COMMUNITY QUESTION: Does mono cause fibromyalgia?

AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
Sharon asks: 'How many people on here have had Mononeucleos in their past and/or have Epstein Barr virus markers in their blood?'


  • MgoMgo Member
    I had mono twice in my twenties. Each time I was sick for months. I've had fibro for twenty years, diagnosed 10 years ago. I never made the connection, but it does make sense.
  • sunnydaysunnyday Member
    edited May 2016
    glad I found this site! Was told I had Epstein-Barr Virus in 1992 along with Fibromylgia and Chronic Fatigue. In 2010 was told by rheumatoligist I have Connective tissue disease as well. Been suffering with Piriformis Syndrome/sciatica for 18 months now. Could the FM be making this condition worse than the norm?
  • @AlyssaWinegarden
    I had A severe case of Mono when I was 18. Was in the hospital for over a week. After I had my first child is when I started to not feel right. After blood work, I found out I had the Epstein-Barr virus and chronic fatigue syndrome. After my third child in 2000, my body became a flaring medical Hot mess!!!! Fibro, CFS, thyroid, B-12 deficiency, hysterectomy, anxiety, and so many more.!!!!!☹️
  • AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
    @Michelle1989 It seems like many fibromyalgia symptoms become apparent after childbirth! Thank you for sharing with us - what an incredibly hard situation to endure. You're not alone!

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