7 Tips for Getting Through Pregnancy With Fibromyalgia

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  • You mentioned your pain escalating during pregnancy. After you had your baby, how long were you in your"flare"?
  • I can say that support hose was a life saver for me later in pregnancy. I was pressured to gain weight and it was really wrong. My daughter gained between 25-30 lbs. I gained 60lbs. She had healthy babies naturally without C-sections. It may have meant I wouldn't have had to use support hose due to my weight gain as well as all of the work I had to do to lose those extra pounds. My daughter had no problem with nursing and did not have to diet to lose pregnancy weight. Her children' are healthy and adorable. No premature labor. Not sure if my early Braxton-Hicks contractions were due to my pregnancy weight or my illness?

    I can say I was monitored due to my inability to build up an immunity to German Measles. Every time I read about people complaining about vaccines I get agitated. People do not understand how dangerous these illness are. It may be tolerable with some children but is very dangerous to pregnant women. I did make sure to not be around childcare ctrs. when I was pregnant as a precaution. I have had so many shots. I tried to refuse the last one but the hospital staff would not allow me to leave the hospital without yet another GM shot. Still not immune.

    I think FM has had a very negative affect on my immune system. That the many childhood illness' that I had just added to the strain on my immune system. So regular blood test and vitamins that target weakness I feel are important.

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