COMMUNITY QUESTION: Does anyone else rely on pain killers to get through the day?

AlyssaWinegardenAlyssaWinegarden New Life Outlook
Melissa asks: 'I would greatly appreciate hearing from people who have to use pain killers. I have had tremendous success in tapering down to 2 percocets and 2 long-acting morphines. I really don't get 'loopy' and in a deep level this is going into a sort of remission. Six years ago I gave up working, sports and socializing, sometimes HAVING to spend days in bed with 80 MG's of percocet, 3morphines, and lidocaine patches. Tapering down on my own has not been hard. Today, I don't use a walker and can go a mile or so. I gave up driving because of the medication.
Is there anybody out there who can relate?'

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