Why Do People Doubt Fibromyalgia Is Real?

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Fibromyalgia article: Why Do People Doubt Fibromyalgia Is Real?Why Do People Doubt Fibromyalgia Is Real?

While the medical community is getting better at explaining the condition to patients and their family members, many still doubt that fibromyalgia is real.

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  • Stupid insensitive people are always going to be running around mouthing off and making stupid judgements about other people and about Fibromyalgia. So my favorite quote for such idiots is this...NEVER WAKE A DUMMY LET THEM SLEEP. Stupid people tend to make stupid judgments and that is just a fact of life. The more they talk the stupider you realize they are. People that don't have much brains are always the one's with the biggest months and beliefs. I guess when you lack in one area you get more in another area and for stupid people that comes in the form of big mouths big judgments and no empathy. I have too many health problems to try to educate people who are too dumb to understand and most of all not going to care anyway. I let them go through life being the IDIOTS they are. I am not a walking medical dictionary and it is not my job to teach them. I could care less if they believe my condition or not. I don't even know why the media would waste so much time on people who don't believe that another person has fibromyalgia or not. It is like rewarding a kid for being bad it makes the perpetrator IE: the person who don't believe that fibromyalgia is real much attention for their bad judgments and beliefs. I think the media should knock it off and quit posting about the non-believers and let them be the DUMMIES they are. Who cares what they believe or don't believe. And the saddest thing is there is still a group of doctors that are supposed to be EDUCATED that don't believe that fibromyalgia is real. This group should lose their medical licenses for sure. For the other who the f--k cares..REALLY!
  • passionpassion Member
    I have had this a very long time.2003" Dr.said.But I know longer.I get days I fall asleep. I'm so tried I can't move.My sleep may be pain all night.My neck kills me to my shoulders.I can't take light.I feel like,I'm 90yrs.on days.Im on Gabapentin 800mg 3 times a day.2 pain pills a day . morning and night.My life is a hell! Kaiser hosp.Dr.know little about it! Great!!! I know they have alot of people that have this ,but do little to understand it! Why? ??
  • bobdukebobduke Member
    @passion I know what you mean. It's worst when one of your Drs doesn't believe it & he's my pain Dr. My Dr put me on lycria it helps a lot.
  • BoomerBoomer Member
    @Chaskaroxy I understand what you are saying but being angry only hurts you not them. What goes around comes around and unsympathetic people should beware of their own futures/karma.
  • @passion I got lucky. My Dr. studied the effects on Fibro in women. When I presented with unknown all over pain in 2009, She told me right away what she suspected I had...I'm also on Gabapentin 800mg 3 times a day, 6 pain pills a day, plus Tramadol and Savella twice a day.
    I have bouts of insomnia, sometimes lasting 48 hours or more, then I have chronic fatigue also, which I can sleep for 48 hours! I never make plans with anyone, because I just don't know what's going to hit when...Every day I wake up with the same pain you experience, in my neck & shoulders. It's the worst pain!
    My sister's Dr. doesn't believe in Fibro. I send her articles all the time to print out & bring to him. He's still very skeptical, but he's finally treating her for it, after about 5 years. I send blessings and positive love & light to anyone that suffers from this debilitating disease. I wouldn't wish this on ANYONE!!
  • I posted this yesterday but it is gone. My wife has this so bad she could hardly sleep. We started on raw milk from Brown Swiss and Jersey cows and within 4 days she could sleep all night long. Research raw milk cures and you will be amazed.
  • So is CRPS. My sister has had Fibromyalgia for years and it is horrible just like CRPS is horrible. They are both devastating diseases.
  • I live in a rural area and it's difficult for me to drive to larger metro areas. I also have several other chronic conditions as well and have a specialist who doesn't believe in fibromyalgia. How do you convince someone who already thinks they know everything? I have no choice to see this specialist and she's convinced my pain is "all in my head".
  • Damn even the sign in page is an asshole. If my username doesn't have a =underscore it wont let me use. I am a male who is now 58 years old, who was diagnosed with fibromyalgia when I was 45 approx. Yes this disease sucks. They said when I was diagnosed that mine was extremely difficult to diagnose due the fact that only about 10% to 20% of the sufferers are male. I thought this strange, but yes it is true. Or I should say that it was true at the time. Not sure now.

  • And yes there seems to be the fallacy that fibro is not even a real disease. That came from my oldest son,,,I said really? Wow I said I wouldn't wish this disease on anyone but for taking that position I wish he could experience the disease for a week or so.
  • Wells Sharon
    My fibromyalgia episodes are acute with fever. They usually follow some other illness or pain from chronic degenerative disc disease. Used to be only a day or two but since having had pancreatitis, they last a week or more.
  • I have had Fibromyalgia since 1996,(dx anyway), and it has been so difficult, I cannot hold a job, can't lift over 5 pounds, no friends since I can't make future plans with them! I have insomnia sometimes lasting for 3 days, and then I have more days after I come down when I am exhausted!! People don't believe even my doctor did not believe, until I came to his office and couldn't sit up, due to pain! I have been in the emergency room many times with extreme pain, and had to have shots, to stop the pain! I am also on Gabapentin, and I find it so hard to function, so I take as few as possible, as many times I have to do mandatory chores! I also find it extremely hard to do things like wash my car, and sometimes just to get out of the house! My family has cut me off entirely, as they just tell me to get over it! My in'laws do the very same thing but they have never seen me when I have a attack, so they believe that I am just lying, and we do NOT have a relationship either. I don't work, because of my fibro and my poor memory, sometimes my mind just goes blank, and I can't remember things I should remember! Yes its really hard, but you have to try to hang onto the positive things in life, it will carry you through the difficult times, and pray, pray, pray! Just remember everyone after a certain age has a cross to bear, and this is our cross! Just be thankful that it is NOT life threatening and be happy and celebrate your good days
  • I was told by a Doctor that I had Fibromyalgia about 30 years ago. I have never given it much thought, pain is pain and it is what it is. However, I firmly believe that it does not exist and is something much more serious like RA. If it existed I am sure there would be a test to confirm it and make it something more than a 'garbage can diagnosis'.
  • People don't believe it, especially Doctors, because they don't know how to fix it other than prescribe meds for pain. In reality, when you would go to you primary, especially as a child, you'd see a chart of the muscles of the whole body, but because they peeled away the skin,along with the Fascia (fibers ie.fibro and myalgia ie. pain), no one thought to examine or study the fascia. I guess they feel pretty dumb now. Truth is, it's real and a monster that has invaded my whole body. Don't believe me? Okay, but i wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy if that tells you anything.

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