I could really use some advice--not sure what to do here!

I will try to keep this short! Thank you to everyone who reads/replies to this! :)
I am 22 years old, married, and I work from home for my father's small family construction business.
I used to work in my dad's office, which was a 10 minute walk from my childhood home- not too taxing on my health. My husband and I lived two hours apart prior to getting married, so obviously I moved in with him once we did, and my dad wanted me to continue working his phone sales and quotes so we worked it out so that I could do it from my home. He means well, but he has his opinions and ideas on how to "cure" me, and doesn't understand or accept that I have an issue in my DNA that is causing a neurological problem, and there is no cure. My doctor diagnosed me with Fibro and possible lupus, but the fibro has been present since I was born. I've struggled with his "cures" most of highschool and etc. He means well- I know he just wants me to feel better- but lets just say that the last doctor he made me see prior to getting married turned into a nightmare where my body was starving itself, and I couldn't walk up the stairs without blacking out or being out of breath. My GP set all of that straight and I'm no longer on that idiot's diet and meds-- Thank God! But anyways, my father just informed me that he now wants me to take on a second additional job for his business on top of the 8-10 hour one I already have, and it is going to require even MORE attention and work than the one I'm doing currently. Now, I quite frankly don't think I can handle it. Now, normally, if my boss were anyone but my father, I could explain to him that I have a health condition and that I have limitations. But, I can't do that with him, because then he tries to force me into some new cure idea, and he's convinced each time that if i would just listen to him I would get better, but so far that has proved to be the opposite. So I can't use my health as a reason to get out of taking on this extra thing, but my health IS the reason. Also, he didn't give me much of a choice--just told me he needs me to do it, and there's nobody else who can/will in our office right now. I have to take an internet class/course to try and learn how to do this whole internet advertising program, and he doesn't realize how difficult just the ONE job is without adding a SECOND one. I'm going to *attempt* this for him, but if it takes my health down, I don't know what to do. If I can't work from home, I can't work- because of various reasons I wont get into, the most complicated one being that I cannot drive. I also do all the cooking, cleaning, laundry, taking care of pets, etc, and I definitely won't be able to do ANY of that if I'm in an office for 10 hours, 5 days a week. My husband works really long hours so he really doesn't have time to help me with housework--he still tries because he's a wonderful guy, but he's usually asleep almost as soon as he gets home. So I'm faced with quitting period, and not working at all- which would drive me nuts because I would feel like a leech towards my poor husband, and I would feel guilty ever buying anything (He doesn't care- that is my own issue), OR trying to find a more suitable job I can work from home. I just don't know what to do. I realize this is extremely long and if anyone does reply to it--God bless you! :)


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    @Gloria_Armstrong Thanks so much for sharing this! We have a new private, FB group that I think would be helpful - it's quite active! You can join here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2056811904564402/ In the meantime, we'll also post your question on our Facebook page :)

    I hope this helps!
  • I totally understand and sympathize with you. It is very hard sometimes, but we must set boundaries. Even when we try our best to manage symptoms and pace and rest, many times the symptoms still come on very badly. I think it's about having the courage to set healthy boundaries. It sounds like you are doing what I do sometimes. You are placing more value on what others think you need to do rather than doing what you know will keep you well, or maybe a bit well. I would listen to that small voice inside of you, which I believe is God and do what you need to for yourself. It's not selfish, it's healthy. If you continue on this path, you will collapse and just not be good for you or your husband and family.

    Bless you,

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