Coping with Fibromyalgia and Hair Loss

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  • Oh,,,I wish I found your site a few years ago! I think my hair is slowly getting thicker. Probably because I finally moved somewhere that is quieter. For me, yes after giving birth I lost so much hair it was frightening. But it does get better. That was a long time ago. Recently, it was premenapause, perimenapause whatever they call it, as you said, hormone unbalance that was my problem now.

    Thank you for so much good advice and encouragement. Many of the points you have made here were true in my case too.

    My father and grandmother's didn't go bald so I am going to rest on your words that it will get better. :) Well it is and now my hair is very curly. It is sort of nice to see more of a resemblance to my paternal grandmother. I miss her very much. She had FM too. So did dad. I am just trying to find more ways to avoid the trap FM made for them. I want to stay active in my community in a positive way for as long as I can. :)

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