Acid Reflux?

Does anyone get really bad Acid Reflux at night? I was told by my doctor that its related to my Fibro...I end up feeling like acid is burning me from the inside out, from the stomach all the way up to my mouth, and it makes me very nauseous and I have a difficult time falling asleep. I don't even eat the foods the internet and my doctor say to avoid for Acid Reflux, and trying to go to sleep in an upright type of position puts a debilitating amount of pain on my lower back, hips, and neck! Does anyone else experience this or have any tips?


  • YES i deal with it all the time though, day and night, ended up in the hospital because of it. i did see a GI Dr, and they were not much help other than telling me to use some antacids that were prescribed that also did not help.

    I get the same feeling like the contents of my stomach acid and all are coming up to the back of my mouth, Mine get so bad that my voice will get horse...

    Sorry im not much help as far as what you can do to make it better. as i have yet to find anything that helps.
  • @lyestille Wow that sounds miserable! I hope you're feeling better now. It is horrible isn't it? Mine is still going strong... sigh :(

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