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Fibromyalgia article: My Story: Patricia John - NewLifeOutlook | FibromyalgiaMy Story: Patricia John - NewLifeOutlook | Fibromyalgia

The first time I experienced fibromyalgia symptoms was in 1995, and I had numbness and tingling in my left leg.

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  • AlisonAlison Member
    I have had fibromyalgia since my early 20's. I also got Osgood Schlatter disease when I was 12, and mine never went away. My whole life was pain but stupid as this may sound, I didn't realize that it wasn't normal because it started when I hit puberty. I thought this was part of "becoming an adult". Occasionally someone would talk me into going to the doctor because I didn't have the energy or hurt too much to do something. The doctors always said it was a part of life and just learn to live with it. So that is what I have done. I'm a very private person and one of five children. I have learned over the years to keep stuff to myself, so not many people know that I go through every day in a lot of pain. I was married 2 years ago to a wonderful man. He never knew what I was going through until just a few months ago. He talked to his doctor about me and she told him to bring me in. She is wonderful. She is the only doctor that has ever listened to what I say and believed me. She gives me Tramadol when I need it and she has me on 120 mg of Cymbalta a day. I'm allergic to anti-inflammatories, so I am left with the steroid shots. Being on the medication has lessened my pain a lot. My doctor also wants me to adopt a whole food plant based diet. She told me to do it gradually though so my body doesn't go into shock! I'm glad I have found this site. I now know that I'm not the only one going through this craziness and I haven't lost my mind! I'm fixing to turn 50 in a couple of weeks, so its been a long journey, mostly on my own. Now I have a husband and son by my side who understand what I am going through. The second half of my life will be much easier, I can tell!
  • @Alison I just turned 47 and on my 3rd round of Fibro after being in a remissive state. Sorry you were so alone in your struggle so long! Glad you have support now! Jan
  • I wonder if have Fibromyalgia because I ache all over and in themorning it is worse. I manage pain with tens, medication, healthy diet, massage....try stretching exercises....try yoga and I need rest. I also have a multinodule goiter that cannot be seen...I have anxiety and depression i take medication. My next step is going to counseling.
  • Has anyone's Doctor given them gababenton for the pain. Mine has and it doesn't work at all
  • It's very hard for me to comment right now, I'm in pain from head to toe,
    and severe depression, my husband acts like I'm lying about my pain,
    and my daughter suggests I wouldn't have this pain if I would get out more
    and excercise, went with her to the mall, was in bed for 2 days afterward,
    my husband just say's is that all your going to do is lay in bed all day?
    I have a docter's book that is just about Fibro, but my husband claims he
    doesn't need to read it, same with my daughter, also my husband get's mad
    that I'm not keeping up with the chores around here, I did just do the dishes,
    left arm and hands are tingly, I might as well talk to the walls around here,
    The only one who knew what I was going thru was my mother, and she has
    passed, she use to tell me to go lay down and rest, well thanks for reading,
    it does help to know that there are other's who know exactly what I'm going
  • @Gladys I'm on it 3x daily, no it does not help,
  • I know Im late to this question, I just joined Im hoping to get some good advise and share with others things Im going through. My question is what amount of Gabapentin are you taking. I am on 2400mg a day I take 1200mg around lunch then 1200mg before bed. No it does NOT take all the pain away for me, but it does relieve it and maybe calm me down some like I just feel relaxed. I have been taking this for about a year now but I just started the high dose, I was on 900mg at bed time then 1200mg at bed time, that helped me get used to it, at first I felt drunk like I can't take this and go to work. I also take a nausea pill that helps not sure why Im sick to my stomatch a lot, and I take a muscle relaxer at night usually bc I wake up and my feet are stuck in a cramp or my calves its horrible. @Gladys
  • SuneeSunee Member
    God Bless you. Sweetie. I do the same every week.
  • SuneeSunee Member
    @Gladys Just takes the edge off. Went to painsnahement. Doctors are so unsympathetic to this disease. So millions walk around in chronic pain. Justuscling through with God's help
  • @DebGrl I understand..wish I didnt, but I do. I have had fms/mecfs and all that goes with it as long as I can remember. I was a new born who never stopped crying and always had gastointestinal issues.But around 16 much of the pain. But not the tummy got better.I thought it was over.
    I got married had a baby and In my mid 20s I even managed a fitness center , taught exercise classes, 4 a day and aerobic classes. I walked 3 to 4 miles a day and was loiving life.
    I had gotten shingles when I had my baby, but the doctor at that time didnt know what it was I would break out in a small patch nearly every month around period time and had terrible pain domn my left side, right down through my vagina even. Sitting, walking everything hurt but I pushed through.Then in 84 everything started hurting. Was quickly diagnosed with "fibrositis". Back then that's what they called fibro. Anyway all the normal terrible stuff happened the following years. Then in 98 after a couple of surgeries, brain tumor removal, fall bladder removed and hysterectomy ,divorce and remarriage, the world turned upside down on me. Unbelievable pain, headaches, stomach problems, sphincter oddi disorder.Two lie back surgeries and one neck surgery.
    I was done. Stick a fork in me done!!
    Well I'm still here. Have had mono 3 times and Am fighting that along with everything else at the moment. Beginning to think it is winning.
    My mom has been sick and will be 90 in a few days and I am 8 hrs away and can not go see her. I am probably not going to see her again, ever. And I am having a hard time dealing with that.She seems to be the only person who believes what I am going thru. My husband says he does, but many times I see doubt in his face, so there's that.
    So yes I understand how you feel. Btw, friends have fled .I had to cancel so many outings that they have up.
    I really hope you are better, it's been a year or longer since you wrote this so I don't know how you are at this time.

  • AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
    @lizzilou Thank you for sharing your experience with us. I'm so sorry you've had such a trying experience, it can not have been easy for you. You are an incredibly strong person and we are so happy to have you here. You are not alone!
  • BoomerBoomer Member
    I can relate to the “not knowing it was pain”. I always thought I had “muscle tightness”. It started when I was a teen. I didn’t think of it as pain although it was uncomfortable. I was officially diagnosed when I was 37 but people who don’t have it don’t understand and I am like you very private and I just keep it to myself. I was raised to think about something else if you were in pain and it would go away. I had terrible menstral cramps to the point of passing out. Had terrible IBS and still do. It makes going out in public very uncomfortable. I get relief with exercise, acupuncture, chiropractors, massage machine, and was on HGH for 7 years before they made it impossible to get. On HGH I was almost cured.
  • Hello I believe I've been suffering with fibro since my late 20s I'm now 52 I just changed doctors and he brought up fibro.So I have been researching it.Does anyone else have issues with balance and falling down. I have all over pain especially my neck,lower back and shoulder knees ankles I have bouts with extreme weakness, insomnia. can't enjoy my grandkids, can't stand to be touched I'm so sore I'm takeing gabepentin, meloxicam,diazepam for anxiety and muscle spasms I'm working as a LPN but it is getting so hard with the 12 hr shifts 3 in a row takes my 4 days off just resting in order to go back to work.My husband is off trying to get his disability he hasn't worked in over a year . I'm barley making ends meet.I've been told in the past I was just lazy and needed to exercise that was from a NP I seen once I didn't go back to her.Anyone who knows me new I wasn't lazy. Now I just can't seem to get anything done. So tired of this crap.I'm glad I found the group I've learned a lot.Glad someone knows what I'm talking about.
  • @Stephanie You are not lazy and don't let anyone tell you that you are. Fibromyalgia is a terrible disease and yes it makes you off balance and fall and all that you mentioned it is really hard to live with it. You need support not doubters and you need to listen to your own body take things slow and easy. I have found that you are usually on your own with this disease. I have a few supporters but not many lol my biggest one is God I depend on Him daily. I accept myself the way I am and live my own life slowly and carefully at my own pace and if people don't like it then that's their problem not mine. I have learned that you have to take care of yourself cause nobody else is going to do it for you trust me. I've been fighting this disease for over 20 years. Good luck hun I'll be praying for you.
  • @lizzilou Wow hun I'm praying for you and your family. You have really had it rough.
  • @DebGrl Yeah it's rough when the people who are supposed to love you treat you like crap. I went through that garbage too. All I can say is just stick to your guns and tell them straight out that you don't care what anyone else thinks or says you have a disease and it is as painful as cancer and you are going to take care of yourself whether they like it or not. You are the one who knows what you can handle doing and not doing honey you have to put your mind on you and quit worrying about what anyone else thinks or says.
  • Hi everyone, I'm new here. I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about 8 years ago. I get no support from my husband. It hurts sometimes more than the fibro. He doesn't help me & doesn't seem to care.
    If you have a caring spouse you really are blessed.
    I am blessed to have good friends & a daughter that care and do their best to understand.
  • @Jojo53 "All I can say is just stick to your guns and tell them straight out that you don't care what anyone else thinks or says you have a disease and it is as painful as cancer and you are going to take care of yourself whether they like it or not."

    I'm so glad to hear someone else say this, comparing Fibro to cancer gets looked down upon so much and I am going to eat crow for this, but some cancer's are curable, whilst there is no cure in sight for Fibro. It's a fight we fight all of our lives and it is just as difficult and many people wouldn't be tough enough to keep going, which is what we all must do. I am one of the fortunate one's who has a supportive husband and extended families. I was diagnosed about two years ago after several years of doctors blaming my degenerative discs for my pain. As if fibro isn't enough the following is my entire list of conditions broken down:
    1.     Interstitial Cystitis w/Hunner’s Lesions (aka: painful bladder syndrome-Chronic, incurable and much like Fibro it flares from stress.)
    2.     Pelvic Floor Dysfunction
    3.     Degenerative Disc Disorder-Entire spine
    o   (Since 2002- I have had disc herniations 8 times already. Most of them were lumbar including an extruded disc, one cervical and one thoracic and several "complex" bone spurs that sometimes irritate exiting nerve roots. Also, mod to severe lumbar stenosis according to multiple imaging reports)
    o   Chronic low back pain ( the other day the Chiropractor said he thinks maybe it’s time for a surgical consult. I just had one last fall. That was the 5th or 6th surgeon I've seen in total, I am still not a candidate for surgery due to my age, lack of nerve damage, and low bone density. One surgeon told me 8 years ago, when I was 30, that if he did surgery at that time that I would need a multiple disc replacement or a mulitple level fusion and that if I was his sister he would not do the surgery at my age.) That was long before I herniated a cervical disc in 2012.
    o   The radiculopathies are down both my legs to my toes and heel again. That is why I recently opted for the "big gun" epidural this time in hopes it will last longer than 3 months. Unfortunately that caudal epidural worsened thing and had to be followed by a bilateral SI joint injection which eventually did help.
    4.     Cervical Disc Disease
    o   Chronic headaches
    5.     SI Joint Dysfunction/Instability (Ligament Laxity- seeing a chiropractor helps keep it in check.)
    6.     Fibromyalgia ( originally diagnosed as Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome by my pain management doc.)
    7.     Osteoperosis (probably from all the steroids in the epidurals)
    8.     Osteoarthritis (advanced for my age, which is common amongst people with back injuries at a young age I hear.)
    9.     Obstructive Sleep Apnea on CPAP (even though I am barely 100lbs soaking wet.)
    10.  COPD/Emphysema (early stages, still need to schedule lung functioning test.)
    11.  Chronic Fatigue Duh, who wouldn't be tired after any of that, lol
    12.  Raynaud’s Syndrome (Primary-it’s actually the better to have than secondary)
    13.  Depression & Generalized Anxiety (& maybe just a touch of selective OCD, :-) Most of my life, hmmmm I wonder why I could have those......? I actually had a pain doctor try to send me to a psychiatrist for my pain. Now that was insulting.)
    14.  Undiagnosed autoimmune disorder? Possible Multiple Sclerosis (It’s in my chart, but the brain MRI was negative for lesions so they still look for it every once in a while. There was mention made of systemic sclerosis at one time since I have sclerotic lesions in my bladder and some other organs, but nothing too bad.)
    So that's my everyday, so I do take it ONE DAY AT A TIME! That's the only way to keep going, that and having a ridiculously immature/raunchy sense of humor helps. I enjoy the little things because there are often times I can't. Some days I'm in so much pain I can't form a sentence I grunt groan and speak cave man, which my husband has come to understand. I am grateful for the days I can walk the dog(s) or walk farther than to the kitchen and my couch from bed. Every single day is a fight and it is strangely helpful to know I am not fighting alone. I crack inappropriate jokes mocking my own conditions. I don't see the point in being too serious, life is too short and I miss entire days at times so I try to make the most of the good ones as they are few. I think I see the world differently than healthy people. I think most of us do and I think that is a good thing.
    Thank you all for listening, hope you are all having good days today and may tomorrow be even better!
    Big hugs!
  • AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
    @jcierni Thank you for sharing this! If you're interested, you can share your journey with all of us by filling out the form, here:

    You are not alone!

  • @jcierni Well no wonder you have depression and anxiety! I have a list too but not as long as yours and fibromyalgia was the first one diagnosed, after several years of pain. Back then they called it myositis or fibrositis I think. Everything else is autoimmune related. I think now they think fm has something to do with how the body processes pain but could it also involve the immune system?
    I hope your good days become more frequent.
  • @AlyssaWinegarden Will do, thank you. I found writing the list helpful when filling out forms whether at the doctor or for SSD. Especially on days when I can't recall quickly or shall I say "foggy" days.
  • I have experienced relief by getting a hot stone massage when fibro rears its ugly head.
    I also up my intake of magnesium and Vit D., to two/ night.
    Sublingual vitamin B12 daily, as well as B complex. Sleep with weighted blankets all year.
    When I don't pace myself
    the intensity of all over pain and fatigue increases.
  • @Macallon Why do the weighted blankets help. I go between wanting heavier to just a sheet if I get hot. Mostly I'm cold....hubby likes heat lower than I do. I really need to talk. It helps depression not be so bad. M.A.
  • @jcierni well, it's been awhile since your post but I'll ask anyway....what is pelvic floor dysfunction? I describe my pain as in the saddle area. Is that it? Comes from standing too much. Hope you are doing well.
  • @Colliegirl46
    Yes, I do think it's thought of now as how the body perceives pain. I tell family that it's the only way I'm overactive. Besides meds I take B12, calcium with magnesium and 40,000 units of Vit D well as a multi. Thanks for bringing it up about how we perceive pain. M.A.
  • @jcierni well, it's been awhile since your post but I'll ask anyway....what is pelvic floor dysfunction? I describe my pain as in the saddle area. Is that it? Comes from standing too much. Hope you are doing well.
    Pelvic floor dysfunction is when your pelvic floor muscles no longer behave the way they are supposed to but instead are either too tight or too loose. For me they are too tight, this makes it difficult to pee and now has caused issues with BMs as well. It's like flexing your bicep to show someone how big they are, but then when you try to release it the muscle stays flexed and doesn't relax, like EVER! So they become fatigued but still don't give up. As far as being in the "saddle area" that is a great description. I feel saddle pain and some doctors will refer to it as such, and others call it pelvic or pelvic floor. The pelvic floor muscles are like a sling that hold up all your lady parts and if they don't function correctly they are "dysfunctional. That is how some women get pelvic prolapse and others like me are squeezed to death, okay not death per se but to excrutiating pain levels. Fortunately the valium helps a little. I have to squat and concentrate on relaxing just to poop. If I don't get the muscles to relax it actually tears the opening recently sometimes causing hemorrhoids and fissures to appear or flare. My pcp told me he now thinks I may have irritable bowel syndrome, cuz I need another syndrome right!? Ok I'm rambling....back to the saddle region...according to saddle pain is described as: "Numbness or altered sensation in the saddle area (upper inner thighs, groin area, buttock or genital area)...". It's basically the same as the pelvic floor but radiates farther out. With my pelvic floor dysfunction the pain is sometimes experienced as a stabbing pain up through my perineum (the area between my anus and vagina to be exact). Other times it radiates down through what I call my sit bones or "saddle" and sometimes my back or inner thighs. It can catch me off-guard and I make some of the strangest noises when these pains are sudden. I've scared the crap out of people and just dropped to the ground in a squatting position, shook, and/or cried when the pains came. I was sent home from work by one of the attorneys when he witnessed this happen back when I used to work. It was very embarrassing for me. Eventually you get used to being embarrassed. I was told it goes along with my Interstitial Cystitis which also causes unexpected pain and landed me in the ER thinking I had another ovarian cyst rupture a couple of times. I lost count of the number of times I was sent home from work because I was shaking and crying and couldn't function. It's not like regular crying, tears just stream down your face and you don't sob usually the tears just don't or won't stop and you can't make them. I've even had to have someone at work call my husband to come drive me home because I couldn't speak normally through the pain, it sucked big time.
    It's not as bad now that I'm not working. I can drive again, just not for long periods.
    My chiropractor diagnosed me with something to do with coccydynia or sacro something I can't remember. I'll ask him when I go later today. I found a good article at the following link:
    My problem is that my pain doctor says the pain originates from my sacroiliac joint dysfunction none of my doctors confer with the others so I never make any progress even after PT. I'm overdue for PT again, but because I can no longer work and Social Security Disability denied me, of course, I can't afford it. Thank God I have a supportive husband and family! I don't know what I would do without them. My kids are teens so they are like "whatever mom, you're always in pain, it's normal!" they aren't human beings at this age and are extremely EGOCENTRIC! but I love them just the same. My family doesn't get surprised when I cry out or scream in pain it's a daily occurrence so it's their normal.
  • @Grandmama16 I agree, I was told it's the way your body and brain perceive pain. The best way it was explained to me something like this, " Think of the pain receptors in your brain like the volume on the radio, for people with Fibro it's like someone cranked up the volume. So to people with normal pain receptors when they feel pain it's at a normal tolerable volume, but for us it's like the volume is cranked up so high that the neighbors might call the police, lol"
  • @jcierni am so glad to have read about fibromyalgia. I'm really just experiencing all these symptoms. I can relate to everyone's pain. It's all there. Looks like a up hill battle. I fell and hit my head on side walk on October 28, 2016. Was taking Carmel corn to friend across street. My shoe slipped backwards on curb. I fell, blackest eye I've ever seen. Went to Dr. Shelton thought he would have exrayed my eye. I asked him about my eye. All he said was " the fourth day is always the worst ". I've had neck surgery, back surgery, just reasontly went to Dermatoligist he gave me cortisone cream , it helped emensly, my stomach area was so painfully sore under my skin. He said I had a rash too. He said to rub it all over my body. Within couple hours cream was working. Can only use two weeks than stop for awhile. Well I had to resume after 7 days of not using it. Helped again. Pains not tittle gone, but it's tolorable. I go see my Dr. Next week. I'm going to tell her what I've read.. I'm so excited to have found others who have explained all about their symptoms.
  • @lizzilou It is so hard to know where to begin because the pain just starts, you think you have have strained yourself or turned the wrong way but then it doesn't go away, then involves other parts of the body, then the fatigue, the weakness. I was hurting for years before being diagnosed with Fibro, my fingers, toes hurt my collar bones hurt like crazy, I would hold my chest because it felt like my muscles were pulling away from my bones. The rest of my body soon followed. Hard to explain to anyone who hasn't been through it. I would print articles to show to my husband and friends. Unfortunately, some doctors do not believe/accept Fibro as a real condition. One doctor told me I need to go get a job! Yup, from a professional. You are your own advocate, read all you can. Unfortunately, I cannot take most medication given so I rock in bed when hurting, massage my limbs myself, use Tiger Balm pain patches and stretch a lot. I cry when I've had enough and take 1/2 Tramadol but only if needed because I have IBS, which I am told is part of the Fibro (inflammation)and Tramadol messes with my tummy, I can't handle stress anymore it seems, my patience is close to nil when I am in pain so I can't deal with nonsense so I cannot tolerate gossip and/or family drama , I mediate, listen to music, jump on my elliptical (for 3 min), dance to music, meet someone for lunch, laugh. Watch movies, stay away from the news and clean my house on my insomnia nights which could be 36 hrs at times. I bathe in Epson Salts with lavender and read and pray. Relax your mind and know you are a special human being with special talents even if it is to be a survivor and an advocate for all of us. You are NEVER alone. This condition affects our families the most, it is their condition as well only they don't have the pain, but they do experience the lonliness, the frustration of how we have changed and how their lives have changed along with us. They watch us suffer and may not know how to help us, this is a pain in itself for them. Our families live in denial just like we did when we were first diagnosed. With luck and prayer, they will see that we want to do what we can and still be part of their lives, only sometimes adjustments need to be made. It is tough. I have Hashimotos and Ebstein Barr virus as well so fatigue is constant but I have to force myself in hopes of not falling on the floor when we go out and not embarrass everyone. BE KIND TO YOURSELF, ALWAYS.
  • I am so glad I found this site! I was diagnoed with fibro about 25 years ago. I do pretty good on the meds he has me on.
  • It is misdiagnosed a lot. If you have fibromyalgia it's on both sides of your body, below the waist and above the waist. The pain never stops. You have good days and bad days but your always in pain. I also was told by several doctors that you must be diagnosed with 11 tender points positive for it to be fibromyalgia. There's 18 total. Most people who are diagnosed don't have it. I know several doctors in a small town who I live by, that tell people they have it just to get them to shut up and leave them alone. The reason why this is wrong is because they have no idea what fibro is and how horrible of pain you're in. One person I know said her pain comes and goes and is in one place on her body. She clearly has been misdiagnosed. This is extremely irritating to me because for 24 years I have suffered from pain all over my body with not one second of relief from horrible horrible pain. Yet she goes all around town and all over Facebook wanting sympathy from people when she clearly doesn't even have it. Also she informed me that she has 0 tender points positive and the doctor told her that didn't matter. This is the worst thing about this is people not understanding and all the wrong information floating around and several doctors aren't helping the problem.
  • Hi my name is Lori Sharp-Elliott. I was diagnosed with fibro when I was 12 years old, the end of my 7th grade year. I had limes disease and mono in 6th grade, then I was in a car accident in 7th grade. Shortly afterwards I began having horrible pain in my legs. I was playing in a basketball game and collapsed in the middle of my game. After a while the pain spread all over my body. I remember thinking I was getting mono back. I was in severe pain and suffering from fatigue. My mom took me to the doctor and they said it's just growing pains. For about three months that summer I new something was really wrong with me but I couldn't get anyone to believe me. My parents just believed it was growing pains and told me it was normal to feel growing pains at my age. I ended up quiting softball and track and the swim team because I was in so much pain I wanted to die. My muscles felt like they were going to snap in half, I was experiencing muscles spasms everyday over and over again all over my body. I felt like a tornado was going on inside my body constantly with no relief at all. Finally, I started 8th grade and still no relief. My mom would drag me out of bed every morning and make me go to school. They thought I was beinging a baby and silly making that big of a deal with growing pains. My teacher got in contact with my mom, she was my Spanish teacher. She had talked to me about the pain I was experiencing so she understood what I was going through because she had a bad case of fibromyalgia. After listening to me she contacted my mom and told her that she felt I should go see her doctor. So my mom took me to see that Doctor who was an arthritis specialist. He ran me through every test possible and diagnosed me with 16 out of 18 tender points positive having a severe case of fibromyalgia and fatigue syndrome. I also had spinal problems with my Vertebrae not fully developed my discs where pretty bad and that's why it hard collapsed several times in my life. Also I had spina bifida and they said it was a miracle that I could walk. Now I have degenerative disc disease as well and scoliosis. I have had fibromyalgia for 24 years now and I have never had one second of relief from pain all over my body from head to toe. I'm 36. Everyday is a huge struggle and fight. At 15 I almost committed suicide because of the pain and fatigue. I went into 2 years of extreme depression and anxiety. The devil attacked me everyday my 8th and 9th grade year's and at the end of 9th grade I decided to end my life. I had had no relief from horrible horrible pain for 2 years and I felt I could live in that pain anymore. No one understood and people didn't know anything about it at that time so they thought you had something wrong with your head. I lost all of my friends because they didn't even care to understand. I couldn't play sports anymore. My mom didn't understand and treated me like I was fine and normal. I was pegged as being a baby and lazy. I was expected to do everything possible, go to school, have a part time job, run a mile in PE. THE kids made fun of me. Teachers didn't care except for one who was very supportive but pushed me a lot.
    It's was a long hard road. I finally turned to God and was saved by my sophomore year and that's why i lived. God saved me from suicide. Ever since then I've basically just relied on my faith to get through life. I had 2 kids even though the doctor said it wasn't possible. My pregnancies were completely hell!!!! It was absolutely the worst thing I've ever endured. After my 2nd child I was told I can't have anymore kids and my tubes were tied. I wanted to be a stylist and was told by several doctors who specializes in fibro that I couldn't and my voc rehab counselor that I couldn't do it but I did. Anytime someone tells me I can't I try hard to prove them wrong. I got through school and it was so hard. I would come home in so much pain I couldn't hardly walk. But the next morning I would get up and do it again. Then I got my instructors licensed which is another 600 hours. I became a teacher. I have been a Cosmetology teacher for 15 years and every day is a huge struggle for me. I am now at 18 out of 18 tender points positive and have been told by several doctors that I have the worst case they've seen also massage therapist have said the same thing. I can't stand to be touched by a massage therapist. I've raised 4 boys and been a successful mother and business women and wife. Through God I have found comfort in pain.
  • AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
    @FindingComfortinPain We would love for you to share your story if you have a few minutes to do so! If interested, you can submit it by filling out the form here:

  • What meds are most helpful for pain?
  • AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
    @agpach Thanks for reaching out! Unfortunately there is no 'one size fits all' when it comes to fibromyalgia medication and pain relief. Many of our community members find themselves trying different alternative therapies in addition to medication, as well as changing up their diet in hopes of finding some relief from their symptoms. These articles might be helpful for you:

    Gentle hugs,
  • God Bless you, I'll not complain anymore, just do what I can to make myself comfortable and not bug my family. You are a testament and again God Bless
  • I didn't know that Fibromyalgia could go into remission. I thought I was nuts because I went through a period of what I thought was denial from the pain and working in the medical field the older doctors still believe its the crazy person disease. I have had over 20 surgeries for all kinds of issues including 4 spine surgeries and have been on varies pain medication including strong opioids. I am very drug sensitive and black out or have anaphylaxic reactions.
    I have serious short term memory loss and thought that I was getting dementia since it runs in the family at an older age. I have had to stop working because of chronic pain in my back, legs, feet, arms...ok every where. I am a physical mess...
    It helps to have other people understand what I am experiencing and I am very grateful for this group.
    Thank you. LisamarieTorres
  • I also have fibromyalgia and everything I have heard is the same for me. Why does the fibro start on the left side then the action begins? I also have pain on the tops of my feet, including my toes. Starts mostly the left leg and of course the right foot gets jealous and let’s me know.

    Other wise I feel great.

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