Fibromyalgia and Severe Itching!!!

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I have episodes of itching. The more I scratch, the more it itches. It also causes a chain reaction. Once I itch in one place, another place will start itching and it's all over. Sometimes it seems the itching is under the skin and I just can't get to it. I have caused a lot of bruises from scratching. I have learned that if I can manage to stop scratching for a few, it will settle down only to start again very soon after. This will go on for a couple of days sometimes, then stop. Anyone else know about this? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!


  • @nickisanmarco I have had severe itching for years. Did you know that itching is also considered a form of pain? Well, come to find out it is. It also goes along with FM. I have seen Dermatologists and Rheumatologists for this particular aspect of FM. Their suggestions were to NOT
  • @nickisanmarco The Drs.' suggestions were to not bathe very often-like only once a week or if you can stand it once every two weeks. Of course do a mini wash up every day in the sink. Also the Dermatologist said to put Crisco all over my skin after a bath/shower while still wet. This will help hold in the moisture. The delay of bathing is to prevent skin's excessive drying out with FM. Now, I have done the same as you in making bruises and sores and drawn blood, just shy of infections. My skin is extremely sensitive and I can't keep myself from scratching 24/7. I trimmed my nails down to the quick to keep from damaging my skin. The more you scratch the more you itch. The cycle is very difficult to stop. I do have allergies, so I keep Benadryl tablets handy and have used them on occasion. I have made sure that I have enough vitamins onboard, drink lots of water to flush out any toxins. There are a lot of reasons to itch other than FM too, so you need to get checked out for diabetes, liver or kidney problems and even allergies to food, and other tactile allergies. I learned to control my itching in stages. Tried all sorts of anti-itch creams; Lanacaine, Hydrocortizone, etc. Had my Dr. check for allergies or not, liver/kidney issues, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, diabetes or pre-diabetes, etc. Each of these items need to be addressed as needed. Next I made sure I was drinking enough of plain water (I drink R/O). My Dermatologist gave me a prescription for a skin cream that the pharmacist mixes with an over- the- counter cream for diabetes sufferers. (I couldn't find info on this) I didn't use this much because I couldn't stand the feel of the cream on my skin. *** When I itched so bad and was to my wits end, Dr. gave me a prescription for Hydroxyzine HCL 10 mg. 1-4 tabs as needed. This is now my go-to for uncontrolled itching***. I have been pretty good about not itching for a couple of years with using the tablets a couple of times. This fall I have noticed something has triggered my itching again and I will be taking my tablets a the first sign and it comes on so fast and interrupts my sleep too.
  • I never put itching and Fibromyalgia together! I usually cover myself in cocoa butter lotion when the itching starts. It cools my skin. I also put a tank top on so that my clothes are not irritating me. I thought it was a reaction to our laundry soap but it doesn't happen all of the time- usually evenings. Thank you for sharing because I actually feel better knowing that the itching is not another issue. I can't say that my solution will work for you, but moisturizing seems like a good option to try. I honestly could not keep from bathing only because I swear I have a sort of OCD and can't function without a shower every day. That is just me though. I hope you find some relief.
  • I just joined this group. I have severe itching all over - and you are all correct, the more you scratch the more you itch! However, most of my itching is upper arms, shoulders, neck - and I recently discovered that is is from nerve signals - most cervical - called Brachioradial Pruritus. It becomes so intense that I do bleed and have many scars from it. I'll tell my story later but I know triggers are from foods I shouldn't eat - gluten. I'm usually gluten free but every once in awhile....I indulge and then suffer. No, we are not crazy itching like FM is very REAL. Thanks
  • This happens to me ALL THE TIME. It is SO irritating. I thought I was going crazy till I learned that it was a real symptom. lol. Lots of good answers on here. I usually moisturize as heavily as possible and it helps somewhat, or I will just press my nail lightly onto the itching spot rather than itching it. Kinda does the mosquito bite thing, where if you press just enough until it hurts a little, the itch usually becomes bearable. For me at least. :)
  • yes I can take a shower and mist all over with oil like coconut or cocoa butter and still itch. I don't take showers every day either.
  • I'm just so sick or hurting and being in pain constantly. it's getting so I can't even lift carafe of water up to coffee pot to pour cause my muscles hurt so much. and then I had a pneumonia shot in that arm six weeks ago and omg ..what a reaction did I have . my arm still hurts.

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