Fibromyalgia Triggers to Avoid

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  • It does hurt to be called lazy, or have someone say I must really have a low pain tolerance. While I would not wish this on my worst enemy, I do wish certain people could walk a mile in my shoes, maybe just wake up one morning and feel how I feel for a day, or even an hour. I suspect every last one of them would be calling 911 because death was surely imminent.
    I fight back every day. Over 20 years of this.
  • I was in a cycling accident 24 years ago and laid up for so long I lost all muscle on the soles of my feet. I literally walk on bone and nerve endings which morphed into Peripheral Neuropathy. I also have nerve damage that morphed into Saphenous Neuropathy, I also have Mortons Neuroma which made me think I had rickets in my toes as bones broke and my toes twisted . None of this was properly diagnosed until 9 years ago when I found a wonderful neurologist who was also licensed to practice pain management. The first visit, after watching me walk, he said it hurts to take every step, doesn't it. I started crying because someone finally understood. We tried every medication from Lyrica to Neurontin and everything in between but I reacted terribly soended up getting nerve block shots in the nerve roots of my lower back. Incredibly painful but I could walk. Those stopped after I developed Shingles and all of that morphed into fibromyalgia. The pain is so bad I and my reactions to Lyrica etc are so severe I can only take Hydracordone, Diazapam and Savella which does help with fibro fog. Fortunately I am not an addictive personality, only take pain meds when necessary and never ask for an increase in dosage. Sometimes I can go 2-3 days and not take anything, other days I want to tear the skin off my back from pain or itch.

    I do try to be proactive and do a lot of research. I've found foods do affect me, the big surprise was oatmeal which is supposed to be so good for you. One cup of that in the morning and I'm back in bed for the rest of the morning. I used to have two glasses of wine with dinner, now I can't drink at all. It can take a few days to do one load of laundry. Between all my problems I don't go a day without pain somewhere.

    I learned recently about a study done in Israel in conjunction with RiceUniverity in Texas finding Hyperbaric Chambers help FM. I spent two days looking at tons of websites and making tons of phone calls only to feel defeated. This was a small study and the only one of its kind. These chambers are currently used to help diabetics and open wounds along with a few other diseases. The FDA has not approved it for many other diseases including Fibromyalgia and no reputable clinic in this country including Mayo Clinic (I know because I called) will offer it as an accepted method of pain relief.

    I'm trying to find test trial I can be a guinea pig for but most say you have to give up pain meds except for those like Tyelenol which doesn't touch what I feel. Al so you can't have any other neurological disabilities who's symptoms mimic fibro which totally rules me out.

    Has anyone else done any kind of research that has different findings? I was told by my rheumatologist at MUSC (best hospital in SC) that there is no doctor in SC like the one I had in NC. I refuse to give up but man, there are days I stay in bed and can't even lift my iPhone, don't want to talk with anyone the only noise that comforts is a Belgian singer, Lara Fabian, who sings in at least 8 languages but I only understand English. It doesn't make a difference, it's her incredible vocal range that soothes .thats halfthe secret,find something that soothes and block out the rest of the world for an hour or so.
  • I have started to document when a Flare up begins. While I was at work, a shredder fell from a high shelf and hit me on my head-causing a mild concussion and whiplash. I went through physical therapy and I have a pain management doctor I see every 6 months. It sucks! He told me that I developed Fibromyalgia due to the whiplash and that is a common cause. I'm not sure how we avoid some triggers. Maybe foods are a culprit but I'm not sure that is always the case. Stress is most likely a trigger, but we all have stress every day. Should anyone have the right to call you lazy? NEVER! They are not in the pain that you are in and they can go suck lemons! Please be gentle to yourself.
  • Keeping a pain journal reinforces pain.
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    @Boohoo I love your name! It's just perfect for this forum. I feel like anyone I talk to about fibromyalgia is thinking boohoo. We all need to be able to laugh our selves to stay sane.
  • Drs advise to stay active, i try and have never been lazy, walk they say, pfft over the last 6 years i have had to rely upon a wheelchair to get out with. If you do to much they say you have over done it, i am not one to start a chore and not finish it, what is the point of starting it in the first place if you cant get to finish it.
    I try to pace myself but i still get tired and fatigued, yes we have our daily stress but we still have to get things done. I dont have any regular meds that i take accept paracetamol. They say we have low pain tolerance hmm bearing 7 children some how i dont think so do you? i do battle pain on a daily basis, and now fibromyalgia is affecting my eyes as well, frequent eye and head pains not good.
    Most days i dont feel good enough to stay awake and have to return back to bed, i live on the pay back system where i use all my energy completing a task then pay for it for a day or so after.
    i write a diary so i can look back and see how tasks have affected me later on and what i had done on the day. I dont socialize much as i find meeting others is an scary experience and prefer to be with family or alone. I talk to neighbors and people who i meet on the street but thats about it , i dont go out to pubs to meet others or to events as such.
    Fibromyalgia is like riding waves, you listen to your body and rest when you can till the pains ease. I normally have a few days of activity and then rest for the nest 2-3 days.
    For me its not a boo hoo at all, its experiencing a new way of life.

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