pain and the fog, ended up being the straw that broke the camel's back. I still miss my job but I am disabled ...mentally and physically. I fought hard to keep working but in the end, I had to face the hard reality that I was unable to meet the standards of my profession or any other profession. I really believe that it was my supervisor's testimony that made the judge see my decline. Both she and my husband testified that the pain and fatigue have changed me. I hope this helps with your hearing, good luck!
  • @rntamtam I finally had to get disability. Impossible to do. .I sat behind a microscope 10hrs a day. got to be to much.
  • @JennJenn such a young age. I'm so sorry
  • Dawn , yes I got a weird rash on my right leg, it is a dry spot that has been there,, and from what I read.. that is part of the Fibromyalgia
  • @rntamtam
    I have done a a lot of changes,,I used to be real set back in my moods,, seems like my moods are disturbed by the little things that not normally mad me explosive In attitude,
  • @sammie111111
    I am 43 and have this Fibromyalgia,I have taken care of lots of patients over the years,The doctor once asked me how did you get in this position ,,and I told him over the years.. Your patients beating me up over the years, did this,, lol .Just to make you guys have some humor today,,lol,I was a nurse aid for geriatric patients since I was 16,, If you ever worked a nurse or nurse or any of the above.. we said our jobs ,,killed us,, lol
  • @larubia19
    I have 4 kids if it makes you feel any better,, and they are all over the age of 18, the struggles I had being in pain working,, I have exactly what you have,,, and I had to go back to work in 2012 after this last accident to pay support on my kids,, and when I did.. it tore my body apart,, the excericse was good.. but I had to be on pain meds to be able to function,, then,Id foget what I was doing. I have 2 grand kids too that need my attention,, they help keep me going,, Hope you have a Great day,, Keep in touch
  • I have had Fibro for 3 years aling with Osteoarthritis since 1992. Lyrica started helping the weakness in my arms within 2 weeks. Last November I had a partial knee replacement and since then my fibromyalgia is out of control and I can barely walk because of the weakness in my legs and SEVERE pain in my shin's. I have been on Lyrica, Cymbalta, Celebrex, Resteroil, muscle relaxers and pain meds. I feel like nothing is helping anymore but afraid to come off meds and feel worse than I do. I used to be so active and now I feel like a hermit.i was awarded SSDisability but I had to go through Social Security Disability lawyers to be approved. I take vitamin supplements: magnesium, B complex, D3, multi, turmeric, hair, nail and skin. WE NEED A CURE. WE NEED OUR LIVES BACK!!!
  • I have had fibro for about 15 years and have pretty well adapted to a fibro way of life, however, my most recent issue is plantar fascitis of both feet. I attribute it to being an RN and being on my feet so much. Is plantar fascitis common/caused by the fibro or is it a separate ailment that I have been blessed with? If anyone has any info on the relationship between the two please let me know.
  • I have recently been diagnosed with fybro, after being in pain for about 20 years and not knowing what was wrong with me. Everyone just thinks it's all in my head and I'm just a pill popper. Well these people don't know what it's like to be in all this pain on a daily basis! It sucks!! I have been on disability since September 2015 for my back and then in January I had surgery on my hand in three different places. My doctor doesn't understand why It's not healed yet, it's taking longer than anyone else he has done this surgery on. I am almost certain that it's from the fybro. I also was discharged from my job cause at the time that I had to have my surgery the office was closed and no longer functioning, so my job was terminated and so was my health insurance. So now I have no insurance so I can not get proper care for this. Just racking up er visits everytime I have bad days. Sorry for the long message, just feeling so frustrated.
  • AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
    @Neveroutofpain thank you so much for reaching out - you most certainly are not alone! I'm sorry you're going through this - it can't be easy. Do you have a support system at home you can turn to? Some people find it to be therapeutic to share their stories with other community members - if that's something you're interested in, you can share your story with us by filling out the form here:

    Stay strong!
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    I signed up on this forum just to give a little positivity. Forums like this are always full of people saying, I have this problem and that problem and people just responding to the comments with sympathy and their own complaints. Bare with me now. I'm also a sufferer of a lot of health problems. I was diagnosed with arthritis at 3, and fibro at 16. I spent several years in a wheelchair in my early 20s and my boyfriend carried me around everywhere prior to that. I took myself off all meds about 5 years ago. The doctors laughed at me and told me diet won't change anything. Come back to us when you are ready to go on Remecaid. Needless to say, I haven't been to a doctor since. But I have done numerous tests including the Alcat test (which is supposedly more outdated) and the pinner test which identify certain foods that your blood reacts to causing joint pain, muscle pain, IBS, the list goes on and on. So I made a commitment to changing my diet and months later, I hiked the grand Canyon with my boyfriend and dogs (17 miles). I still experience pain, but it doesn't even compare to the way that it used to be in the slightest and I'm medication free. Anyone that is truly willing to make a lifestyle change like that should do a food sensitivity test and stick to it for at least 6 months. It's a big commitment, but trust me, it's worth it. And if anyone wants to talk to me, feel free to message me or however it works on this forum. Thanks for reading.
  • I was misdiagnosed for years. Treated for RA and fibro. Due to inaccurate tests, I really had Lyme. Many scientist have determined that fibromyalgia is a syndrome of Lyme disease. Which is a bacteria and/or virus which causes every symptom of Lyme and its coinfections. The CDC determined over 300,000 cases are occurring yearly! But, it hasn't been noticed as an epidemic. 4,000 patients died this year! Many believe it was created for biological warfare by the US. It can go dormant and hide from antibiotics. To research further see Education is key to advocating for your health. "Doctors only learn what's in their medical journals" from the rheumatologist that gave me chemo drugs and let the Lyme ravage my body, mind, and life forever.
  • I am a long time fibro sufferer, with absolutely NO support in my home. My daughter says that the pain is "all in my head". She is used to me being on the go all of the time, and only getting about 3-4 hours of sleep a day. I know that she really misses the time when I could be active.
    Now I can't hold down a job, and I am on disability.
    I own a Parrot Rescue (11 Parrots), and work with dogs (I have 5 of my own). My daughter doesn't understand that there are so many days that it is only my animals that gets me out of bed. And many nights I am up all night in excruciating pain.
    My son, who has seen my health deteriorate, knows that I am not healthy. He is also special needs, and he tries to do his best to help me, but many of my birds do not like other humans.
    When I was first diagnosed with fibromyalgia, my doctor told me that years ago it was referred to as rheumatoid arthritis". When I was born I had arthritis in both of my legs and was unable to even walk until I was almost 4 years old. I outgrew the arthritis, and was able to lead a pretty normal life. I rode horses professionally, roller skated competitively, and did gymnastics.
    Now I can barely walk, and I have been on narcotics for so long that they are not doing me much good anymore.
    I have been tested for Lyme disease (negative), and RA (negative).

    A few years back my doctor put me on Savella, which worked great...until my blood pressure shot up so bad that I thought I had stroked out a couple times. So I took myself off of the Savella. But I am going to have to go back on the drug, and then go on blood pressure medication. I was in the test trials for Lyrica and for Cymbalta, neither of which did me any good. So those are out (I had some pretty mean side affects from both).

    There is no support group in my area, and I am really thinking about starting one up. My problem is that I really don't have the energy to start a new project.
    And now I have a myriad of other health issues that I believe stem from this fibromyalgia and I am barely able to move anymore.

    It's sad when I get the response "it's all in your head" from my own child, who in the past few years has seen my health decline greatly. She doesn't understand that I would LOVE to be able to go out to work at a full time job, and be as active as I once was. I can't get her to do any reading about the disease, and now I see some of the symptoms in her. I pray that she never has to go through it, but I was told that the disease CAN be passed down in the family.
  • This is so poorly written, I wonder if an editor EVER reviewed it with a critical eye! The sentences are fragmented, sometimes missing verbs altogether. Though most of the information is appropriate, contextually, it should have been reviewed and different statements separated or added together! The information misses documentation all together to support the claims within! It would have been nice to have footnotes to support these thoughts!

    I would have shared some of the information but it would require rewriting the entire article. After 2/3 through, I knew I could NOT pass this forward!
  • @karmor you can join my Facebook group for support. Though we are an in person support group, many of our online (90+) members enjoy our online presence. Look us up on Facebook, North Texas Fibromyalgia Support Group! I will approve you quickly!
  • @Lymeallthetime it is extremely important that we get tested and negate other health conditions BEFORE we accept a FM diagnosis! It mimics many other conditions that can be better managed with the right medications or therapies! When a doctor immediately jumps to FM, its best to seek a second opinion. While I disagree that FM is a syndrome of Lyme (which I've been tested for five times), there are others who did test positive, then started the medical routine for Lyme! Get your medical team to test for other conditions BEFORE accepting this horrible diagnosis, then seek out a doctor familiar with the SHINE protocol! That's what helped me, so far! I am 75% better than when I was at my worst! Now and then, I have a horrid flare, but working the SHINE protocol, has given me enough of my life back, that I can facilitate a support group and keep us quite active!
  • @Dianeburkhart67 No, plantar fasciitis is not FM related. It is most likely due to your long hours on your feet. I wish you well, and hope a podiatrist can offer some relief! I have that too, after years of working, being on my feet for long hours! Many blessings to you, from the top of your head, to the soles of your footsies!
  • @JennJenn Boy have you ANGERED me!!! Because your sister is trying to find the right combination of prescription drugs does NOT make her a drug addict!!! My God! She, being a pharmacist, recognizes the side effects as well as dangers associated with each medication! She would give her life to have her career back in an instant! Nobody wants to file bankruptcy when they've been a professional! I know! Nobody wants to spend every darn dollar on medications! Nobody wants to suffer with pain, anxiety, depression, cognitive dysfunction or sleepless nights! You owe your sister a huge apology!

    Yet, you will allow your daughter to have no curfew, sleep overnight elsewhere and do what she wants, cause you FEAR she might not get to do that one day! WTH!? If she had FM, she wouldn't be able to spend the night elsewhere! She wouldn't be able to stay up all hours without suffering tremendously for days! She surely wouldn't get her sleep! Remove YOUR fear, and parent her so she doesn't decline!!! I have two teens in my 400 plus person support group! Both of them are severely limited and dream about spending time with friends! A twenty-year old in our group is as seriously ill as your sister... yet she forces herself to live a regimented life so she can at least attend a meeting that acknowledges and offers support! You are NOT doing your daughter any favors by allowing her to do what she wants! You are however feeding her a life, sure to spiral out of control and lead her into darkness and assuredly worse health! How tremendously sad!
  • I have not been diagnosed yet, but I believe I have it. I have wide spread pain. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis over 20 years ago. And I have most all the symptoms of Fibromyalgia, one of my brothers used to say I was just too touchy meaning that just touching made me hurt. I thought they just played to rough. I am 54 now and just lately I am starting to feel pain in my toes, shoulders, hips and my knees, even though I do have my left knee replaced I am still getting pain there at times. I feel tired all the time, I am not sure this would fit or not but my feet hurt too, if I am on the for very long. I want to work, but I don't see how I can. At least not doing what I use too. Does anyone else have these kind of symptoms. Oh, at times I have migraines as well .
  • I feel like this diagnosis suggests mental illness.
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    96 I was in a bad accident in a coma for over 2 wks doctors told my family I'd never come out of it the stage I was in you come out of hrs to days. When I did told I'd never be able to take care of myself. I fooled them but I now have Hashimoto's, lupus, sjogrens, & they think I have ms. 5 yrs ago I was told I have fibro my question is how do they really I have all of these things when a lot of the symptoms are the same? Yes they do all kinds of blood work but before every diagnosis they tell me blood work alone may not give an answer!
  • I believe Fibromyalgia is definitely from Lyme! The testing is inaccurate!! Do your own research. There are ways to find out.

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