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Experts have always suspected that the brain plays a big role in fibromyalgia pain, but the specific connection has remained a mystery. Unlike other chronic pain disorders, many fibromyalgia sufferers get little to no relief from powerful pain medication, including opioids

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  • CoQ10...particularly ubiquinol for older people like myself has been helpful. it helps connective tissue and I've always thought my connective tissue disease and fibromyalgia exacerbate the pain. NOTE: NOT ALL COQ10 IS THE SAME! MAKE SURE IF YOI ARE OLDER THAN 40 TO GET UBIQUINOL!
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    I've read studies that suggest a dis-function in the hippocampus. Another suggested that FM IS a rheumatic disorder affecting, not the muscles themselves, but the fascia that covers and surrounds all of our muscles, ligaments, tendons and organs. Laid out plat, our fascia would be considerably larger than our skin. This theory would also explain the squeezing effect some people experience with their pain, even in their head (fascia surrounds the brain). With the fascia becoming inflamed, it would, in turn, put pressure on the nerves and muscles as well as blood vessels throughout the body, including the neck when nerves and blood vessels are concentrated. The reduced blood flow and movement of spinal fluid could explain "fibro fog"...

  • I have found in my own case, that I get far more relief if I take a muscle relaxant along with a pain med, that the pain med alone is not as effective as the combination. There is some relief with just the relaxant but more so when accompanied by a pain med. I also have a marked decrease in head "pressure" - the feeling that my skull has shrunk and is too tight for my brain.
  • I have found relief with Lyrica. I am very medicine sensitive so I only can take 75mg when others can take up to 600mg. The article touches on our pain receptors and I believe this is spot on for me. I hate to shake hands and if someone drops something on my foot by accident or steps on my feet (I am a teacher) I want to cry. I just wish our researchers would hurry and find the magic cure because I am so tired of Fibromyalgia. I want to be normal. Others do not understand and I even do not understand this condition.
  • This has been very helpful. Just start getting cortisone shots about 4 months and took me off my I mess and put me one 10 MG Oxytocin every 12 hours. My last doctor diagnosed me with Fibromyalgia but this doctor seems to ignore this. What should I do. I am in pain constantly. I have had 4 back operations and I have been in pain for years. I need advice. Please help
  • Yo estuve muy mal de la fibromialgia, con fe y confianza en Dios fui sanada
  • Right now I am taking an antidepressant Prisiq and it seems to help minimize my pain to a certain degree if I over do this then nothing really helps.
  • I am on Lyrica also, but having no insurance and paying out of pocket it is very expensive. Lyrica is the only medicine that allows me some relief. I'm too young to feel like this, I am almost handicapped by this pain.
  • I was on Lyrica, and it was giving my relief. My insurance changed in January, and we can no longer afford it. I am now on gabapentin, which I was told is the same. Let me tell you that after being on both - it is nothing like it! There is NO RELIEF. I suffer daily. I take 2400 mg a day, and I am miserable. My depression is worse, and I am 40 years old. I am too young for this. Pfizer has got to do better! What good is medication if you can't afford to take it? I also have a prescription for Celebrex; however, I cannot afford it either. I have RA with my fibromyalgia. There has got to be a better way!!!
  • Can you get assistance from Pfizer? If you are low income sometimes they will give it to you for free/
  • Please beware I am diabetic and have fibromyalgia and took Lyrica for YEARS. It caused foot wounds that would not heal. Went off Lyrica and wounds healed, had toe bone removed for nothing.
  • I am on Lyrica also, but having no insurance and paying out of pocket it is very expensive. Lyrica is the only medicine that allows me some relief. I'm too young to feel like this, I am almost handicapped by this pain.
  • I feel the same way everyday. PAIN, PAIN. Am on Cymbalta and 10/325 oxycodene 2 every 4 to 6hrs. Thats the only thing relieving the pain with 800 mil. 4 times a day of Gabapentin. Still feeling pain. Its horrible!
  • @kandijolly
    The Gabapentin is the same class as Lyrica but no where near the same drug, if that makes sense. I am sick of psych meds being used for fibro pain. I wish that doctors and health insurance companies would wake the hell up and help in some way.
  • I am so sick of living in pain with no relief sometimes I dont want to live on this earth living with all this pain and everything else that goes with it emotionally and spiritually. Any medication that helps they dont want to give me I have tried everything and my life is little more than existance I wish the doctors could feel the way I do just for 10 minutes and I bet they would give themselves the meds that take their pain away. Im not a young person yet they refuse to give me meds that will at least make me some what comfortable!
  • @Suncere I just started with this pain around the ear all around the head
  • I was wondering if there were more symptoms other than just the pain in the upper back and what are the signs? How would a doctor tell if someone has fibromyalgia?
  • @tbouche Trigger points. Get information on fibro. Read up and print some of what you read and take it to your doctor. There are trigger points on your body and everyone has different tells of different intensities. Your best defense is be your own advocate and read all you can. Go to the library.
  • I use a combination of vitamins and prescriptions. I take both Cymbalta and Lyrica as well as a muscle relexer and pain meds. However , I have found that by adding cod liver oil because it includes more of the fish oils needed, vitamin E, and vitamin D ; they help me control pain and inflammation as long as I don't over do it. As for the fibro fog and my constant migraine have found no full relief just brings pain to tolerable level even with the botox injections. I have even used trigger point injections as well as nerve blocks but they don't last very long for me. I also have hypothyroidism which makes my ability to take certain medicine difficult because it increases my blood pressure. Hope the that maybe the vitamins will help some of you.
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    @cc0819 I'm going thru the same exact thing & same emotions. I just want to die sometimes due to all this & isolation & now depression. I've switched drs twice I'm just going thru a nightmare & wish I'd wake up from it. ..before I never wake just so u know ur not alone. .
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    From doing some research on the computer tonight, i am pretty sure I have myofascial pain syndrome as well as fibromyalgia. I have the knots in my leg and thigh muscles associated with myofascial pain as well as the deep aching pain in my shoulders and hips that are characteristic of fibromyalgia. I tried Lyrica but it took a high doseage to relieve the pain and had a lot of side effects including memory loss. They also tried me on gabapentin but I broke out in welts. I am allergic to narcotic pain meds and have to rely on lidoderm patches, Voltaren gel, Cymbalta and muscle relaxers.
  • New to FM, I believe I have had it for awhile. I am on gabapenton 2 tabs at night and one tablet of Lyrica 20mg during the day. Doctor wants to increase the Lyrica 20mg a month till I get to 60. I believe it's helping but again new and not sure what to expect. I do still have pain mostly in the lower half of my body. Hip only on left side, both knees, both ankles and left foot. Sometimes I hurt in both wrist and elbows. It's a crap shot of what's going to hurt each day. I do take pain meds as needed as well. Question to you all do any of you get the itches? A few days each month I itch all over mostly at night this just sucks can't sleep at all.
  • I have the worst rashes on my face, legs, and hips. they start to bleed and get bruised. I drink lots of water and eat pretty healthy(when I feel like eating). Has anyone started loosing their hair. Mine has thinned badly and falls out every day. I was invited to start a vlinical trial with a new drug and lyrica but I have lots sensitivities to medications.

    Stress and depression are key as well as I had to stop working. That makes me feel useless. Thanks for letting me share a bit. I am truly sorry that any of us has to suffer through all the symptoms of Fibromyalgia and still have doctors tell you it is in your head or like mine told my husband that brain fog is not a symptom of Fibromyalgia. We moved to Az for better weather and that has made me want to be more active at least. Sending cheer to you all.
  • I have fibro for many years and have tried many combinations of meds. As of now what seems to help somewhat. Is Neurotin and tramadol. Also take Norco as needed. What gives me instant relief is moist heat some ppl benefit from ice packs while others moist heat. I also get shots about once a year. The best advice is to just learn to live within your limits it's hard but it is what it is. Swimming is also excellent. Immediately take any pressure off your body and wonderful source of exercise. Hope this has some you
  • I am on Cymbalta for my fibromyalgia. I went off of Cymbalta for about a month but the pain was terrible! I'd get up every morning and was in so much pain getting up and moving. I also take Tramadol when I need to because some days the pain is still there. Both of these seem to help me a lot. I started out taking the amitriptyline at night and it does help my pain and to help me sleep. But I can't seem to shake off the drowsiness the next morning even if I take it early at night around 7:30 or 8:00.
  • I was diagnosed at 19 with fibromyalgia. I am now 44 years old. I have been on every pain medicine and antidepressant for the treatment of this. The I am off almost all meds now. I take tramadol which offer some relief and I do yoga twice a week which is incredibly helpful. Swimming in very warm water also helps as after I have been in the water for about 20 minutes I can exercise in the pool almost effortlessly. But it still messes with my depression and it is so unpredictable the I have come to know my limits, learn to say no two more commitments, and giving myself plenty of downtime in between things I need to do.
    It is terrible the way I have been treated by doctors over the years about it though.
  • SO - why wouldn't Dopamine uptakes work on Fibro, then? I had to take dopamine uptake medicine after a mild head injury and my brain fog cleared up immediately! It was an off-label use of a Parkinson's disease pill called Amantadine. Asked my recent Fibro doctor about using that now, years later, and he said dopamine has nothing to do with Fibromyalgia. I volunteer to be experimented on with those meds - better than Serotonin affecting meds.

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