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Fibromyalgia article: Trying Cannabis for Fibromyalgia Pain - NewLifeOutlookTrying Cannabis for Fibromyalgia Pain - NewLifeOutlook

I have never used cannabis for fibromyalgia pain, but on a recent trip to Amsterdam I thought it was time to do some research.

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  • I'm glad you wrote this, were I live in indiana it isn't medically legal either, I have tried it, and it varies I think it does relax me some and has made me sleepy but I also seem to have more brain fog lol anyway my pain level was more tolerable I think! Hope medical becomes legal here but will see who knows for now:( I would like to travel to Colorado and Amsterdam someday and try something else like edibles or something with less high properties in it. Would like to also go to California sometime too, I think weather plays into my fibro pain a lot also.
  • I would like to see it in pill form of thc for pain I would try that also! Maybe wouldn't be as bad as other pain pills I take!:)
  • Hello All,

    I suffer with Fibromyalgia and long-term chronic pain.

    I do use cannabis when my pain is too severe to be controlled by morphine. The benefits are amazing. I have complete pain free days.

    There have been times that the pain has been so severe that I have wanted to die. The cannabis has given me an avenue to treat this pain and be able to return to some form of normal daily life.

    I would recommend anybody gives it a try. I know it may not work for all of you. However, you. haven't got anything to lose. Who knows it may be the solution you're looking for and I hope it is for you.
  • It is the CBD (cannabidiol) component in marijuana, not the THC, that helps with pain reduction, muscle spasms, anxiety, nausea, etc. THC is what gets you "high". Medicinal marijuana strains contain higher concentrations of CBD and lower THC. An example is "Charlotte's Web", which helps children with seizure disorders.

  • @Daisyfairygirl Hemp CBD is legal in every state. The only downside is that it may show up as a false positive for marijuana in a drug screen.
  • I have tried it on the assistance of my husband, I was in so much pain and couldn't eat (my Dr quit and looking for dr so no meds) it helped pain and allowed me to eat! Should be legalized
  • @Caz1965 I found it very helpful, the Indica,however my pain management doctor will not let me use it.
  • I live in Amsterdam, so availability is no problem to me.

    I used Cannabis for 10 years and it worked wonderfully in three ways:
    -Relieve pain

    What Cannabis does is not helping you to get rid of the pain, but to feel it less. Hard to explain: I knew the pain was there (as opposed as when I have used strong analgesics), but it didn't hurt. So I could move more, do more, enjoy more.

    I have three young children so, using Cannabis during daytime was off limits. I only had two to three blows every night before to bed or when going out with my husband (he did the driving).

    I had to stop smoking because it started giving me a burning mouth and throat and causing a nasty cough. The inside of my mouth felt raw and blistered. I am afraid of developing cancer. I also never really liked smoking and the scent of Cannabis causes me nausea.

    I have tried using a 500 Euro medical vaporizer. It did not work. The effect was definitely not the same.

    By my doctor's prescription, I had also Cannabis tea. Didn't work either.

    Hadn't tried cookies or cakes. I always forget, but I will try.

    And now there is Cannabis oil, which seems to be equally effective but extremely expensive. Insurance doesn't cover it so I need to start saving for a trial.
  • I tried cannabis oil ( Bedrocan and Bedrolite ) but I was wrong. My body will not tolerate even a few drops .
    Claudia Baschiera - Italy
  • Still waiting for it in Arkansas, but I don't think it'll ever happen here. I live in a dry county (which is fine, I don't drink), but it's fine to sit in a bar and drink, get in your car and drive home?!? How backwards is that?
    I've been on various medications for 11 years now, not just for Fibro but I also have several other chronic pain autoimmune diseases and absolutely nothing has worked for me. So what can the possible harm be in medical marijuana? I can only imagine what all of these meds for all of these years have already done to my organs, it's scary to even think about.
    And I agree with the person who said they've lost most of their friends and live a very isolated life, it's very depressing hurting all the time alone thinking about what used to be. I realize I'll never have my old life back, but I would like some quality of life.
    I just know that God has a plan for me and that keeps me waking up every morning.
    Prayers and hugs to all of you
  • I live in Iowa where cannabis oil for treatment of seizures has been legalized but there is no legal way to produce it in Iowa so that REALLY helped all the families with children who have severe seizures. It has caused some of them to move to Colorado where it is all legal. I have tried it for my fibromyalgia pain and it does give relief but I don't like to smoke it. I am hoping Iowa will get there heads where they belong and at least legalize production and oil for ALL chronic pain sufferers. I have and still do consider moving out of state to get relief. Have not tried the oil but have high hopes it will help. I have also considered obtaining it from sources who bring it into the state to sell, while illegal, l have been told law enforcement will leave us alone.

  • Ahh the good old weed stuff, well unfortunately here in the uk it is not legal, even if the oil was extracted i wouldn't make any difference. My brother was an avid user of this as he has arthritis and thought it would help him but it doesn't. In fact over time you loose your memory with been a user of this drug. I have used this in the past and all it did was put me to sleep. Like most drugs my body just is tolerant to them these days.
  • Marijuana isn't legal in NC, but I have been using CBD oil with Hemp for the last month. Just trying to find some relief somewhere....I'm so tired of taking medications-it just turns into more medications. I had a nasty bout with Cymbalta-so I stopped using that and Meloxicam. I only take ibuprofen and tramadol for my Fibro- but it originally was started for my RA. I do sleep better than I usually do taking the CBD. I don't know if it really helps with pain though. Have a bit left, of course I will finish it and decide then if I continue. Some say it helps them tremendously. I like the fact that it's natural, not a man made medication. And no it doesn't make you high, there is no THC- which makes you high. I couldn't take it if it had THC- I'd lose my job and it isn't legal here. Prayers for us all. I've been battling Fibro for over 20 years, and it isn't easing up any. Every day is a fight to get thru, I stay exhausted but fortunately I'm still able to work.
  • I've tried a couple of things that have been very effective in relieving my fibromyalgia pain and other symptoms. In regards to medications, I find gabapentin and an anti-depressant helpful. After a period of very little activity, I began getting massages. It may sound strange, but they begin with light pressure and I began to feel alive again. My daughter (who has rheumatoid arthritis) introduced me to cannabis oil. She mixes cannabis oil with lavender and and peppermint oil. Massaging the oil onto the painful areas reduces the pain significantly. One more thing...I know physicians frown upon prescribing opioids. I have degenerative disc and joint disease. I take a Norco and 1/2 of a muscle relaxant at bedtime. This helps me sleep much better. I'm not saying that anyone should mirror what works for me. I just want to say "don't give up." Seek out the help you need. There are pain physicians that may be able to help as well.

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