Food sensitivities could be aggravating your symptoms.


I have researched and learned from personal experiences that certain foods can aggravate Fibromyalgia symptoms.

For ex: I have noticed that when I used artificial sweeteners or ingested drinks that contained them, my symptoms worsened. The pain increases dramatically as well as caused me to have headaches.

Fattening/fried foods(which I rarely ate) caused the same effect.

I am currently on a detox nutritional plan that I started last week offered by the Oxford Company named LEAP. I highly recommend that you view the information on their website. By providing them with a blood sample, they run testes on it and send you a complete report with your food sensitivities if you have any. As well as a portable laminated card with the foods that you should not eat. They also include plenty/detailed as well as useful information. With the assistance of a dietitian, you both create personal nutritional plans suited for you.

You eat regular food items. No dieting nor starving.

So far, I am doing well with the nutritional plan. It requires patience(the effects will not be seen right away), personal effort, dedication as well as the will to try new possible treatments.

I will keep you informed of my symptoms/progress.

I hope that this information is useful to you.

Have a nice day:)


  • @Yeni You posted this in February. How is it going? I'm very curious.
  • YeniYeni Member


    I have been doing well despite the fact that I was set back due to a terrible fall that I had. I believe that if I was not on this program, my situation could have been worse.

    I recommend it. Inform me if you will be trying this program:) I would like to know your experience. Have a nice weekend!
  • @Yeni
    Hi - can you please share the cost?

    Thank you!
  • YeniYeni Member
    @shayb42 , I received a special discount on the test, materials and program by working with my dietitian. I don't know if they all offer the same discounted amounts. I paid $295 for the test, materials and program booklet. My visits with the dietitian are covered by my insurance. I just pay a co-pay at every visit. It would depend on your dietitian and insurance. Let me know how you do:)
  • @Yeni - Thank you so much for the info!! :)

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