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Fibromyalgia article: Pushing Yourself With Fibromyalgia - NewLifeOutlookPushing Yourself With Fibromyalgia - NewLifeOutlook

Here are four ways to make sure you pushing yourself with fibromyalgia – but not too hard.

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  • living with fibro is like somedays living with a thief . It steals your energy and your strength if you let it. I follow the guide lines and i excersise daily. i still have those days where getting up before noon is hard and certainly showering is beyond me. I have two built in cheerleaders. One human in my boyfriend who makes meals and gives back rubs without being told its a bad day and one is our dog who is beyond gentle with me and will rest his head on me as if to say i'm so sorry you are ill.
  • You know i get fed up of drs and professionals telling me to exercise, light exercise they tell me, phew try been in our bodies and then take your advice. I was diagnosed about 8 -9 years ago now, and from been really active female to been dragged down to sleeping all day and on top of that a concoction of drugs every day. which really dont help you or me at all.
    I found it hard to move of the sofa or out of my bed at one point, i couldn't think i couldn't move , everything became fatiguing. even making a meal of some form was difficult.
    so then i had come of all of my meds as i didn't want to waste time staring at the ceiling in pain. so i tried but then fibromyalgia and plantis fascias took my feet from me where i began to find it hard to even walk on them, with not much help from the pro's at all, they only wanted me to use the drugs. which really didn't help.
    so now i am just about of the drugs, i can think a little bit better, but even now walking around the house is painful for me to do, exercise they say, well here's my exercise for the day, i manage to get out of bed, walk down the stairs, walk back and forth between the rooms, make breakfast, move a bit more, clean up, but then have to sit back down again.
    my exercise is the house work and running after my grown kids, not to mention up and down letting the dog out in the garden.
    i moved to the country side from the city, i tried to walk the hills that surround me a few times, but guess what? it fatigued me immensely, yes i paced the walk, but i ended up back in bed for a few days or so, and back to looking at the ceiling.
    i had tried cbt, noop its not all in my head either, i have tried pain management , tried o/t exercises, noop my body was having non of it. on top of fibromyalgia i have degeneration of my spine, so like some of you with both these conditions it is rather hard to deal with. My knees have gone, my feet, back have gone and my body is riddled with arthritis so how do they expect us to exercise when not only your muscles cease up but our joints too.
    the basic understanding of this is that if you dont move around your joints will cease up, yep i get that but its not like i am stuck in bed all day every day.
    sometimes i am lucky to be able to do things other times i have unlucky days where i can not do anything at all, i basically get up and then have to return back to bed again.
    I get physically and mentally fatigued, if your body does not or is physically unable to do it then it wont work, it is like trying to start a car with out any fuel in, or a car with no battery. it does not move.
    Every day becomes the same more or less, but i have to remain strong for my family in general and i dont fancy becoming someone who is totally useless.
    There are things that i dont do any more like cooking ( i hated cooking when i could do it , but even more so now than before) , i cant walk to the shops because my feet burn, ache and become like i am dragging them behind me.
    so advise tell me to exercise as everyone knows there limits.

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