Fibro Warriors Band Together After Lady Gaga Reveals Fibromyalgia Diagnosis

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  • Good morning this is Georgia I am 52 years Young although my body feels as if it's 92 I've been dealing with fibromyalgia all my life I've been diagnosed with it for many many years throughout my life I was married 4 28 and a half years to the man of my dreams I knew his family since a child. We had a daughter of her own the older I got the more I hurt he eventually moved out on several occasions because he got tired of listening to me come home from my job and say I hurt he never would talk to me about it he move out while I was at work and or move back in while I was at work then one day I came home from work he took all of his clothes and he left 3 months later that's just a long was killing me so we ended up getting divorced all because I hurt he got tired of listening to me say I hurt I'm going to bed which was really kind of shady because unfortunately for me I really needed help I needed him but he didn't care. On top of it it's an non alimony state so I didn't get that either so now, that's been 3 years ago and I'm still making it the best I can God has blessed me well allowed me to keep my house and my car and my medicine but I have to have to function so in the winter. But when the weather changes you're pretty much your own weather maker you know things before it even comes out on the news LOL I pray that they find a cure for this I know for everyone out there that is suffering for this I pray for you because it is a horrible Dreadful thing to have I know you can't eat very many carbs you got to watch what you eat because anything that turns to Sugar turns to pain so I know that we all have to bond together in order to try to kick this in the butt thanks everyone for listening I sorry I had to rattle but I just had to get this out sincerely Georgia
  • I have had undiagnosed fibromyalgia for years. Doctors would say it's nothing. Everyone has aches and pains. About five years ago I was finally diagnosed with fibro. I am 72 years old and have two surgeries for sciolosis and am fused down my entire back to the sacrum. I also have osteoarthritis. Some days I am so worn out I don't want to do anything but sleep. The medicines make me tired too. I laugh when people say to exercise.

    I wish lady Gaga only the best and hope she can find help for the chronic pain and fatigue.

    I know at the Univ of Florida here in Gainesville they are doing research studies on fibro. Hopefully, research will prove helpful for us all.
  • Hello Warriors. Yes, this is a battle that never ends.I watched Lady Gaga's documentary last night, I have to say what a hero she is. To get out there and push and struggle through just to live her calling in life is a true testament. I have dealt with fibro, since I fell at work in 2002 on my left hip, I have a huge family and Grand-kids and it is a struggle to even be a help to them but I do it anyway, I can't imagine Being Lady Gaga. First of all, Those moves and stunts would have done me in. But I get it, I'm pissed to have this fibro-monster in my life but I'll be damned if it's gonna stop me. I am very creative in dozens of ways, Some of them are muscle wrenching. But I won't stop woodworking or gardening or enjoying my family. I do however. have to limit (pace) myself. I have to plan ahead so as to not do too much before an 'event" and plan for recovery after. No-one really understands it but so be it. I will say that the more I learn about what my body is doing, the better I understand how to relieve the pain. I follow a site called Shierling Chiropractic on facebook. Very informative (and a lil creepy) but it explains whats happening. For fibro- warriors. it's really "a tissue test" to loosen up what's jacked up.. I believe someone knows the cause but won't spit it out due to profits. Lets say maybe vaccines for example. But we will never know. We will just have to suit up with our battle gear and fight to the death TO LIVE.
  • I was diagnosed with fibro 4 yrs ago. One year after I had to give up my job where I had worked for over 30 years.
    2 yrs before that, I had a lumbar fusion. I believe the trauma of giving up my job, and the lumbar fusion that did nothing for my back pain, may have been the culprit of fibro.
    I I have had to learn how to pace myself. I no longer feel guilty when I'm asked to do something, and I have to say "no."
    And there are times when I have to break a commitment. I can only do what my body will allow me to do.
    Rest is vital!!!
  • I have had it for many years. I had breast cancer in 2008 and I believe that the chemo and radiation made it worse. I will not use Lyrica due to the swelling it causes. So I use Naproxen as needed. Wish that there was more I could do.
  • I've had fibromyalgia since the birth of my first son. I was 25. The delivery was very hard on my body. I had hormone issues for years that I finally found help with. Fibromyalgia stole my youth. Stole activities that I wasn't able to do with my kids. Has left me in pain and sleepless many nights and days. It's gotten worse over the last few years. Taking more from me. I hate it
  • I have had fibromyalgia for several years now. I am on leave from work on disability but I am not getting any better. My family thinks I'm crazy and wants me to go through electric shock treatments because I'm "just depressed" and fibro isn't real (my father is a retired physician). I'm going to lose my house eventually. I literally am living for my cats right now but I know my daughter will take care of them when I am gone. I can't stand the pain or my family bullying me and trying to tell me I'm crazy. I guess I can't control anything in my life eXcept how it ends. And I look forward to that day when very soon there will be no more pain. Keep speaking out for us Lady need to be strong enough for both of us. I can't fight anymore...
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    @MickeyMack Thank you so much for reaching out and for sharing your thoughts and feelings with us. I know it might feel like you're on your own in this, but even reading the comments above yours should reaffirm that you're not alone. How do you think your family would respond to a website like this, with a community over almost 200,000 people who all have the same illness as you? Maybe you could provide them with some resources? At the end of the day, you know your body and you know that this is a very real diagnosis, as do hundreds of thousands of other people just like you.

    Gentle hugs,
  • I have been struggling for many years with this horrible disease. I am so depressed and sick of meds that don't do the whole job of making my life more bearable. Drs won't prescribed controlled substances in small amts. The only thing that ever helped me was a vicodin tablet following activities like grocery shopping. And cleaning my home. Which I lost because I couldn't maintain it. So costly. Couldn't keep up with rising taxes and have to hire someone to help with lawn and do the repairs. I am on 2 meds for depression, and 4 meds for the fibro.
    I am so tired of being useless. I have been living at a motel since February and don't see any light at the end of this tunnel. Don't let anyone tell you that it doesn't get worse as time passes. It gets much worse with time.

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