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Fibromyalgia article: Things to AvoidThings to Avoid

There may be some habits in your daily life that are contributing to your Fibromyalgia symptoms. Avoid these 4 things and you might feel some relief.

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  • I'm glad too find this group I have fibro and this morning in PA it is 34 degrees . The pain is terrible
  • I have had fibro my alia for 15 years . Have been unable to walk then used a walker, then a quad cane. I get sick at the drop of a hat. My major concern is how do you get your loved ones to recognize this disease. They expect me to be and do everything I did before this disease. My husband calls it fibbermyalgia. It hurts as much as the pain from the disease
  • HollyHolly Member
    @lcadlin I am so sorry your husband is like that. I am very lucky to have a husband who is very supportive. I could not ask for anything better. maybe they should talk.
  • HollyHolly Member
    @Tinman I am in Tucson AZ. it is going to be 80
  • I call bullshit. I rarely and in some cases NEVER consume these things so I can say without a doubt that these foods do NOT trigger anything in me. Yet I live a life of so much damn pain that there are many I would prefer not to live at all. What annoys me most, is the bullshit treatment methods that do not help; therefore, this annoys me. With bullshit things like this, lies we are told that will help, it avoids the fact that for the most part the professional world knows very little, offers placebos and hopes people will fall for it or be comforted into believing themselves better by believing that these things work when they do not.
  • Could not live without hydrocodone for the pain 24/7. Have had Fibro since change of life in 1990. Was diagnosed then and tried all meds, diet.& etc.
  • Definitely! Keeping good records of foods/drinks, weather, exercise, and tension triggers helps greatly! Be an efficient detective, it'll help you to deal with pain and give you an accurate heads-up.
  • @Stop_the_lies1 I'm so sorry for your pain. I've felt the same way at one time. I was almost in a wheelchair at age 36. It took 3 whole years of gut wrenching pain (I truly thought I was dieing!!) Support group only depressed me more. I won't tell you the details of how I broke free because of your viewpoint (again, I've totally been there!) But I will tell you, you can overcome it. I don't know you, but I feel connected because you are me 18 years ago and it's been a contant struggle for me too. I will pray for you. You are not alone in this. I'm pulling for you!! <3
  • @lcadlin I know what you mean, we all do!
  • Free fibromyalgia is real. Small minded people are the ones who cannot understand , so they can't comprehend!!
  • My name is Anna I have fibromyalgia I had it for 10 years pain is really bad especially when its really cold I can hardly sleep I get pains in my lower back or my neck my legs sometimes on my wrists my hands and all doctors one do is give you pills but to me that doesn't work so I don't know what else to do
  • I only saw 4 topics
  • @SDoke I too have been in hydro & fentenyl patch at lowest dose for 5 yr. Now constipation 6 days at a time & what they think is gastritis. Help? Thinking of wanting off to try Ldn. Do u have bad constipation?
  • 1_rul_kp_recds please don't assume that because you've been able to overcome so we all can. Not everyone suffers the same things the same way. Good for you that you are feeling better from your disease but you are the exception not the rule or the standard. Isn't it possible that you werent as sick as the rest of us?
  • @Nanax3
    Free fibromyalgia is real. Small minded people are the ones who cannot understand , so they can't comprehend!!
    Totally agree, we all do the best we can no one wants to feel better more than we do. I really hate when someone implies that we could get better if we really wanted to pisses me off. No one has all the answers and no one cure works for everyone.
  • ksskss Member
    I was on meds for years and still had pain. Lost my insurance coverage and stopped all meds. Never felt better! 2 or 3 ibuprofen tablets work for me when I get pain now.
  • I was on Lyrica! I saw no difference in my pain! I started out on 50 mg twice a day. My dr kept increasing it every time I complained it wasn't helping till she had me on 150 mg three times a day! I gained 40 lbs while taking it ( no increase in my eating), I was sleeping during the day, I was stumbling, walking into walls! I complained about this n her suggestion was to increase it to 200 mg three times a day! I weaned myself off this med and found a new doctor! I also got on the internet and looked at actual researches that have been done! Not things like this, promoting products, but actual medical researches. Most had one thing in common and that was B12. I started taking B12! I have lost 8 lbs ( no change in eating pattern, just off Lyrica) . I am also seeing more good days! I still have days when I can barely get up, but they are fewer and far between!
  • @BonnyJo have you tried taking a stool softener like Colace daily? It might help! You have to take them with a full glass of water! It helped me!
  • So glad I found this group! If you don't have fibromyalgia you can't possibly understand! I was diagnosed 15 years ago, shortly after I was diagnosed with RA. They seem to go together! I got so bad that I had to retire early and go on disability at the age of 62! For years the medical profession addressed this disease as psychosomatic, it was all in our heads! It's kind of funny because my head is probably the only part of my body that doesn't hurt! It is nice being in a group that understands everything you are going through!
  • AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
    @valerieJ We're so happy to have you here! Thanks so much for joining :D Be sure to sign up for our mailing list if you haven't already so you don't miss any new content :) You can do so here:

  • Hi, my name is Tonia, I am new at this site. I have had the combo of Lupus, Fibromygia, and Sjogren's disease and on top of all that, I have degenerative disk disease in my back and other things as well. I was diagnosed in 2002. I am glad to have found a site that I can glean information from. Has anybody been on disability and then find yourself having to fight to stay on? They are fighting me. The word is that because I am stabilized on heavy pain meds, I am cured and can go back to work. No, I am not stabilized, I have more pain every day but the docs never put that in their notes. I have given up every thing I have ever enjoyed doing. I am a wreck but I still have to fight. Any information would greatly be appreciated, thank you!
  • Danndonzmom. Been on disability since 2007 and it is a fight. You have to gather records from your drs and fight for your disability payments. Document your days. If they come to visit you, read their report carefully. Mine was full of errors and I pointed them out in my letter to get disability reinstated. Look for a second opinion. I went to a teaching university and spent time with drs and they understood fibro and wrote a letter in my favor. Don't stay with a Dr. who does not believe in fibro....or disability for fibro. Good luck.
  • @BonnyJo I take Mira-lax twice a day, along with stool softeners and eat prunes. I also have IBS constipation, which doesn't help. Why are you on such strong medications? Drs in my area with not give narcotics for fibro. See a different Dr. to slowly wean off drugs. There are some drugs with less side effects that may be better for you. Stay away from all artificial sweeteners, except organic Stevia made from the leaf. Some non-organic Stevia goes thru 40 chemical processes.Yikes! Stay away from any food with food dye. Eat as clean as you can. It will hopefully help your pain. And those narcotics are the worst for your body. I just got off of hydrocodone after being on for 2 years. My head is clearer, my body feel better. But you have to be weaned off by a Dr. Good luck.
  • @Annapaula62 Look at some homeopathic or natural supplements to try. While I still use prescriptions, I find some of my essential oils and supplements help. I take supplements to keep my immune system going strong. There is nothing worse for your fibro than catching the cold or flu going around. I found an inexpensive supplement that helps me stay healthy. This was after having pneumonia 3 Times in one year. No problem since. We all have to find our way and what works for us, but you must be you own advocate and research and be willing to try non-prescription remedies. Good luck. Don't lose hope.
  • Danndonom, i am so sorry for your condition. I have osteo arth and shogrens and can barely do things without meds. U have lupus and sjogrens. Sending prayers.
  • DonnDanzmom, I have almost the exact history. I was diagnosed with fibro in 2002, Sjogrens and markers for lupus this past year. I have had several back surgeries and countless procedures to try to get relief from neck and back pain. I was on a lot of pain pills, muscle relaxers and xanax for all these years. I just recently stopped taking all of it. I can't believe how much better I feel. My pain is always there but not as pronounced. I never thought I would say that I would go without meds! My family and friends can't believe how much better I am!
  • Hello,
    Question. Is it specifically potato chips. or is the term "potato chip" being used to refer to any chip that is deep fried? What about tortilla chips? My wife makes wonderful fresh salsa, but I am concerned the tortilla chips will cause a flare-up since it is deep fried.
  • AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
    @SupportiveHubby Thanks for reaching out - I appreciate your concern for your wife. These articles on the importance of diet for fibromyalgia might help to answer your question. It might also be helpful for your wife to keep a food journal so she can note what foods cause a flare and which ones don't aggravate her symptoms.

    I hope this helps!
  • I've had Fibromyalgia for 20 years. Basically have done good until the last 6 months. Had a friend commit suicide and a lot of stress at work. Every muscle in my body ached 24/7. Went to rheumatologist and tested for RA and lupus. Negative for both. He recommended Cymbalta. After 3 days almost all pain gone and now 60 mg daily and feeling great with very little pain. I know the side affects but this episode was absolutely excruciating. I''ll take my chances. Stress is definitely my main trigger.
  • I am struggling with the pain and extreme fatigue of Fibromyalgia and severe Migraine. A question, can my Fibromyalgia be contributing to a resurgence of my migraine and headache symptoms. I feel so alone. I am in so much constant pain, unable to sleep, and having trouble concentrating! My doctors are not being helpful. I can't get into see my neurologist until January and my Migraine medicine won't be available to me until December 15th. I'm baffled!! Usually the Botox treatments I get control my headaches, but after this past treatment, it all has been worse. Asking for some advice here. Should I contact my Fibromyalgia doctor? Why do I feel so emotional and spacey?
  • @Bluesmomy I think stress is a major Trigger for me too! The lack of sleep from my pain is triggering too, I think.
  • AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
    @Iris1010 Hi Iris - the short answer is 'yes!'. We even have an article about migraines with fibromyalgia. You can find that here:

    I hope this helps!
  • @DanNDonzMom I am new to this site and just learning from everyone. I have been on disability since 2005. I had to find a good lawyer to help me get on disability, but I do have the struggle with paperwork every year to prove I am still disabled. It seems to be part of the process, unfortunately. Now that I have Fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis, my disability is even greater. I'm not on much in the way of pain Ned's and I really don't want to get hooked on anything, but I am having so much trouble functioning!! I share too that being on disability while good since I really cannot work, has also been bad because sometimes I feel I lack purpose. I'm sorry for your difficulties.
  • @BonnyJo I have bad constipation associated with IBS. Miralax and Metamucil seem to help me along with a natural stool softener. Had pancreatitis and gastritis some months ago. It was not fun! I deal you on the whole Gastro thing. My diet is very restricted. It helps. Best wishes!
  • @lcadlin I'm so sorry. I feel alone and misunderstood too! Praying for help and understanding for all of us who suffer!
  • I think the assumption is made that because it worked for a few people in the test group it will work for all. This simply isn't the case. I've avoided the noted foods for decades and have noticed that certain forms of exercise will leave me further deflated for days. I've tried to incorporate as many known anti inflammatory foods as I possibly can into our diet, along with limited fats and sugars to accommodate both my and my husband's dietary needs (he is type I diabetic). It seems no matter what most of us do to follow these guidelines we're still suffering and many of us continue to degrade.
    Obviously more research is needed to determine what dietary changes really are effective for fibro as it's not a one size fits all issue. There needs to be a way for researchers to receive better, more accurate data in order to discover other common triggers and formulate new treatments.
  • Excellent article. Sadly or graciously, knowing now that I am lactose intolerant was a e revelation. Yes, I was way overboard too in this catagory because of osteoarthriits running strong in my family. It was giving me acne. I cannot even tolerate lactose free milk milk unfortunatly but I am happy w/coca nut milk. More calories, yes but it was so great to eliminate breating out. Ah cheese. I am learning more about a Japanese diet so I can keep making the transition away from dairy. Now sugar. addicted for the very reasons mentioned in this great article. This will take some time to reduce but I am getting better at it.

    Cordisone shots are now saving my sanity. I have a lot of arthritis for a soon to be 55 year old. Bad genes Fibro symptoms going back to my toddler years. Doca wrote unable to diagnois. Not polio. That treatment sadly made things worse. Caused my legs to atropey and required leg casts to correct. But that did work.

    I was so depressed because walking was becoming so difficult. Sleep was an everyday effort just to gain enough to not build up a flare-up.

    What now needs a lot more attention for longterm sufferers is policy in Virginia that is denying fibro/Oster patients from getting any injections at the emergency room. It is a crime to discriminate against chronic pain sufferers who end up with a dangerous flareup. They make me clumsy. The stiffness will start to spread to a joining tendons. I cannot sleep due the extreme pain. I found that if I ignore a bad flare-up it locks in. Waiting until I can no longer think straight to seek out help is insane to me. I am soon returning to part-time work. It is just wrong to deny us medical treatmentioned that has proven to be effective. It is not something I need to use regularly but it works. It is wrong to allow the medical community here to treat us like criminals or junkies. I have a very long history of following my medication responsibly. FM runs in my family. Once there was no denying that I have it. Had it since I was a toddler according to medical documentation these hospital boards have to stop standing in our way of getting acess to something as simple as a morphine shot. It is not something I abuse. I now live alone and my work load is heavier but FM people know how even the weather can push you into a bad flare-up. Please. I am starting a movement to fix this policy made against us wrongly..I have not become addicted to anything except sugar but I just didn't see it before as an addiction but an energy boost that I liked.

    In California getting a shot was never a problem for me. It took me years of embarrassing, wasted days in so much pain I was literally questoning what I am living for? A lifetime of constant pain? Family members shun me. All of the goalast in my life were now so out of my reach. Constant humiliation from random falling. Clumsiness or sudden fiberfog.

    I am trying to keep living because I care about people. I am well educated and a good public speaker. I am a child abuse advocate as well. I sew,crochet, for family,friends and charities. I know I deserve good medical care. I others too will seek out changing rules so no one with a severe flare-ups is denied a simple shot that for me? Drops my pain level down to zero. I can get some sleep and be able to get my work done. I do use moderation. But I have to be able to cook, clean up some. Make it to doctor appts on my own. It is also dangerous to be out and about in a bad flare-ups. We are vulnerable out there. I get lost on the bus routes. Sadly because of FM I am not wealthy enough to be abe to even afford to use paratransit for Dr visits right now. I have to work some since SSDI doesn't come close to meeting a decent diet,food,housing and transportation. I am happy to go back to work. I have been working part-time on and off since I became disabled. Most of it is volunteer but the need us so great for help and there you can better regulate what you do. It isn't easy though because you will often run into that person who insists you are being lazy. A freeloader. I find I have to very careful and stand up for my limits. Only I will be the one sufferin if I allow someone's bad attitude push me to do too much to try to save face only to suffer in a doctor's office and hear the lecture on not doing too much. Thanks to therapy I am strong enough to even walk away if I have to rather then allow a bully to rile me up. I come out to help as much as I can. Not to im press sad, yes stressed people. I feel sorry for them but it is not my place to have be miserable with them. It has a lot to do with your outlook on life.
  • Sorry about the typos. Using my phone and it oddly messes up words. I should mention that Conair makes a great body massager with s long arm to reach your center back and ithas a heating function as well. I have some arthritis in be teen shoulder blades that is hard to reach. Massage therapy is wonderful but expensive on a regular basis. Oh and true if I could always afford it? a professional mass use can also bring down a bad flare instead od a shot. Sure but we all know Medicare won't pay for this. I have be able to buy foid, pay bills. Those heating bills are coming up and they will take a big slice out of my income. The work I am starting doesn't pay well at sll. But it will allow two young parents to return to work knowing thir son is in the hands if a well trained caretsker. I need to work back slowly anyways. Babies are demanding work. I had good childcare for many years and I am happiest seeing people of all ages find a place to be happy working at.

    I hope this helps someone who is suffering.

    People need to remember that like every illness they come in different degrees. It didn't effect dad's vision but at puberty my body went crazy on me. Nearsistedness, problems with running at sll. Growing pains that decided to stay instead of going away. A love of sports that didn't help. I had a lot of injuries. I admitted defeat in the ninth grade to step down from sports because ligament righting was getting too hard to just live withbiy. It also caused me to suddenly hsvevallergies. I hadn't before that. I am still .

    Again sorry for typing errors. I am having trouble seeing. On this phone.

  • I am SO screwed. Didn't find out about my depression til 44, or my ADD til 54, so there goes sensory overload. I smoked for 20 years - thankfully I quit 25 years ago. I am on disability, so of course I sit a lot, because it hurts to stand. I HAVE to have coffee [ex-Navy], with milk, but I use NutraSweet in it - instead I get my sugar from Dr. Pepper. I have no idea if I am consuming MSG or not, but I probably am. And, when the weather gets cold & wet at the same time, I feel it from one end of my spine to the other, my right shoulder, left knee; the list increases with age & injuries...
  • @NewLifeOutlook no because you all have the beginning stages
    The later stages are a lot different and you make it sound like just a few adjustments and everything will be fine.
    Ya walk a few days in my shoes if you can even bend down without falling over
    Fun part holding that glass of water to take the dozen pills morning and at night without sloppying it all over the floor oh ya that's fun to drop stuff that was just fine yesterday..
    Ya fibro. Great fun ya right
    Sorry such a snarky post but at first I hunted the arrivals down and read everything. My Dr said stop reseacing this every signal case is totally different. They are just generalizing.

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