Doctors Refuse Pain Meds

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I was diagnosed with fibro almost 2 years ago. Throughout my journey so far, I've seen seven doctors, neurologists, rheumotologists and internal medicine. Some have said they don't know what's wrong with me, others have referred on to different specialists. Meanwhile through all of this, I've been on different medication, Cymbalta, muscle relaxers, Gabapentin, and the list goes on and on. However, not one of them would ever prescribe me any kind of pain relievers. I've had one doctor flat out tell me no because you could sue me if I got addicted. Most of others said that they wouldn't help that I needed to be on a preventative for my nervous system.

I can't believe that this is true. Yes, I understand the point of a preventative as I've battled migraines since 2011 but I also had pain relievers. At this point, the pain is so bad that I find it hard to work (I work from home) or carry out any daily activities. Even after telling doctors this, they still refuse to help.
Has anyone else had this problem?


  • @SuperLeerin

    I totally have been there my friend. I wish doctors would continue to prescribe pain meds. Its been 3 years without and my quality of life has gone done drastically. I never abused my medicine. Never became addicted because I took it for what its for! Have any of your doctors started doing injections on you? Some of the procedures I went thru were horrible. I had a stroke due to doctor error, and couldn't see out of my left side for over 18 hour and when I went to walk I fell to the left. It was called a Ganglion Stratton Nerve Block in my neck. That was the worst one. I had 2 that went ok but 3rd one paralyzed half my body!

    Not only do I have fibromyalgia but I also suffer from CF, CP, MS, 4 bulging neck discs, my pelvis isnt connected to my spine which is a congenital birth defect & a hyper-mobile rib disc (very painful). I was in a car wreck that tore the cartilage and it never healed. I had over 300 injections of sugar water injected into my middle back. It was spread over 6 weeks. They said they'd been doing that procedure since the 1800's. It was supposed to promote inflammation, inflammation, inflammation in the same area so that the cells would get into this new cell burst of life and repair the cartilage. But, sadly, it didn't work. So I'm left with the scar tissue damage from all those hypodermic needles. Great, not!

    But back to the fibromyalgia injections. For me personally, they would last 4 days only no matter how much they used. My body metabolizes Novocain type medicine so fast, incredibly fast. You don't wanna know what hell I've been thru at the dentist office my whole life. Doctors never believe me either. They are always like, " that was a 3 month injection, that was a 30 day injection, etc..." I do not care, my body got rid of it fast. And the relief wasn't ever totally pain free, not ever. Pills helped me so much. All I take is an anti depressant (Effexor XR), the highest dosage without having to see a psychologist, Baclofen the muscle antispasmodic, and Lyrica. Lyrica totally changed my life. It took away my surface pain so that I came out of hiding, in a sense. I can now go shopping and bump into someone without crying. LOL Unfortunately Lyrica doesn't even touch my other pain from my broken back. The meds I'm on don't help me interpret my pain differently like pain pills. The relief from pain allows us to think differently about our life, ourselves, our body, etc. Pain meds would get me up out of bed and accomplish little chores around the house. So I have had to turn to marijuana for relief. My Pain Doctor said that marijuana is actually excellent for long term chronic pain. It manages so many of its symptoms. I live in IN and we dont have legal medical marijuana yet. I have to get it off the street so its never the same kind & I really dont like that part at all. Also the danger of it, the cost, the waste when its not right kind etc. Nightmare. I pretty much begged my doctors to give me the legal pain meds instead but to no avail. Idk what else to say except keep on doing what u can. I try and find new ways of doing old things that works for me. I hope you will find a way to cope with your Fibromyalgia. Ask me anything, anytime. Blessed Be!

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