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Hello to all you strong Fibro Fighters out there!
I am hoping to get some feedback about clothing choices for those women (and men) out there living with chronic pain and fatique. I ADORE fashion and even though I've have fibro and chronic fatique since I was 15, I still struggle with dressing how I want to look vs dressing for the pain/energy I have. What types of clothing have you found works with your current pain/lifestyle?
I am a fulltime insurance agent (normally to be found at my desk with a heating pad on whatever area is bothering me that day and a phone headset to reduce neck stress) and have reduced my work wardrobe down to 5 company polo's and 5 dress slacks. Getting ready in the morning is much easier (waking up and getting moving is my hardest time of the day). But GOODNESS I miss my classy dresses, jackets and little heels!!!


  • What type of feedback are you looking for!? :) Generally I find that my daily fashion choices are based off how I am feeling. I have my "bad day" clothing and my "good day" clothing. So basically if my work attire were the same as yours, you would find me in the polos and dress slacks on a bad day, and on a day I am feeling better, you would find me in a skirt/dress and heels. I will say, though, that you can customize everything to whatever you feel like. If I want to look nice, but feel awful, I generally mix the two up to something I can handle, so I would be wearing something like a thicker heel, or maybe a boot with a heel as they are more stable, and then a dress that is fitted and flattering without requiring a belt or being constrictive, and my favorite "nice" jacket. I don't think I could handle doing that for an entire work day though lol. OR, you can invest in a cute pair of ballet flats or something of the like, and pair those with your work attire. I work from home, so technically I could wear my pajamas, but I feel like a slob if I do that--so I usually wear workout clothing or a dress combination, or jeans and a nice top. I try to pair nice things at least, but when you're physically uncomfortable it is sooo difficult isn't it? Buy yourself a couple of your classy outfits and then when you think you can handle it, wear them, but bring your comfier clothing just in case. You can always change in the bathroom if needed :)

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