How do I talk to my doctor about disability?

If you've talked to your doctor about going on disability due to your fibro, I'd love to hear from you. I'd like both positive and negative experiences. Knowing what not to say is as important as what to say! I'm meeting with my doctor of about 8 years on 4/14 to discuss medical leave and this time I'm also going to bring up disability. I just am not a reliable or effective full-time employee anymore and even though I'm fighting it, I think it will be the right thing to do. I've never gotten the impression that my doctor believes that I'm as bad off as I am and won't support me. I've had fibro since I had my thyroid removed in 2006 and things have just gone downhill from there.


  • I filed for Social Security Disability in 2009 due to Fibromyalgia and having had 2 back surgeries.
    I was asked what I can no longer do, how my pain effected not only my physical life but my mental life, my relationships, etc. I believe because I had 2 back surgeries prior to my diagnosis of Fibro, worked in my favor. It was noted by my Orthopedic Surgeon that I did developed nerve damage in my limbs and my condition was degenerative/progressive. I had to see an Independent Orthopedic Surgeon with all my medical history provided by my personal Orthopedic Surgeon before I went in from of the board of doctors at the Soc. Sercurity Office in downtown Los Angeles (my area), there were doctors, social service official, mental healthy official who asked those questions. Be open and honest, explain your pain as precisely as you can, how depressive the pain can be, debilipating it is, etc. Good Luck and don't give up. I worked hard all my life, blew my back out in the process but waited 11 yrs before I sought treatment. I hoped to go back to work but needed 2nd back surgery & realized I would able to. Don't give up!
  • I applied for disability insurance from my employer and was denied. Went through several appeals since my initial application at the end of 2013 and am now in limbo in 2017 waiting for a final court hearing. My attorney and I recently attended a meeting with an insurance company rep and their attorney, but unfortunately could not reach an agreement. Lack of doctor support is the problem. My doctors all seem to listen to what I tell them, but none of them really understand. Since my problems are self-reported they will not back me up. I don't know what to tell you and I am hoping someone will have some good advice for both of us! I have applied for Social Security disability and am waiting for them to schedule a hearing with a judge. I actually have two different attorneys for the two types of disability filings. Fibro has been extremely hard to deal with for me----I am still looking for a doctor who truly understands it. Only those of us who have it know how debilitating it can be. My life has changed dramatically because of it. It seems that because I am able to do laundry, feed myself and take care of personal needs, I should be able to find a job. Of course the reason I quit my job was to prevent being fired due to missed days. Because of my age and years of service I was eligible to retire and receive a small subsidy on early retirement medical insurance which I desperately needed to continue. Logically if I am able to be employed, I would have continued to work in the job I had when I was forced to retire, but that doesn't seem to affect the decisions I have gotten on my disability ins so far. I am sorry I cannot offer you any suggestions on what to do. I am interested in seeing the responses you get from others. I do agree that you should not give up trying. Hang in there. Unfortunately you are in the pioneer group who must go through hell trying to get fibro recognized as a debilitating condition. Just remember you are not alone and we all have to hang in there.

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