Art Journal Ideas to Help Cope With Fibro

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Fibromyalgia article: Art Journal Ideas to Help Cope With FibroArt Journal Ideas to Help Cope With Fibro

"When you allow yourself the freedom to play with mixed media in art journaling, it can become very healing." Nancy shares her art journal ideas.

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  • I'm going to try this! I already make jewelry and love the feeling of forgetting everything and focusing on my work. My jewelry changes as to how I feel, so no pieces are ever the same.
  • Kat45Kat45 Member
    Art Journaling. What a neat idea! I'm trying it!
  • I already do art kind of things, and play around with a lot of media's, at present i am on an art course which i do from home. i enjoy art but with the course it becomes very pressured to do.
    I cant always do art due to the fatigue but doodling is also fun to do here and there and trying your hand at zentangles, but i wouldnt say it exactly helps with the fibro pain levels.

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