Fibromyalgia Nausea

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Fibromyalgia article: Fibromyalgia NauseaFibromyalgia Nausea

If you've lived with FM for any length of time, you know that fibromyalgia nausea can be worse than morning sickness. Starla shares her tips for coping.

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  • smcsmc Member
    Can you please share the name and brand of the liquid digestive supplement you found so helpful?
  • @smc yes, please the name
  • Diagnosed with Fibro and CFS in 2007 by Mayo Clinic...said a severe case. For the past year I have been having attacks of profuse sweating, very nauseated, weak, heart pounding....Bp two weeks ago during this attack was 198/94 and heart rate was 119...normally I have low docs today it was 111/70! So I saw this Fibro info today and it is true that all my symptoms could be Fibro flare ups??? I asked the pain doc and he said yes and that I should on to ER each time cuz it could be my heart!!!!! I had an attack two weeks ago resulting in an ER visit, one yesterday-went to dr and he sent me to ER and one this a.m. ---I waited it out and it lasted about 4 hours---body was soaking wet with sweat---hair was soaking wet, so nauseated, weak, heart pounding. So I go to the ER every time???? Anybody else experience this???? BTW, my CFS is very bed most of the time .....deb
  • This web sight has been like manna from heaven. So many questions answered. I feel relieved after reading this sight. I have thought so many times I must be crazy with all the things that go on. The sweating, nausea, pain, all of it. So many questions answered. I just know now I am not going crazy. My body is feeling this miserable. And yes, I have so many of these symptoms. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being on FB and that I was able to read all of this powerful information. Peace and love!
  • @DebEzell These symptom are all so similar to mine. Especially the pain and head sweating. Three or four times a day I have this issue. And yes I spend a lot of time in bed also. But the more I rest and pamper myself, the better I feel sometimes. The guilt is what really gets me, also. I feel guilty spending so much time in bed. So just go with it. We all need more rest than others. It's just fact. Your post helped me, thank you......
  • I need the liquid what's it called I been gaging and having spells for three months now, I am almost homebound, not looking forward to going and even couponing like I use to, stores are a challenge. I was blaming it on my asthma and heat triggers
  • I often can't keep food down. It is awful when I am out and have to get to a bathroom. I j use have to be mindful of what I order. I do find sipping water as I eat helps. Don't have cold drinks, this makes it worse and hot drinks make it worse. All my drinks are basically at room temperature.
  • Stopped Lyrica 2 weeks ago due to severe side effects. Feel so ill, went to store w husband today felt faint, sweating, weak, have heart palpitations, no energy. Seeing Pain Mgmt Specialist. Was on low dosage 75 mg 1 day and seem to be sensitive to all medications. I cry all the time from the pain. Depressed and have no life. Cannot drive. Diagnosed in 2008. Deg disc disease, sciata pain, cannot walk without burning pain, herniated/bulging discs. Severe spinal stenosis, Just read today my symptoms are from Fibromylgia. Feel like its just gotten worse and don't know what to do.
  • @DebEzell
    I am wondering if you have considered that you may be experiencing the sweating due to menopause ?

    I read your post and it could have been my own history. I was having profound sweating and had relief first from HRT and then later from natural progesterone to apply to my skin. It was such a difference, the swearing stopped. I am past this stage of life now however Imam going to use it again because while using that I had less other symptoms of FMS.
    I have to order it and I will report on here if I have a marked difference in symptoms again.
  • dockdevdockdev Member
    Has anyone had a problem with a spastic bladder.....I'm having pretty severe bladder spasms, leaking urine, pins and needles in both hands? I have no clue
  • chimomchimom Member
    All you people need to look at this other option. I have been going through this for years and have fibromyalgia and Neuro pain.but there is another concoction out there that cause all of this stuff and then sum. Its new research and not all doctors get it but it's treat able.I was diagnose with it after hit and miss err visit. Its mthfr look up Dr Rawlins mthfr. You all will be shocked as I was finally the answer im not crazy after all. Like the doc over years hinted to... I have the c667t version. To get proper care with this you really need to see a genetics doc.
  • chimomchimom Member
    @kaymcgill you probably have mthfr like me look on line its new case study but treatable. Trust me you will be shocked when you read up on it. How ever you need to see a genetics doc for treatment regular doctors no very little about it and don't know how to treat it. They see normal range or low but still in normal ranges on lab and call it good. But gor this condition this lack of knowledge can and will kill you if left un treated. And the problem is so simple and staring think right in there faces the hole time
  • KandiKandi Member
    Is there anyone out there that wakes up all the time day or night that sweats all the time?
  • AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
    @Kandi You definitely aren't alone! You can read more about it, here:
  • my mum has fibromyalgia and she was in pain all day and has insomnia and she was feeling ill all day and night fell and she was sick. is this normal?? is it serious ?

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