Perfume Sensitivities

Cheree50Cheree50 Member
edited August 2016 in General
I have a question for any of you that suffer with perfume, chemical or any other odor sensitivities. I seem to be bothered mostly by perfumes, and have tried various products to remove the residual odors from my fabric chairs, sofa, etc., after people have come for visits. I have asked repeatedly for my family and friends to please NOT wear perfumes around me, but they inevitability forget, and I have to deal with the persistent odors for days! Does anyone know or have any suggestions on how to remove and/or neutralize odors from fabric furniture that cannot be thrown in the washer??? Thanks for any help you can offer!


  • I wonder if an air purifier would help. They say they get rid of odors in the air at least.
  • @needles Thank you for the suggestion. I've thought about an air purifier for other odors issues, but never about perfume issues. DUH! Thanks for the idea.

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