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  • I love the story by Laura! I can relate in that I am holding out on taking anything for pain. And heat does help. And I had been told by doctors at a well known hospital that medications help very little anyway. I also have severe restless leg syndrome.

    I take medication for that that keeps it in check. I have a supportive husband and a few friends. But some friends still do not understand this disease no matter how much you educate them. I am lucky I have the means for getting extra help like delivering groceries.
  • I see a chiropractor.....but one who does not twist me up like a pretzel. I saw one who practiced the latter and it only made things worse. 2 years ago I was checking in to applying for disability. I decided to give a chiropractor another shot...but a different kind of chiropractic care. Today I feel better than I have in years. There are bad days but, today, I am in control of my fibro. It does NOT control me! Don't give up. Don't stop looking for the help that works!
  • Acupuncture has helped me, but it is temporary. Keeping a positive outlook makes a huge difference - give yourself 5 min. a day to feel sorry for yourself, then move on and try to see where you can benefit someone else.

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