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Tou can take better control of your life and fibromyalgia symptoms if you make some changes in your home comforts and day to day living.

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  • Do you find there are days you can't stay awake. There are days when I get up to take my kids to school and I can't hold my head up. Then when I get home from taking them to school it's like my body just shuts down and I go to sleep like I don't have a choice. I don't know what to do.
  • After try many antidepressants which couldn't take because of side effects, started researching. The pain was getting unbearable my hands hurt so bad I would have all I could do to drive home from work, my shoulders so bad had all I could do to take my shirt off , hips legs , feet, back. Well I started taking one a day for women over 50 because of the high dosage . Then started taking Sam-e 100mg but not without talking to my doctor first, he said go for it he would follow me. Well I have to say the pain has gotten much better. I've only been on it almost a week.
  • JoriJori Member
    I also have a hot tub and it's great! The only problem is getting me out! I also love to garden. But boy do I pay the price. I wish pot was a available. This does help a lot!
  • sonjapsonjap Member
    My daughter is 9 and she was diagnosed with fibro a Year ago. Can someone please tell me if there is a support group in San Diego? I am desperate. I have done my own research but I would like to go to a support group. My daughter is in pain day and night, has missed a lot of school and it breaks my heart to see her cry because of pain and tired of feeling bad many times. Plus her chronic constipation that frustrates her as myself. Thank you and God bless you all.
  • Makes perfect sense to me. I use my hot tub regularly and sometimes rock myself to sleep when my legs and feet are aching so much that I can't get to sleep. Like you all, I would try anything at this point. Been living in pain for 15 yrs now. In 6 mos I've had a total of 3 surgeries. Complete hysterectomy, a double mastectomy, and additional breast implant sculpting. My GP finally found the right combo of meds to get my BP under control. I'm so sick of this disease controlling my life!!
  • khbluekhblue Member
    @Jori everyone tells me to smoke pot I don't care for it makes me cough to much but some time back I used to do speed I know I'm bad but when I did I didn't have much pain at all don't know what it is but I wish they had a pill like that
  • I make a journal so I know what triggers my pain. I have 3 severe food allergies that cramps my muscles and cause lots of pain. Phy Therapy is great, I walk s LOT, like some of you, I take vitamins, Cymbalta and Gabapamtin 3xs a day. I also started Plexus, that's been a life saver.
  • So sorry for her. Mine started after a fall at 4 yrs old, but bad after fall at 30, then 55 took me to hell. My allergies to milk are so painful, try seeing if she has food allergies.
  • This article was very interesting. I have suffered from fibermyalgia for 15 years but only got taken seriously about the pain I was in and finally diagnosed 2 years ago. It all started after an injury at work followed by getting hit by a drunk driver in a car accident in 1999. That was followed by a cervical spine fusion surgery and a walking cast and lots of therapy on my leg in 2000.

    I was told that I had permanent nerve damage in my neck and might have some pain and no occasional headaches but nothing prepared me for the pain that I have been in since then in every part of my body. It has gotten incredibly worse in the last 5 years. I have taken Hydrocodone (pain pill), and flexiril (muscle relaxer) for 15 years for the pain and muscle spasms in my neck but the pain in the rest of my body just kept getting worse. I have been put on so many different anti-depressants, or anxiety related pills, plus anti-inflammatory pills but nothing helped and I was quickly becoming depressed and wanted to give up. I have also had my gall bladder removed, had an angiogram done, had a beast biopsy done, and the 2 years ago a full hysterectomy done. My immune system is so weak that while recovering after my hysterectomy I contracted an infection that made its way into my blood and to the brain affecting my short term memory. They were able to clear up the infection but I now have migraines and my vision seems to be quickly getting worse and I still have trouble with short term memory. My neurologist is the one who finally diagnosed the fibermyalgia and put me on Lyrica. So now I take Lyrica 2 times able day, Hydrocodone 1 to 2 times a day, Flexiril 1 to 2 times a day, A level twice a day, and Dexilant once a day for Barretts esophagus, (my sphincter in gone at the bottom of my esophagus because of severe acid reflux). I also take vitamins.

    The worse part of my pain most days in in my arms, hands, legs, feet, and back. I have arms huge problem sleeping because of the pain in my legs arms hips even though I use extra pillows. When I go to get up in the morning my legs arms did feet do not want to work so I have to sit on the edge of the bed for awhile slowly working my feet arms didnt legs into functioning. My arms each day burn and hurt as if I had been lifting heavy weight or someone had been beating on them. It has gotten to the point where it hurts when I am touched by someone or something at times. Just recently the pain has moved to my heels and toe joints. It has been suggested that I go see a rheumatologist to see if I have rheumatoid arthritis. I am so tired all the time and sick of being in pain all the time. But my faith, friends, family and my wonderful husband keep me going and help me to try and focus on other things instead of the pain.

    Just recently a good friend of mine was diagnosed with cancer and is undergoing chemo treatments, so I am her chemo buddy and no take her to all her treatments not only to help her but to keep my focus on someone or something else besides my pain. The one thing I wish besides being pain free is that this disease (fibermyalgia) was better understood and more widely known about my more people. Thanks for allowing me to vent or release my tjoughts, that in itself is a big help. Sorry so long
  • I have had fibromyalgia for over 20 yrs. It is so painful. I now go to a pain management group and it does help but found herbs not helpful. The pain still persists but I do have some relief. . There are so many other symptoms besides the pain.
  • @coconnell6912 I feel your pain and you're right it encompasses so many other things
  • @Roxanne when I first got it I wanted to sleep all the time. Now I can't sleep. Anxiety attacks. Bowel obstructions. In hospital for a month. 2nd time a wk .appendectomy. 7surgeries. It's miserable.
  • greeniegreenie Member
    Try combining Fibro with Lupus, Copd and various other ailments. I've had approximately 10 surgeries in the past 15 years. I am in the hospital almost monthly and some days the pain makes me stay in bed. Add depression to the mix and it sometimes feels hopeless. My relationship with Jesus is the only thing that keeps me going.
  • ReneaRenea Member
    I was diagnosed about 20 years ago. I have fibro and now, arthritis. I am better than I've been since years before I was diagnosed. I'm not symptom free by any means, but I'm able to function, do most of what I want as long as I pace myself. Here's what have learned over the years. I'm not one of those freaky health nut people, the ones most of us roll our eyes at. But this is what has helped me. I know these things won't work for everyone. But anything is worth a try, right? Physical therapy helped as long as I was going. But I found it only helped on the day I went and maybe the next. The BEST THING I EVER DID WAS GO TO A CHIROPRACTOR! Not one that is going to crawl up on your back. If you can find one that uses an activator, not manual therapy, it's awesome. He also includes either electric stem or a spinulator each visit. LIFE SAVER! Seriously.
    1. Start with medication to get the symptoms at least partially under control. If your dr isn't willing to listen and try something different when one thing doesn't work, change drs.
    2. Stop drinking tap water. Drink LOTS of distilled water. I'm not crazy witt this. If I go to a restaurant I'll drink the water. But I carry a water bottle with me everywhere with distilled water. I even carry a gallon in my van if I'm going to be out long.
    3. Deal with stress effectively. Let go of what you can't control. Spend time in nature, even if it's just opening the blinds and looking out the window. The negative ions in nature help.
    4. If a pet will help, go for it. For me, the added maintenance was more stressful than the benefits.
    5. Declutter your home and your life! We recently moved out of our 4 bedroom, large home into a 300 sq ft RV. This isn't for everyone. But I didn't realize how exhausting housework is. If you can't reduce your tasks, maybe see if you can get some help. We weren't able to afford to hire someone, but I've since learned there are all kinds of young teenagers looking for service projects. See if there is an American Heritage girls group in your area if you need some help.
    6. Other than going to a chiropractor, the most i important thing I've learned is to let go of perfectionism. Stop worrying that people will think you're lazy. Do what you can without making tomorrow harder. Accept your limitations. And DO SOMETHING FUN EVERY DAY, whether that means doing something creative, walking outside and taking a deep breath, watching a funny video, or meditating. Something you enjoy. Laughter is healing. You are never going to get everything done that NEEDS to be done. So stop denying yourself a few minutes of enjoyment each day.
    Sorry this turned into a book. Hope something in here helps someone.
  • The only thing that has given me long term help is Nikken magnetics. I sleep on them , sit on them, use them anywhere I hurt (trigger points). The hard part for me is when I'm down I feel guilty that I can't do what others do and I have a hard time pacing myself. When I have an up day I do everything possible and the next day I'm done! Music is a good thing for me and lifts my spirit. I find hope in Christ and being with other Christians.
  • jlkubisjlkubis Member
    I have had fibromyalgia for about 10 years or more. My fiance got me to quit my job because the pain was unbearable. It took years to find a doctor that diagnosed it and in the meantime I went through multiple specialists and surgeries to try to help. I was recently sent to one of the top fibromyalgia specialists in the country who has written several books. He said he believes it starts from viral DNA diseases. I was sceptical at first but when he ran extensive blood work it ended up that I had four different viral diseases imbedded in my DNA. He prescribed a viral medication that really seemed to start helping the fog and pain a little. Unfortunately when I lost my insurance and went to get the script filled, I found out even the generic was $752 a month...which without a job is impossible. I am currently trying to get in a community program to help. Keeping my fingers crossed as the pain is becoming horrendous and the fibro fog is taking over my life. I am afraid I won't be able to drive much longer...not only because of the pain but because I am constantly missing turns and getting lost which kicks my anxiety into panic attacks which gets the pain in high gear. Praying they find a cure soon as my bad days are starting to outnumber my good days.
  • janetbjanetb Member
    Dear sonjap
    Sometimes magnesium can be low even if normal level. This helps me for constipation & muscle pain. It's made by Natural Vitality and called Natural Calm I use raspberry lemon flavor. Starting dose is 1 to 2 teaspoons but with her age I would start with 1/2 teaspoon in warm cup of water and increase in 4 days if needed her stools should become softer and easier to pass. ps: once her stools are loose you will know the dose she needs plus she may need to decrease dose if stool gets to loose. You can get this at health food stores but I buy it online for 1/2 the price at Hope this helps. Plus first check with her doctor to make sure it' s ok with him.
  • ksicardksicard Member
    Does anyone have tremors when the muscle spasms are really bad? Mine are similar to the kind Parkinson's causes. I was diagnosed with fibro in July 2014 but suffered from it for much longer that that. I take flexeril 3 times a day but it doesn't help much. There are days when the pain is so bad that all I can do is rock back and forth. Quite often I can't stand to be touched and the slightest graze of my skin makes me scream. I hate the fog and how it affects my ability to think. I often stop in mid-sentence because I've completely forgotten what the conversation was even about or I'll enter a room and have no clue why I'm there. I forget where I'm going and try not too drive much. I still work but it's okay because it's at a local high school that's 10 minutes from my house. We are currently on summer break. I will continue to work as long as I can but I've seen where fibro sufferers can get disability benefits. I am going to see a neurologist because I want to rule out Parkinson's and Multiple Sclerosis. I have many symptoms of MS and I'm concerned. Either way, it all sucks but I remember each day that it could always be worse.
  • @ksicard My Dr told me part of my tremor was from being on Flexeril so long. I don't do pain pills. I am amazed at how much slower and the amount of pain I have. I find myself taking naps from doing things I use to take for granted.
  • I have recently been diagnosed. The Doctor has tried muscle relaxers, neurontin, amitriptillyne, and now cymbalta. I am bipolar and can't take antidepressants. If I do it makes my bipolar worse. I just pray a lot and try to move as much as possible. I do have the fog issue I thought I was getting Alzheimer's because I forget sometimes and lose my train of thought. I found some very interesting things on this that explains some of my issues. Thank you now I don't feel crazy.
  • Great information... I will put it to use
  • I was diagnosed with fibro in 2001 I have tried all the suggested things in this web site But it only slightly takes the age off anymore on my bad days I'm on meds for the fibro buy they only just bearly take the age off on my bad days and some days nothing at all seams to work Do you have any suggestions for me for anything else that might help me If so I would really appreciate anything that would help
  • dstdst Member
    @coconnell6912 Oh my gosh! You and I have similar histories and surgeries. I take protonix for the Barretts, the aciphex didn't work, lisinopril/hctz and amlopidine for the BP, still check daily as have had 8 TIAs, double spine fusion,hx,knee brace and cane (walker when too bad),hypothyroid,RA,OA,A1A, severe asthma (have to wear double cartridge respirator in June if outside- cymbalta,tizantidene,tramadol,vitamin supplements for digestive disorder etc etc.
    FM is definitely the worst issue I have. I look normal, and except on days bedridden,I still function pretty well although with this nesletter am learning a lot to improve my pain. Please stay in touch @stlaurentd
  • I've had fibro now for 7 years and serious CFS for 4. Finding all my food allergies has reduced my pain a lot! Taking grains, beans, seeds and nuts out of my diet and going paleo has helped just as much. For the flair ups that come, I use Mucinex and magnesium. Benedryl helps me sleep along with the Mucinex and magnesium. I try to stay away from real pain meds as they can hurt the kidneys and liver that are already weak from other issues. Leaky gut' seems to be the source of the whole problem. Sensitivities to grains and dairy that didn't show up as celiac kept making autoimmune issues worse and worse. At this point, knowing what brings me pain, I stay clear of allergens and food sensitivities. Phosphates in foods has also been a huge factor. When it is removed your pain will rise until the body flushes out another batch of it. See Dr St Amand's book on fibro. It helped me work another 3 years until CFS got too bad to continue. Now we are working on that. Look for a Dr who does functional medicine so you can work on causes and not just symptom relief. My prayers are with you all!
  • Now this is an article worth reading!!! Finally some good info! I do better than most because I've learned these things over time & believe me they all help! All these stories were interesting & helpful. Keep working at it folks cause the factors in this article DO help! Never give up or give in!! WE CAN DO THIS!! I have family who don't understand and are continually "trying" to be helpful by suggesting "did you know that if you do this it will make your pain go away? Or...if you fix your diet and don't eat these things your fibro will go away...etc. People who don't have fibro don't understand and they believe they can "help us" find THE CURE!! As we all on here know....there IS NO CURE!! But there are some helps and this article is definitely one of them. For me, all the suggestions for lifestyle changes have worked. Try them and see if they work for you and best of luck to us all.
  • What is fibro fog
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    @Christian It's what I would think that early stages of dementia might feel like. Major forgetfulness, the inability to form simple sentences, even for people who are very intelligent. It feels like you have lost the ability to think straight! Well, that's the way it makes me feel anyway.
  • @TerriFromKentucky I am so glad you posted your post on Jan. 2. you have described me to a T. I am currently looking for a new Dr. as I feel my current Dr. has failed me completly . I have neuropathy and I thought these symptoms were the result of that and the meds I take for it. I have to get educated more on Fibro, as it is destroying my life.
  • I've been fighting fibromialgia for about 20 years and for the last 15 years I have not slept in the bed I find it much easier to sleep in a reclining chair I have one of my bedroom and I have one in the living room and the spare bedroom keep a queen size quilt over it the lightweight blanket on me and I am good to go- - I called them my lazy chairs I have somebody tries it and likes it oh and one of the chairs is an electric one
  • I adopted a cat to help with depression and ended up with 6. I am down to 4 now and my husband helps a lot with kitty duties. I recently started learning to draw. It gives me something productive to do on high fatigue days which are frequent and I think it is helping with the Fibro fog.

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