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    I have had fibro since 1998. I'm also on disability. I don't want to care what people think, yet I do. I look normal.
    If I push myself to do something I don't want to do, I pay for days. I'm sick of all unsolicited advice. I'm sick of feeling terrible every single day.
  • Hi I'm new to the site, although i was diagnosed in 2011.
    Want to thank you Michelle, for telling us about your experiences of Fibromyalgia.
    I can relate to your words. Make me feel I'm not the only one in this situation...but if there was a choice, I wish none of you suffered from it.
  • @Nee
    Hi Nee,
    I'm very sorry you're feeling so bad. It's difficult not to care what people think of you, isn't it? I find myself defending myself by explaining my symptoms, even to friends, because I look normal most of the time. It's a tough illness to have...not much recognition that it is a real illness ...that makes thing more difficult, I find.
  • I know the Feeling of this Fibromyalgia I use to have a very active Life Multitasking always Would jump ahead of 10 people to do anything everyThing Now I sit and Say Go Get It Do e but my mind says try just try I also have OCD & that is horrible to add with Fibromyalgia my body will not let me Do anything anymore It took them 4 yrs to diagnose me for I Drove A 30 Ton Volvo Dump truck 7 days a week 10 hrs a day from 2002 to 2012 Building Levees in Te as Louisiania & MIssissippi I Had a Complete Breakdown in 2012 in the Dump truck after 10 years of driving that truck I got The truck loaded pulled up on the Levee & it felt like the bottom of the truck fell out from under me I forgot how to steer it. Needless to say after 10 years I walked away but my Shoulders had been hurting for 2 or 3 years I would just rotate arms every hour to drive that truck I felt like a chicken roasting on a stick just spinning & spinning I felt like I had a 500 degree fever all of the muscles in my neck & Shoulders where just twisting in a knot & it wouldn’t stop for like 3 years until they snapped now I have no muscle control in my arms herniated disk pinched nerve get injections in my 4& 5 vertebrae in my neck 56 now and feel 86 I can not do nothing anymore All the Cartlage in my neck is gone they said it looks like I have had 5 untreated whip lashes can u believe that all the XRays & MRIs Now That my neck is completely destroyed they say they can even operate on necks like Mine I do believe. Our insurance has a lot to do with what Doctor will help you with its horrible they would let you just completely suffer if your insurance is low grade I found out the hard way I feel for every person with This Fibromyalgia it’s a Beast Of Burden it will drain you of everything you have if it leaves you anything one they diagnose you then it’s usually to late to do anything thing because the it’s all in your head card will not work anymore Prayers To All
  • There is so much we have to deal with when it comes to chronic illnesses, autoimmune disease, not to mention the depression, and anxiety that associates with it all. I think for most at least I know for myself it's been slowly losing my independence. I have always enjoyed working. Now having to be on disability is so demoralizing for Me. I want so bad to be able to work and do the things I use to be able to do but no matter how hard I try I can't do it. I have a great part-time job that I work from home but it is so stressful and causes my anxiety, fatigue, and pain to flare with 10 as the worst I feel actually feels more like 20. I get so anxious then the brain fog rises it's ugly head and feel incapable of performing my job to the expectations that are expected of Me. I know I give my best but it's very stressful as soon as I gain my confidence that I will be alright and it will get better. I get a call that makes me want to scream I can't do this. When I get off I'm exhausted my back and neck is in so much pain and mentally I feel incapable of doing anything. I am not one to give up it's not in me to give up but it wares me out pushing so hard.

    My fibromyalgia was caused by a traumatic experience I went through and even though I have moved on forward to live my life the best I can. I continue to have nightmares of people kidnapping me and shooting at me as to try to kill Me. I don't understand the dreams seem to go away for a while and then they reappear for weeks with me having to experience these dreams almost nightly. I don't know what's next in my life nothing ever seems to go as plan but I plan to keep on living and pushing when I can as long the Lord is walking with me daily I live today and let tomorrow take care of itself if I'm so blessed to see tomorrow.

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