Do People With Fibromyalgia Heal Slower Than Others?

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Fibromyalgia article: Do People With Fibromyalgia Heal Slower Than Others?Do People With Fibromyalgia Heal Slower Than Others?

"If you're like me and many others with fibromyalgia, you my find you do not heal as quickly as you should," Adriel writes on fibromyalgia and slow healing.

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  • I have always bruised easily, all my life. I didn't think about the healing being slower. I had an abscess on my face that has been there since mid November that still isn't healed though. It's driving me cuckoo.
  • KennaKenna Member
    Hi i have thr same problem about a month ago i got hives from a strawberry allergy on my right hand i have bathed it cleaned it with alcohol swabs as i always do to prevent extra spredding then i put my ointment on and cover with a plaster.
    Well its just as bad as the day as i got the reaction. ( due to the negligence of the hospital i was at not paying attention to my allergy properly) you would think they would get it right after 10 years of coming there.
    But i know exactly how you feel.
    I also bruise easier now since having fibromyalgia and i am that sensitive that when i take my norspan patch off my skin peels like its burnt me from being in the sun.
    But then again since having fibromyalgia my skin has been so sensitive that my clothes burn my skin to be on so does my sheets and doona on my bed at night, even the wind on my skin burns.
    This illness has crippled me in so many ways. It robs you of so much but to so many other people they think it's all in our heads and we are doing it for attention.
    I can tell you now i have had 3 spinal surgeries that hurt like i cant desctibe but all i can compare it to is id rather give birth all day long. Why would i put myself through 3 spinal surgeries why would my surgeon do unnecessary surgery if i was doing it for attention. It pisses me off because im the complete opposite of wanting attention. Its just because they can't see our illness. Well i dont know how many out there of you are crippled by fibromyalgia like me. I cant walk i have to use crutches to get around otherwise im a fall risk. Also i havnt found anyone else who has to sleep upright because if i was to lay flat i pass out same as during the day i cant bend over and tie a shoe or shower on my own or dress myself. As i need to keep my head above my heart at all times if i dont pressure builds up fast and th en i pass out.
    I also suffer migrains mine dont go away ever though so i have them 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Which is so annoying which means no driving.
    I am blessed that i have great support from my husband my 3 year old son my folks my dictors are great.
    Im just waiting for the day when my pain will platow and stop getting worse. As it hasnt stopped getting worse in 3 years.

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