How do you decide if you should quit your job?

I really struggle to keep up and be productive at work. Some days I'm okay enough that I get everything done that "needed to be done", but 95% of the time my memory fog is so bad that if i don't write everything down and set reminders on my phone and email, I will forget about things I am supposed to do. I also have extreme disorientation and vertigo when driving, and I no longer "am able" to drive. I have an amazing boss who is very understanding, and actually lets me work from home most of the time, but even then, I still struggle to be productive...just having the weekend off never leaves me enough time to recover. my flares have been so consistent that I'm almost adjusting to it as my new normal, which everyone knows is awful! My husband and I took a 2 week vacation last year, and spent the first week at home doing nothing, and I felt like a different person after having 2 weeks off! I didn't feel "fantastic" but everything was WAY easier to handle and i actually had a small amount of energy and didn't feel sluggish and weak and exhausted. I was actually able to enjoy my vacation. I know for absolute certain that quitting my job would improve my health, but it's such a huge financial decision, plus I would feel very selfish not contributing.... my husband makes twice what I do and is in a great and stable profession, and he does periodically bring up the subject of me quitting my job, and making sure I know he would support that choice...I just am very unsure about everything. I like having money....hahaha. I'm just wondering how people came to the decision that quitting their job would be better for their body, and also how you handle it financially?


  • I joined this site hoping to see replies to this post. Anyone, anyone?
  • I quit my job in 2015. I just couldn't cope any longer. I had nothing to give my family at the end of the day and I was miserable being in so much pain. Leading up to quitting I made some changes at home. We got rid of cable TV and just watch local stations or Netflix. Changed internet companies which the first year was a great deal then normal pricing after that which wasn't bad. Other changes were made here and there, nothing drastic. Once I was home more and I love to cook and bake I would do more meal planning and saving money that way. I don't go all out cooking every day, some days I just can't. I spread out household chores, still tweaking things, etc. I also babysit one child, a toddler, 4 days a week for some extra cash and even on my bad pain days it's not that bad because I am home and can take it easy and do quiet, low energy things with him. Some days I feel bad when my husband works so hard and I am not bringing anything financial to the household but he's happy that I'm here not wearing myself out and not making things worse pain wise and also he loves having the delicious food I make. lol
  • @JennStone05 It's hard to cope-- I haven't quit my job yet but I want to sooo badly :( My biggest reason for not doing so yet is financial. My husband makes enough to support us, but I feel guilty buying things, and I used to be a size small in all my clothes, lost a bunch of weight due to the fibro, and I am slowly trying to rebuild my wardrobe with clothing that fits my smaller frame, so that costs alot of money too, and I have a young horse that needs to go into training, which is gonna be at the least $1000.00 a month probably, so I am hoping to just stick it out for another 2 years, get my basic wardrobe figured out with clothing that will last a long time, get my horse trained to a good level, and etc before I quit. I really wish I could quit though. It is extremely difficult to be productive and have the constant stress. Hopefully you're doing better :)
  • @CoolFam That is wonderful that you're doing better :smiley: Did quitting your job help you alot? And your husband sounds like a wonderful man! I know my husband would do the same-- in fact he's constantly forcing me to take better care of myself and I know he wants me to quit my job, but I just feel guilty spending lots of money on things that are actually a necessity at the moment, while I don't have a "real job". Cooking and cleaning and etc definitely qualify as work though. lol! I also loveee to cook, and that is something I would look forward to. It's really hard to meal plan, save money, and cook healthy while balancing fibro and a full time job :tired_face:
  • I too have decided to go on medical leave for the time being. The stress of forcing myself out of bed everyday to go in and be in agony was taking its toll. We have to learn to put ourselves first. My husband is very supportive and said we would make it work. Yes this has put a big strain on our finances but being in finance himself, he has us on a tight budget. This has all just taken place. I'm in the 4th week of staying home. This has been a hard decision. I have had breakdowns telling my husband I feel so bad. I see the stress in his eyes and its heartbreaking. He ensures me that we will be ok. That we need to focus on making me better. So, here I sit. I wake up at 6:00am and take my meds and spend about 30 min with my husband before he's out the door. I have many ideas on how I can supplement my income, But for now I will focus on me! Let the healing begin. Prayers for us all.
  • @1sophia I am so happy for you! :) I know its an agonizingly stressful decision to make, but you're right-- it is so very difficult to live a normal life with fibro. Most people don't even realize, because we don't look like we are dying or have a serious illness- it is definitely still there and very real though. It's even hard for my husband to understand at times but I know he sees it, and I see the worry in his eyes when he does. I'm sure your husband is worried about you too! That is wonderful that he is willing to take care of you! You know you married the right man when they'll step up to the plate and do whatever they have to and whatever they can to help you! Don't feel bad! I totally understand because I go through the same feelings, and haven't brought myself to quit yet, but I want to so very badly. My husband is extremely supportive too. We are lucky to have that! :) It is so difficult to live with something so debilitating. For now, you can focus on yourself and healing as you said! Once you start feeling a little better, I'm sure you'll be able to find something to supplement income! I'm on the same track as you- just a little behind. Hoping you're feeling better! Prayers, and keep us all updated on your healing :)

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