Things Only People With Fibromyalgia Understand

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  • I can't believe this is exactly how I feel most of the time....I changed hair salons because of the hair color causing me to have a reaction...While getting my hair colored with an ammonia free dye I started to feel strange and was having another reaction with my NEW hair salon....this article hits home with me about everything....I am so angry that I have this condition. I avoid going out and interacting with people or joining in on anything since I never know when I will have a BAD day....thank you for making me feel as though I'm not alone...
  • I agree with what your saying but I have so much more. I have what is called Fibro Fog a lot and that means that you mentally almost black out without the blackout. I will be driving and I won't remember where I am or how to get home, even if I have drove that way a thousand times before. I started running tests and realized it happens when I have been driving too long and the pain gets too great. My body can no longer concentrate on the road and I need to rest almost to the point of a 1/2 hr. nap. I now won't drive more than an hour on the road by myself or with my kids. They say that Fibromyalgia is not a progressive symptom and it isn't from what I was told from my specialist. If you consider that you body loses 30% of it's strength every year you get older. So every year your body has to readjust to Fibromyalgia and to the decrease in your immune system and in your loss in strenght. I am thankful and blessed that I have Fibromyalgia, because when they were first trying to diagnose me, in 1999, it took them two years to figure out what I had. Back than only have the doctors believed in Fibromyalgia. I am blessed to have it cause I could have had cancer, this way I got to see my kids grow up. Mine is so bad that I can't hold a job cause I have to rest too much.. My weight goes up and down that I have a size 9 to a size 16 in jeans in my closet that I go back and forth between. My Faith in God helps me get thru this but I do have days that I do get depressed. Today, like many, I have a migriane. I use a cane to steady my balance cause I fall a lot. Out of pain, I have it everywhere but I have it the worse in my right leg where it feels like someone is shoving a sword up my leg from the bottom of my foot up to my thigh. Plus, I am pain sensitive. So if someone were to come and flick my arm, a normal person would say ouch and the pain would go away, you flick my arm and it hurts ten times worse and lasts about five times longer. There is too much to list but this you all much more to go on. OH YEAH - stay away from MSG and Aspartame, it will cause you more pain. Oh and don't cook with foil either, same thing, more pain, our body doesn't break up the foil that gets cooked into the food. At least those happen to me. Take care. Sherry
  • Read my message girl and feel free to contact me anytime you have questions or just need to vent on how you are feeling. I am stuck in bed right now.

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