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imageMy Story: Doreen Richard - New Life Outlook | Fibromyalgia

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and I already had degenerative disk disease! At least there was finally a name for what I had, years after it all started.

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  • gailKgailK Member
    Not much of a story, but looking back somewhere in my memory, I can put the pieces of fibro together! In college (many, many years ago), I slept through most of my classes. Going back even more, I remember having knee pain, and heel pain. As an adult, I've had restless legs, pain in my jaw, an inability to sleep.....I remember my husband used to try to make me laugh......neither of us knew why that hurt so bad! (pressure points!). For years I had injections in both elbows....we thought the pain was from over working my arms (I'm a potter), again...pressure points! I can't iron for very long periods of time, it will hurt in my cervical spine......and doing dishes some nights is torture. I have chronic back pain now, I've even had a few back surgeries....the pain is a combo from leaning over the potters wheel for years.
    So may things throughout my life & we never thought about the big picture & put it all together until a few years ago......
    wavin "bye" cuz hugs hurt....sorry if this sounds slurry, I started new meds today..................... gailK
  • I may have had limited space on what I said, but noneltheless I have suffered over twenty years! I know what it's like to not be able to go see my newborn grandson! Sleep for days, then unable to sleep because the pain is so bad! I do my best to still take care of my elderly mother! I'm divorced and can't get out to meet someone! Not having a companion is very depressing when you don't have someone to share with or love! Maybe it's not much of a story to you, but we're all different in many ways, and there's not enough room to share everything! We must all think before saying. Especially when you don't know the whole story.
  • @gailK see above!
  • or below lol
  • I am new to this site and new to fibro. Your story really helped me. I am 45 and can no longer work. The doctors believe I have had it for a few years. I thought all my problems were from loosing my sweet momma and three back surgeries. I just started cymbalta so hope that helps some. I finally am accepting this condition which is a start for me. I love being in the woods and playing on our property and I sit most of the day. I am so blessed I have a wonderful hubby and daughter. Thank you for sharing your story with me. If you have any advice for me I would really appreciate it. I am so sad and cry a lot and just keep hoping the "old Jude" will come back. God Bless you
  • I don’t have any support. I just suffer. No one believes me.
  • Wow, so relieving to hear all of your stories that I'm not alone. Most people think I fake being in pain. Have had for 10+ years but finally got a diagnosis 2 years ago. Still most don't believe fibro is a real thing. My daughter is a godsend for me. My husband tries to understand but I still feel he doesn't believe me because I look well on the outside and try to push every day. Some days are worse than others but still try to do what I can. Love and gentle hugs to you all!

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