Fibromyalgia Documentary to Shine Light on the ‘Invisible’

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Fibromyalgia article: Fibromyalgia Documentary to Shine Light on the ‘Invisible’Fibromyalgia Documentary to Shine Light on the ‘Invisible’

Invisible, a documentary following fibromyalgia sufferers and shining light on their stories, enters post-production and will hit the silver screen in 2017.

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  • I saw a doctor several years ago, regarding my pain. I now am a disabled nurse. I was in so much pain throughout my body, using my fingers to press the buttons on my microwave brought me to tears. Going to work, lifting patients, dealing with the day to day routine in my daily and professional life became unbearable due to the pain. I thought I would be getting the right treatment and diagnosis from a rheumatologist in our town. When my husband and I were escorted into the exam room, all my information taken from his nurse, after an examination from the doctor especially him touching my finger's and pressing into certain places of the so called pressure points tears were streaming down my face. The pain racking my body. Everyone kept telling me it was in my head and I had become lazy. I went to x-rays and the conclusion from the doctor in a round about way verbally and he actually put in my records he could not determine if I had fibromyalgia or if it was really all in my head. I began a down hill spiral the pain in my joints and muscles continued. I kept it to myself no longer allowed other's into my world of agony, not even my family or husband. I hid it , depression a deep black hole became my world. I lost my job of fifteen year's at the hospital that I worked at. I did and still have become a hermit, as I write this, the pain today has been almost unbearable, my finger's are stiff and hurt so bad but I have to get my story out. I only go out to the doctor monthly and back home to come back to hide until my next monthly appointment. The hole is dark the pain is something I can't explain because it is not like pain as I have known from previous illness's or injuries. I sleep in spurts sleeping throughout the night even with sleeping pills are in if I am lucky, two hours on and off. Making me wanting to sleep during the day. I was very active, my inactivity has led me to a one hundred pound weight gain which adds to me not wanting to be seen out in public. I was an immaculate house keeper, I barely can get one room swept. My husband know does most of the cleaning. I fight daily between taking my life to finding the reason's not to. It is a vicious cycle of pain and depression. I think I have reached the top of pulling myself out of the dark hole when the pain overcomes me as it has done today then I slide back into the hole.

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