Coping/ Balancing Loneliness with fibro and anxiety?

Hi Everyone! :) I am looking for tips to balance feeling lonely with your illnesses (when it isn't a logical loneliness)! I work from home, so I am at home daily due to the fact that I cannot drive, from various issues spurred on by my fibromyalgia... my poor husband works really long hours, which means that the weekend is the only time he has to do anything fun, and his main big hobby is hunting (game like deer, turkey, ducks, etc). When he does that he is usually gone from before the sun rises to after it sets, and I absolutely want him to have his hobbies- he needs that and it is important. But I am MISERABLE. I am miserable because I hate being alone, and I cannot go with him because my health could never handle hiking rough terrain all day long and getting so little sleep, only to shove me right back into the work week. It makes me really sick, and I end up not being able to get out of bed. I can't drive, so I'm confined to the house and property, and all of my family and friends live over 2 hours away because we moved up to the mountains when we got married. I mainly either cook, clean, do laundry, watch tv, read a book, or do some gentle exercise such as yoga or going for a walk with my dogs, but I'm tired of all of those things. I am so lonely and I don't know what to do about it. I wish we hadn't moved away from my family and my friends, because then I'd be fine, but I really don't have any outlet to make new friends up here, so I rely solely on him, and I get upset with him going after his hobbies--which is not fair of me-- because I feel lonely and left-out. He works hard and long during the week so when he gets home he's too exhausted to really pay a lot of attention to me, and I don't blame him of course because I've been there and I understand, and then when he's gone all weekend, it basically means that I may as well be living alone for weeks on end, and I am not one who does well with that. Please help me!!! :)

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