Living Alone, no support ,anyone like me?

i get more sad and depressed because I don't feel anyone knows how hard it is to
Live totally alone with no visits or phone calls especially your own kids and family. I understand we all suffer the same from this monster of a disease and I send out cyber hugs and thoughts of compassion. I just would like to be interactive with
Some one that is all alone and find how do you cope..thanks


  • Jean44Jean44 Member

    I live alone also.
  • I live alone too. No one believes me that I live in pain and am sick all the time.I send bellow and hugs to u :)
  • JoiJoi Member
    I am not sure which is worse,living along or being surrounded by those that say they are family and go out of their way to make things worse.I have had"family" members try to remove medical equipment that I was using at the time, saying ' I hate to see you using oxygen' while the other went through my address book trying to figure out how to get my sons home ( they were both in the military at the time and overseas at the time). Another tried to convince me that I needed ' retail therapy' rather then to go to the ER with chect pain. It has gotten so bad that the son in law of one went so far as to tell me I was a disappointment to the family. Now they all can't understand why I refuse to take part in any of their get togethers ( its been 7 years). I keep to myself and am close only to my sons and their families. Less stress and no bs from them and their families.
  • SuneeSunee Member
    @Joi God Bless You? The struggle is real. There myself. God Loves You!
  • Start reading the bible honey and or join a church. Sometimes strangers are much better than folks you know too well to help through something tough. And the Lord will help you get through. All things are possible through Him. And try to keep your sense of humor honey. Really, if you take this life too seriously it can seriously make this illness worse. You girls are in my thoughts tonight. Me n God love you!
  • I live alone too. My family abandoned me I have no friends no one. Plus my sensitivity to sound is so bad I can only leave the apt 2 or 3 times a month and have to wear earplugs all the time.
  • DottyDotty Member
    @Cantquitnow No you can't quit now. I live alone too, with no family nearby. I will keep you in my thoughts.

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