Everything You Need to Know About Fibromyalgia Medications

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  • Thanks for your video clip Heather. My name is Gina and I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia the end of last year. I have multiple medical problems that I've had for many years. It feels to me that everything went downhill when I came down with Epstein Barr. I was in my mid 30s working & I needed to cut back my already part time hours. After struggling for yrs I had already had severe arthritis everywhere, spinal stenosis, depression setting in and my list goes on and on. Anyway for me, way before being diagnosed with fibro, I've been taking 15mg mobic for the arthritis, Remeron (Mirtazapine) for depression, which I didn't want to take, but being in the hospital and as low as I've been in my mature adult life, was talked into it by the hospital shrink who evaluated my situation and told me it had no side effects aside from weight gain! Yay! So I've already lost my great figure, what the hell, I'll take it (everything else I was put on yrs before, had very bad side effects my system couldn't handle, so I gave up on the antidepressant thing). So after that of course I gained about 20 lbs but didn't care because it worked! I'm been on lorezepam for my anxiety, linzess for ibs so here I am, now with fibromyalgia. I guess there's not much else I could take since I've already been on all these meds (that you've actually mentioned) and then some BEFORE they put me on Lyrica. In the beginning of taking that I thought this is great (I actually felt high), I didn't care about having fibro. Well a year later I wonder is really helping me or should I not be taking this? I feel not high, just miserable! I need 2 new knees and an entire right shoulder rebuilt. I mostly use a cane, when I go out but the day before Thanksgiving I fell at my pcp's office. I was holding onto my cane (for 3 days at home) for dear life! I really couldn't walk without it! So here I am, In my bedroom, my safe space. Thank goodness my husband got a chair lift from the VA where he goes for healthcare. He's a 100% disabled Vietnam Veteran. What a pair we are in our 60's!! I'm 63, he's 68, we've been married for 32 yrs and we NEVER expected our lives to be where we are now!! So Heather, I'm glad I got to see and hear you, because I think I'm at my limit for meds because of everything I'm already taking! I just hope it's the right meds for me. I am certainly afraid to try any more! I had my good days, with the help of pain medication of course, until I just fell & definitely hurt my knees and right shoulder even more, which is very bad, and who in this condition, would want to go thru 2 or 3 surgeries?! Not me! I have a whole life story still untold here, can you believe? Bad stuff and lots of stressed out stuff. Forgive my book I just typed, I got carried away. I do want to thank you Heather and I wish you many blessings. Take care, your friend Gina.

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