LEAP Program may assist with the symptoms associated with Fibromyalgia as well as may others.

I am beginning this program on Monday. I greatly recommend that you visit the following website in order to obtain information that may change your life.


I am a client, not a seller.

Your feedback will be wonderful:)


  • What is a LEAP program?
  • @Yeni - Let us know how it goes. Diet makes a huge difference in my pain....it's one of the few things I can control about my fibro. If I avoid gluten, soy, corn and most sweets (lots of candy has corn syrup as its' first ingredient) I can reduce my pain about 80%. So hard for me to be "good" though - I crave carbs and sugar! But I will have 3 days of severe pain when I cheat. So I have to stick with fresh fruits and veggies and meat. Boring, but at least I can function.
  • @slanni , I am glad that it helps. I am doing better even though I fell and acquired other injuries. If it wasn't for my dietary changes, I highly believe that I would be in worse shape. In addition to the diet I began music therapy one month ago on my own. I researched it online and it caught my attention therefore, I decided to give it a try. It involves the use of meditation with music(Binurial Beats) The beats actually stimulate the brain and aide in the increase of production of certain chemicals which I know I lack since I also have a nerve disorder named CRPS. It has helped. My arms are the worst as far as pain goes and sensitivity and since I began the therapy, my hands and arms are much better. Look into it. There are many videos on youtube and it's free! It may help you as well.
  • @Yeni -that's so interesting you should mention music therapy. I have been using the binaural therapy (Wholetones) for about a month. When the pain is unbearable, when I can't sleep, I lay on my Biomat and put in my earbuds. It really does help! Gentle hugs to you.

  • @slanni I am so glad to read that I am not the only one using music therapy. Wonderful! What do you listen to? Thanks.

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