How to get diagnose?

I have been suffering with so many of these symptoms that I have lost jobs, friends, my children don't even come around anymore because they think I am on drugs because I don't do things I use to at one time I was a social butterfly now I just don't care for most people I have not left my home for as many as 3 to 6 weeks and not realize that I have not even been but to the grocery store for quick in and hurry home. My main pain is in my hands and feet they are constantly numb my hands are the worst I can't hold or do anything they feel as if they are on fire as I type this now. I was working and going to the dr and at the age of 35 I was on 7 different medications a day multiple times a day I lost my job basically because the people I worked for thought I was just too young to have all these medical issues and I was just lazy and faking. That was a little over 2 years ago sence I have taken myself off all medicine and can't get to the dr because I have no ride can't drive and no money to pay to go or afford medicine. My dr looked at me one of my last visits and said to me as I sat crying that she thinks I have the first stages but could not diagnose me because of did not have any insurance. So that leaves me unable to work and no way to get any disability with out a diagnosed as that is one of. The first things on the list.


  • I had to wait until I reached 65 for Medicare.
  • @HollokatStokes have you tried for disability , I was on social security disability for about 7 now on my own social security etc but still qualify for my state medicaid from welfare. I also have script insurance, do have copays, but there are places that will help with that..depending on your income. As far as friends and family, you are not alone..I realize that mine (kids) have busy lives and I don't live close to them , but even when I was, it was almost the same..I know they love and my daughter knows what I am going through..She is in the early stages of fibro and looks at me like I know what I'm going to be in for!....It took my son many many to come to terms with a lot of my issues..fibro being one of a list of other atuo immune conditions...Keep strong and Keep faith in God...Bless you sweet lady!
  • @HollokatStokes, I have to say something about your doctor... I have worked in private practices and medical research and regulatory for years. Your doctor should have listed your symptoms and her opinion for your records. A diagnosis should have been provided whether you have insurance or not. The doctor may not know how it test for Fibromyalgia, but then the doctor should have referred you to a specialist even if it was just on paper.
    Request your office note, a law was past that patient can review their records and if the information is not correct then your doctor can and should do a correction addendum to that date.
    I hope you find help.

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