Five Things to Be Thankful for With Fibromyalgia

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Fibromyalgia article: Five Things to Be Thankful for With FibromyalgiaFive Things to Be Thankful for With Fibromyalgia

Being thankful with fibromyalgia is often not at the top of our to-do lists. But it’s important to look around, because there’s a lot to be thankful for.

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  • I feel as if I don't belong anywhere. Even if I want to do things it becomes a frustration of pain here there and everywhere, not being able to get words out even if they actual pop in to my brain, not hearing things right, not being able to enjoy even family things, the itching with no rash, anxiety, trying to figure out which meds help or cause other things. My husband has Parkinsons and he has a great support group which I attend too. There's nothing for me. I want a have people I can relate to and even help. I have a swishing sensation in my head.....does anyone else? Maybe some things do relate to my age, 73 soon. I want to know? My Dr. is good at trying to help but am I taking too many meds? Some are for other things like High BP, diabetes but is Cymbalta wearing off for Fibro/Depression?. The depression is awful and the stinging, burning, numbness in my hands makes me crazy. I'll soon try a pain patch so maybe will get off of some of the pain pills. Don't know if I should re try Nuerontin. Can't remember why I stopped. Allergy pills help for itching and sleep too if 1/2 Ambien doesn't. I end up finally getting to sleep at 3AM, then sleep too late with fatigue all day. I've had this for over 20 years. Now All I've done is complain because I don't say anything to others...even kids...but hubby knows. Thank God for him.
  • Be thankful....... thankful i got out of a job that became to stressful, thankful that this condition ended a toxic relationship, thankful that my family have helped me, thankful that i am able to find an old hobby and re start it back up again, thankful that i dont have to deal with people much outside of the house any longer, thankful that i am alive and not dead. Thankful that this condition has given me more time for me. thankful that along with this condition that i can not do what i used to do(Not) .
    I used to be on a good wage before i became ill, now it is impossible for me to work at all, on top of that i am now surviving on benefits which i did not want to do.
    oh yes i actually have the feeling of having a night on the tiles without actually going out, great. Time is limited to what i can do, concentration has gone up the swanny. I am in pain 24/7, it is hard to get entitlement for benefits these days and our government have tightened in trying to be in reciept of benefits to help us.
    i feel like there is a war going on in my body, and no one can really figure out what is or how to help us.
    yes i am really thankful for all of that and more when i was hoping to get into the pension age and still be able to climb mountains and enjoy my life. hmm not much chance of that happening is the?

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