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Fibromyalgia article: My Story: Peter Bacchioni - NewLifeOutlook | FibromyalgiaMy Story: Peter Bacchioni - NewLifeOutlook | Fibromyalgia

About 14 years ago when I described my symptoms to my primary physician he suggested I stop complaining.

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  • DonnaDDonnaD Member
    Yes, Peter, you have the right outlook. I don't know why we "fibro" people have to feel so stiff & sore in the mornings.. Makes getting down steps hard, and have to take one step at a time some days...But as the coffee settles in and a bit of breakfast, (Plus the 4 Aleve) then the muscles feel better & the day can begin! I cannot take any thing with codeine in it, and have had adverse reactions to other medicine groups.

    I think everyone handles things differently as there are other things going on that complicate matters..for me it is recovering from the latest (3months ago) lumbar surgery, which is the 4th to the same area. . I have a significant scoliosis and this doc decided not to use supporting screws, which we had discussed and which I told him I thought was a good idea..Well, now I have a vertebrae that has slipped, and am worse off than before surgery.

    But, I guess having something to loo forward to, and staying active is the best medicine for the FM.. Good luck, and keep going. BTW I am a 68y/o retired nurse.
    Donna D
  • For 30 years I have had this dreadful disease, Yet, I worked and cried in silence as i'm sure many of you have done so too. We try and put on the happy face while hiding the pain, taken over the counter pain meds only to find out that they are causing more damage to your body and organs
    So when that day comes when you just fall apart and go see your Doctor literately in so much pain that you sit in the tiny room waiting for him to walk in with tears running down your face. He takes one look at you knowing over the years you have been that one tough cookie and only saw him when it was of the utmost of importance that something is wrong. He looks at you and says I guess you are finely given in to the pain. He knew that it must be that because of times he examined you he knew of the touch points but was waiting for me to say ouch that hurt. But No way, you were strong know way would you let this pain bring you down. After all you had children, you had pain from delivery's, You fought cancer, you won, you had several operations you made it through, You were the tough girl in school, you had a lot to do so no way this pain was going to get to me.
    But that day was the worse flare up you could take. It was so bad you just wanted to crawl in a hole and die. But that won't happen you still have family and you loved them to much to leave. You are a fighter, remember you want to win this like you did all the other things you been through this to shall pass.
    It hasn't, you are now learning to live with this disease that has taken over your body, the disease that has many side effects that got with it, the flare up that can knock you down for days or more. the feeling of despair that no matter what you take for the pain it just doesn't work. This is the nerve damage that is taken over your whole body from head to toe. But you still try and stay positive, suck it up buttercup, don't let it get you. All the things you were able to do before that took a short amount of time now takes you days, or you just can not do it anymore. You want to but you just can' is not that you are choosing not to do it, You physically, emotionally, can not do it.
    But now you have the family that see a differences in you. They think what the heck is wrong with you get over it! If they only knew how much pain you are in and YOU ARE DOING YOUR BEST TO GET OVER IT....but it is not going away, The pain, the hurt, the feelings of given up are not going away.
    This is living everyday with nerve damage the pain through out your body, including your teeth, nerve endings are all over your body, so when they want to hug you or touch you in anyway the pain is there. We have tried all kinds of medicines, I'm thankful for the Dr. I have because we worked together to at least make it so i can live, Oh, yes I still have flare up that are really bad. But I have told my family, when I'm a sleep at two in the afternoon don't wake me, My body is telling me to rest, This I need, so please let me do that. I'm not lazy but my body needs to try and take away some of the pain it is in and by sleeping it can help.
    When I want to tell about this disease PLEASE LISTEN TO WHAT I AM SAYING, DON'T SAY JUST GET OVER IT! THAT IT IS IN MY HEAD..That makes me feel a lot of stress, That is not good for this awful disease I live with daily.
    I love you much. So please LOVE ME BACK. By learning about what I'm saying FIBROMYAGLGIA IS A DISEASE I didn't ask for it, I don't wish it on anyone. But please learn what you can do FOR ME by at least learning where I am coming from.
    My Story, My Disease , My Life,
    God Bless each of you who also live with FIBROMYALGIA
    Dawn Czipoth
  • I was just diagnosed a couple of weeks ago. I have had symptoms for more than 10 yrs. There is a DNA blood test for fibromyalgia that is 98% accurate. The site is www. FM/ Have it done if you have the symptoms. I have dystonia as well. Best thing is to keep moving even if it hurts. Find the right combination of medication that works for you. Avoid narcotics, they do not help fibromyalgia. I am a retired pain management nurse. Just keep truckin.

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