Oxygen Therapy Can ‘Reverse’ Fibromyalgia, Study Claims

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Fibromyalgia article: Oxygen Therapy Can ‘Reverse’ Fibromyalgia, Study ClaimsOxygen Therapy Can ‘Reverse’ Fibromyalgia, Study Claims

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy can help to ease fibromyalgia pain and may even be able to reverse the condition, according to a new study out of Israel.

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  • That would be so wonderful if the hyperbaric therapy could heal the fibro. I'm hopeful this is a cure and the FDA will approve it soon!!
  • PatPat Member
    I wonder if just oxygen will help?
  • I had read somewhere just about two weeks ago where supplemental oxygen just breathed thru a nasal cannula could help with Fibro? Has anyone else seen this article or know where I can get a copy for my Dr.?
  • Did anyone else see an article written about two weeks ago where the use of oxygen breathed through a nasal cannula offered some pain relief for Fibro? I was wondering where I could find a copy of this article for my next Dr. Appointment. (The article I think suggested using it at night)
  • You can get off medications even with out using this method. I am not doubting this works because I do take supplements which help oxygen to flow and it made such a difference. If people would try or research information themselves an easier way to eliminate fibro is possible. Since this is by a team of medical people everyone likes it. Wake up america and surrounding countries. You can eliminate your own fibro on your own just learn about what needs to be done. A cure is out and it is you, you are capable of getting online on this forum, then you are capable of doing the research.Research everything that has to do with your illness and how to rid them. I researched for over two years and with trial and error found how to completely reverse my fibro, lupus, arthritis pain, chronic pain, back pain, nausea, headaches, brain fog, instability, chronic fatigue, diabetes, etc. Change your mind set, change your life style habits, change your eating habits, vitamins, supplements, yoga and exercise.It's a process you rid the CFS, than change your eating habits in moderation, vitamins, supplements. It will take time but soon you will be able to actually start yoga and mild exercise. Until you build yourself, everything I have done has happened over the course of less than one year. Last year in November I was getting estimates for a chair lift in my home. This year I am playing soccer and volleyball with my 12 year old. It's all up to you, make excuses or make changes.

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