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I'm trying to get disability. But, was not officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia till many, many years after I first had symptoms!! Mine started in 1981, when my 2nd daughter was just 1. Went to many docs, including a rheumatologist, and they all just said, unexplained joint pain and take aspirin and deal with it!! How can I get it back dated to be able to get disability? I have tried to work through out the years, I have had to learn how to PUSH through and just do it anyway! I've had NO choice! But, I'm 60 now and I just can't push like I use to! I still have to take care of my mother in law, hubby, 2 cats and a dog! When I filed with SS I was told I didn't have enough credits since my disability didn't go back as far as 2010! Who can advise me?? I hate to get a lawyer, seem like it takes even longer then!! Any suggestions out there?? Someone PLEASE help me!!


  • I am in the same boat and feel for you , as I was diagnosed about 3 years ago after a life of pain which got worse as i got older , not knowing what was wrong and having been tested for everything from bone cancer to lupus.When the doctor finally diagnosed FM I felt better knowing it had a name but when told there was nothing to be done only antidepressants which I tried but only made me more sleepyer ,gave me bad headaches and weight gain etc, she also said a rheumatologist wouldnt do anything more than what she was doing, which all made me more depressed. Being a 58 year old working in a factory with heavey lifting that has to work to survive and cant tell the employer as they would find a way to get rid of me, has taken its toll on me, some day I can just get through, other days I come home and cry as the pain too much .the past week i have been in great pain in my lower back and side ,I went to doctors only to be told its PROBABLY my FM just take panadole and put heat on it.When I asked for help to be monitored or find a support group that i could attend was told to look it up on the internet myself.I am going back to doctors tomorrow as I cannot move due to the pain, but know Im wasting my time. I have looked up disability and they will not give it to me as you have to show them you have been unable to proform your daily tasks and show proof that you are in pain over a long time which is hard when not even your doctor will help you .If you find out any new information or know of any suport groups near me ( hallam in victoria ) i would love to hear from you or anyone . THANKS
  • @pearl
    Pearl, I am so sorry to hear this. I totally disagree with them saying a rheumatologist will not help. I'm going asap! I have to get my funds together to go. I do not have insurance. But, I AM GOING! YOU need to go too!! You need to find you a doctor that treats others with FM! Ask around, that's how I have found the rheumatologist I'm going to.
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