Vitamins for Fibromyalgia



  • @Sheila_Jenkins my rheumatologist recommended I take 5,ooo units of D3 daily.
  • My Dr prescribed 40,000 units of Vit D once a week plus otc lesser amts during the week. I think my pain has lessened as long as I don't do too much or stress out. Yes, she tested me first. I also have Epstein Barr which has flared, which I never knew I had. I think it's fairly common tho usually is dormant. Anyone else have it and could it be a factor in Fibro?
  • A_JOA_JO Member
    I resolved all my illnesses because over 2 yrs of doctors treatments, I felt dead inside and in pain on the outside.
    I created my own very simple system with vitamins supplements trial and error, its worked great. The sad part is people who say they care, really do but cant be bothered. So you either do it alone suffering or you get healthy.
    If your tired of being sick and tired then change it. Yes you can and its very simple. For CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME, you need one supplement and in 2-3 days your chronic fatigue will be gone. Know one wants to know because they think it cant happen. I suffered with C.F.S. in bed 17-20 hours a day. I know what its like to suffer.
  • A year ago, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. After years of going to see the doctor, I finally got some answers. The pain I feel seems to never go away-hurting in my lower back, legs, neck, even sometimes radiates to the very tip of my toes,I couldn't move my right arm with out getting a lot of pain. I was 32 years old and I didn't know if I want to see how I feel at 40 because the pain was very intense. I was taking Lyrica, it helps but I still have to be careful not to over do things. I was trying to have a child-don't know if I'll be able to do it! i searched for alternative treatment online and In November, 2016 I started on Health Herbal Clinic fibromyalgia disease natural herbal remedy, my fibromyalgia symptoms including Severe fatigue , Insomnia, nausea and vomiting, deteriorated over the first 6 weeks of the Fibromalgia herbal formula usage, i am now 34 with no trace of Fibromyalgia, visit the clinic website www. healthherbalclinic. net or email info @ healthherbalclinic. net The Fibro herbal formula helped me in a way i just didn’t imagine, this is a breakthrough for all fibromyalgia disease patients.
  • @LisaFaye I couldn’t agree more! It’s really difficult like she said, and on top of it..for me, how do you explain it to a boyfriend (live in) that you’re in too much pain to go to large family (his uncles etc) events like at Christmas? Plus the relatives are not from out of town..they often come see us.
  • Just to let people know melatonin is prescription only in the UK, 5htp cannot be taken with anti depressants and can affect other meds as it increases serotonin. SAMe is dangerous if taken with other meds that increase serotonin, I found this out when I took with my painkillers and ended up so out of it I threw the tablets in the bin!! Do your research first before taking anything..

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