Spoonie Denied Disability Due to Photos Posted Online

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Fibromyalgia article: Spoonie Denied Disability Due to Photos Posted OnlineSpoonie Denied Disability Due to Photos Posted Online

Do you think your social media profiles depict your life accurately? What would happen if you were denied disability because of photos your posted online?

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  • JnetJnet Member
    I too am suffering from both Fibromyalgia & the wonderful world of disability companies. My story is I worked at a local hospital was involved in horrific accident which put my life spiraling. I hate to share the days i feel like just giving up. The days I do feel great I want to celebrate them. But those days have gotten my long term disability taken away from. Even though I have doctors who have stated I can no longer work. The companies has searched and seen the 1 out of 6 times I feel better than others. My doctor is working with me, hopefully you will receive some help.
  • TaraKTaraK Member
    What most ppl do not realize.. Yeah we may get out.. But we pay for it.. Then im at the point ..never leaving home.. Non functional.I panic when i leave.. I hardly do.. Socialmedia is an outlet ..

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