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Fibromyalgia article: 6 Great Hobbies for Fibromyalgia - New Life Outlook6 Great Hobbies for Fibromyalgia - New Life Outlook

There are plenty of activities and hobbies for fibromyalgia that we can enjoy.

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  • NBRameyNBRamey Member
    For several years I suspected I had fibromyalgia, but have just recently found out it's MS, but I still know what living in chronic pain is like. I have been doing folk art painting and crocheting for several years and even though my hands hurt terribly at times, I refuse to let it stop me from my hobbies! Each project may take a little longer, but now they are an even greater accomplishment when they're done.~
  • My hobbies are genealogy, digital scrapbooking, blogging, my dogs, and some digital collections. For instance, collecting recipes, my collection of unusual names, collecting quotes, collecting digital photos such as historical photos I come across, photos of cemetery art, photos of nature. My sister uses her digital photos of nature to digitally create kaleidoscopic art. Keeping digital collections requires no dusting, no maintenance, no storage needs (beyond your hard drive and a backup hard drive or cloud storage) and minimal cost.
  • Carole i am also caring for my husband with multiple myaloma. but it had got his lungs and heart already. He passed away a couple days ago at age 58. You are in my prayers. My mom and i both have rheumatoid arthetitis and fibro myalgia. We both read alot and keep a table with a jigsaw puzzel on it. When one of us gets bad we sit and work on it. Gets mind off things for a while.

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