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Fibromyalgia article: The Best Inventions for Fibro Sufferers - New Life OutlookThe Best Inventions for Fibro Sufferers - New Life Outlook

Sarah shares some of her favorite inventions that make living with chronic pain a bit easier, as well as some things she'd like to see hit the shelves.

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  • I have those wheelie skate shoes! They have two sets of wheels on each shoe and my husband can pull me around on them but the fibro negative is that they are heavy. Not something we would enjoy wearing all day. Check Cabela's and other hunting outfitters for heated clothing. I have seen it! Battery operated.
  • Kudos to all the above "future" inventions..
  • Gracias for your list. Love all the items mentioned. I love the walking sticks. I've been walking with them for 10 years or so and before I the diagnosis of FM. I'm a walker. Walking keeps me strong in mind and body. I also love internet shopping. Getting in and out of the car kills my knees and legs. With the internet, I don't need to go anywhere. I use light weight fluffy soft blankets. They keep me warm and don't hurt my feet.
  • My favorite thing is my Rollator. Its a rolling walker with a seat. When I get tired, I can take a seat and rest! When my feet decide to have a spasm, I can sit! Mine also has a basket to hold my purse and I can add a cup holder, a flashlight and other accessories to it!
  • I like your ideas! Only for me instead of the T-shirt with the electric blanket, I want one that works like an air conditioner with fan! I live in Florida and have problems with excessive sweating. It's very embarrassing but I use ice packs, towels to wipe my face off and wish I had the invisible illness badge to wear!
  • I don't understand, I can stay in bed a couple of days when I hurt, but I have to get up and move around after that long. I guess I'm lucky that I CAN push my pain deep inside of myself and do the things I want to! Garden, plant things, volunteer, go shopping. I am not saying I can keep my self out of pain completely, but I can do thing besides sit at home and complain. Yes I have pain, some times I have had to wear braces on both wrist. Yes I have pain from IBS and sometimes I am incontinent. I have also had back surgery. But I now make my self get up and move no matter how bad the pain is. I can't even sleep in my bed with my husband, I sleep in a recliner. But I will no longer be a prisoner in my own house. I suffer from Bipolar Disorder, and I have learn I have to get out in the sunshine and do things I like, or I will drown in self pity. I want a life, so I put up with the pain! That doesn't mean I don't want to cry when I get home from the pain, sometimes I do just that. But again I want a life above and beyond the pain.
  • lorralorra Member
    I would love somebody to invent a bed with no pressure points have tried everything including memory foam No help
  • I would love to have a body sized ice pack. One that covers my neck to my ankles. Ice therapy helps with muscle pain & cools my EXTREMELY HOT body.
  • I would like to see someone (if they've not already) create a fibro friendly bra. I must wear one due to my bosom size and the straps, everything just kills me.
  • debp14debp14 Member
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    The jar opener from the pampered chef is AMAZING !!! Works on 2 liter soda bottles all the way up to the largest jars. I highly recommend it for anyone who has difficulty opening bottles or jars.
  • Love your ideas for new inventions!
  • Lorra, there is a bed on the market that I can not live without. It is called a sleep number bed. I have had mine for over five years, and it is great. I also put a feather pillowtop on the top of the mattress. I have fibro for over ten years now and I do not know what I would do without it. I also use an oversized heating pad that I put on the lowest setting to fall asleep. I also find that I need to drink plenty of cold water and keep hydrated. Also, learn to say no...know your body signals, when you are hurting, take a break and just say no and relax. Put your feet up and read a good book or watch a great movie to get your mind off the pain. Best wishes to all and may God bless you.
  • @cafeconleche Get a car cane to help you get in and out of your car. It mine at CVS for $14.99 and it is the deluxe one with the flashlight. My hubby bought two of them, one for each side of the them. Good luck.
  • cafeconlechecafeconleche Member
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    Wonderful article. I always find fresh ideas and new things to try or consider. I also discover that I am using items or taking measures that others are as well. The walking sticks are a gem. I actually starting using them years before I was diagnosed. Thank you.
  • @Ruth_Lee_70 gracias for the tips About the canes for getting in and out of the vehicle.
  • @judilewis71 You are awesome! I admire how you have made a choice to command your life in spite of the pain. Living with pain daily is more than depressing. I am totally in your camp to be mobile and get out and live the life one desires. I get that sometimes moving and getting out is not possible. I found that staying in makes it harder to get out. Being mobile comes in degrees for me. Some days I am able to go go and others I am slower. I recognize that thIs is not possible for all. This site gives us the opportunity to share and find support. I am grateful for it.
  • I urgently need a garage door remote that is a soft touch. I can't use my garage to park my car because I can't trust that I can open the door every morning to go to work. Does anyone know of a company that makes one?
  • I agree with the vacuum and mop that chore kills me. But washing dishes is the worst. I would like an invention that has the racks in the dish washer to lift and lower with a touch, no more bending with heavy dishes that hurts just to hold! !
  • @treslierre everyone talks about being so cold. I too am too HOT.
  • The "invisible badge" idea sounds great. But someone has to start it. That should be you! I might make one for myself. I know people look at me funny when I get out of my handicap parking spot. Not that I have to explain to them. But.....

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