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Fibromyalgia article: My Story: Katarina ZulakMy Story: Katarina Zulak

My fibromyalgia story starts eight years ago. It wasn't a climactic beginning; it was just achey low back pain that got worse.

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  • I treat everyday as a new beginning. It's very hard but I try not to give into to the pain. I have been going through this for around 12 yrs. My kids are older and understand. But my husband is not understanding at all and gives not one bit of concern Never-mind sympathy. These little blogs help me tremendously because I know I am not using my mind. Hang in there everyone and we can help one another. Kim
  • Thank you for sharing your story Katarina. It was especially inspiring to know that your fiancĂ©/husband has been so supportive and understanding. My marriage was not so resilient, and did not survive my illness. :( I am now hopeful that perhaps there may be someone out there that is not intimidated by chronic illness. Best to you both.
  • Has anyone taken Lyrica and gained weight? I have and it's a problem for me? Any suggestions on another drug with no weight gain!! When I started it I had kept my weight down for over 12 yrs and then gained 12 lbs the first month!!

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